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By: Peppi L.
Human Services Dept
Government assistance is government assistance, you guys. What are we to do BUT get a job! GET A JOB so that you do not have to deal with these people in ANY way! In my opinion, the government really doesn't want to have to issue out money to anybody, so they make it difficult. I agree with them in a way! Nobody is given handouts, but at the same token stuff happens in life to people; therefore, people need the help. At least help exists. If you get denied look for other alternatives. The government will not deny you for no reason. I mainly wish that the government's employees were all on the same page via information because unfortunately, they are not. Also, I wish that the government's employees had BETTER communication! In other words, it may help to give a little heads up to look out for something that we are going to receive in the mail, especially if we have to respond to it by a certain DATE! THIS HELPS!!!!
By: Carol D.
Barker Cypress Mud Lift Station
Yeah!... Dallas Texas has Discontinued the fluoridation of public water. Halleluyah. Oh I hope Houston and the surrounding area will follow suit. Here is part of the newsletter sent out by the 'Dirt Doctor' about the removal of toxic waste from their Municilpal Water... City of Dallas Votes to Discontinue Adding Toxic Waste to Municipal WaterLed by the courageous District 9 councilman, Sheffie Kadane, Dallas City Council has voted to discontinue the policy of spending more than $1,000,000. 00 a year to increase fluoridation of the city’s water supply. Although many other cities around the world have decided to stop “fluoridation”, this historic event makes Dallas the largest city in the U.S. to discontinue the use of fluorosilicic acid (FSA) and similar industrial sources of fluoride.
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By: Bob M.
Honorable David M Patronella
I cannot say enough good things about Judge Patronella. I was getting gauged by a slumlord in deductions. The judge took a 45 minute recess to his chambers to read what I spent upwards of 100 hours on. My landlord and his lawyer then left with their tails between their legs. As Judge Patronella threw out most of the deductions. It was a thing a beauty. I didnt care I only netted 200 bucks... it was about justice. I think he understood thats all I wanted.I had a lawyer suggest to file at his court because he actually listens to tenants speak. If you ever have a landlord tenant issue. File with Judge Patronella, because he makes sure, he gets the facts before making a decision.
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By: David S.
Honorable Dale M Gorczynski
How can I see to it that I never receive a jury summons to Mr. Gorcynski's courtroom again? It is unprecedented I - potential juror in Harris County for 30 years - make such a request. It is only after a little looking up I feel competent to do so. Let, the condition of the road in front of court annex in question (and neglect thereof) speak for itself, especially compromising the safety of pedestrians in the area. Dale Gorcynski is a former Houston city council member. Never (again) would I ever be able to muster good impartiality in any courtroom presided over by Gorcynski, insipid example of being an elected official as he is.
By: petty.clark
Adopt A Cat Inc
This is a wonderful place to adopt a well-socialised animal. They are a no-kill shelter that has a local representative. The animals have their shots and flea preventitive is applied before you take your pet home. The cats are not put up for adoption until their personalities warrant.
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By: preach2
Houston Public Library
This is the downtown branch. It is full of rich resources and helpful people. Every thing you need for learning, research and fun.
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By: Nofret C.
A C I Independent Living
I just learned my brother has been accepted and his first months rent is already paid. We are so very grateful for your care.
By: Laura J.
South Main Clinic
Great service!!! I was greeted well and was tended to as expected. Thank you south main clinic for my medical attention.
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By: sheryl1
State of Texas Rehabilitation Services
This is a place of excellance and very helpful to all.
By: wvoa77084
Westlake Village Owners Association
The correct phone number is 832.671.9852

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