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By: tranck
Hollywood Nails
The only reason this place didn't get 1 star is because everyone there was very nice. I came in with full expectations of walking out with stunning nails, but needless to say, that was not the case. I mentioned to the front desk lady that I wanted 3D fake nails. She kindly suggested solar over gel nails, so I went with it. I wasn't offered a design book to look at (although the FIRST thing I mentioned was that I wanted 3D. I thought this was odd but just went with flow. Fast forward, the lady who applied the nails (Kelly) was very nice. When she told me to pick out the 3D designs, everything I liked/wanted to get done couldn't be done because it was too late, it had to go under the solar powder. Well, thanks for telling me that after you've already applied the powder and let it set. I was a little sad (because these were my birthday nails and I wanted them a specific way) but decided instead to just do something simple. which was attach small rhinestones along the curved base of the nails. First of all, some of the nails had spots where it didn't have enough powder on top so the nail on the bottom was peeking through. Second of all, the rhinestones she attached on my nails were CROOKED! It looks weird because the crooked stones happen to be on my thumb, which is very noticeable. It was on a few other fingers, too. The nail shape was eh. I didn't get them very long, yet they looked unnatural and sort of like those duck nails, if I'm not mistaken. Some of the nails were also filed crooked. The only highlight was that my pedi was rather okay, I didn't have uneven white tips or anything but she did file my big toe sort of crooked. The tab wasn't cheap and I would have been okay with it had it been excellent work. I was extremely disappointed. If I come back, I will ask for Hannah. Seems like everyone is raving about her.
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By: rojukwu
The House of Brown Beauty Salon
The House of Brown Beauty Salon has a professional hair care specialist inside. Her name is Regenia. Regenia has worked inside as a independent contractor for over 13 years. Regenia's # is 832-890-5685. Regenia's Hair Care Plan consist of One Year of Hair Care Service for only $100.00 for new customers. You will get relaxers when needed, weekly visits of shampoo and conditioners, hair growth treatment, dandruff treatment, rinses, color and cuts. Her service is speedy and professional and you will not be in the salon all day. Top-of-the-line producat are used on your hair such as Dudley, Affirm, Mizini, Vital Pro, Paul Mitchel. If you suffer from damaged hair....Regenia will restore and repair you damaged, thinning, balding hair and scalph in no time. Regenia is very giving--once-a-year she gives back to the community by rendering service to low-income family at Christmas time and for back-to-school. Regenia also cut men hair (low cuts only) and sell Mary Kay , Noni Juice, Renu Herbs and professional products in the retail size to carry home. Look for other advertisement on radios station, tv stations, billboard, flyer and coupon, register tapes in area stores, local newspaper (greensheet, black business directory, black-expo etc.) Regenia also does hair weave, facial makeover and will train anyone needing help in the hair industry by request. For additional information please call 281-278-9047. Leave a clear message and Regenia will contact you asap. Referral gift are available for those who are interested in this program. Give Regenia a try! Your visit will be a blessed one. Appointment are needed so that Regenia can give you the proper time that you need to look your very best. All customers are appreciated and respected. We welcome family, friends, church family.
By: Braelyn H.
I have been to the shop around 4times, and I have left with astounding hair styles everything (except once). The first time I went, I had recently did the big chop and left myself with about 1/2 an inch to deal with. Then I just got tired of the same look and seemed a shop that had reasonable prices and good quality, without leaving me with patches. That day I left the shop with freestyle braids, multicolored, only spending $150, and about 4hours (due to gripping issues). The second time I went to the shop, I decided to get a see in for prom (you know, to spice it up). My hair came out weird, spending about $275 buying hair there (this price includes $85 for the actual sew in job, roughly $190 on wet and wavy 18"-22"). The problem was you could see my braids in the front of my head, and it looked like I was wearing two wigs. So the next day I came back (you have 3days to get it fixed) and my hair was fixed on the spot, and I walked out looking magnificent. The third time, I went I received another sew in and only spent $95 since I had the hair already, and it came out great. The fourth and most recent occasion, I received boxbraids freestyle for the price of $175, and I love it!!!!! The original price for the style I wanted was $150, but since I'm natural the better style (which they explained to me) would be the boxbraids. Each time I go to the shop, you can see the professionalism (excuse my poor grammar) growing and the atmosphere becoming more costumer friendly, I love this shop and would strongly recommend to you. P.S. they know their stuff, so if your like me and don't really know the ins-and-outs of weaves/braids then they'll explain it to you
By: Stephanie W.
Lavish Looks Salon & Nail Bar
I had a great experience at Lavish Looks. I initially found them on instagram and made a decision to give them a try after I had some horrible experiences with "instagram famous hairstylist" that don't care about there customer. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and everything was clean. My stylist Ra was so nice and had great customer service. I'm very big on customer service wherever I go , the owner and everyone else was so nice they all spoke and it was a peaceful experience. I usually hate going to salons because of my bad experiences but I can tell they take their consumer seriously here at Lavish. Ra asked me exactly what I wanted and how I wanted my curls to look and made sure it was done properly. She gave me the best closure sewin I ever had and I've had plenty. She's patient and knows what she's doing. I had no idea how my experience was going to be when I first booked but I'm extremely pleased. Ra is now my go to and permanent hairstylist I won't go anywhere else. I have a lot of hair and she managed to get my closure so flat its crazy. My bf loves it and I do too. Not sure if what people experienced in the past , but you can tell everyone in that salon has stepped their game up. They won themselves a loyal customer. Please ask for Ra when booking , very knowledgeable, talented and funny!
By: tuyetb
J Dall Hair Salon Company
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I LOVE THIS SALON!!! From the moment you walk in, from the time you walk out, everything is absolutely perfect! Setting an appointment online, was a piece of cake! Even booked after hours! I have been to several salons trying to dye my hair red, unfortunately I haven't been able to achieve that UNTIL I came to J. Dall Salon! My stylist, Norman, who is just amazing at everything he does, consulted with another stylist and the owner Justin on making sure I get the look I want. They all discussed what technique would be best to achieve that. I love that they worked as a team oppose to other salons I've been to, who don't consult with other stylist... Seeing that really made me feel not only my stylist but all the workers at J. Dall salon really enjoyed their job, each other, and just simply satisfying their customers! My hair was beyond perfect! It was better than the picture that i presented to them! Even color all around, no blotches, bright red with also dark red strands which I seriously never thought any salons were able to do... Norman gave me so much volume in my hair! I felt like a true rock star! They definitely know what they are doing!!! I 100% recommend this salon and definitely going back to see norman!
By: Haileyy M.
Super Weave Xpress
I will never go back neither one of their locations! I went got my hair for the first yesterday and I hated it. Don't get me they do have great customer . I was sent to sit in one of the new girls chair and didn't know wtf she was doing, keep stopping and going ask question people was coming over telling her she did this and that wrong plus I ended up getting a major headache from the braids and we had to stop. The girl didn't leave enough hair out to cover up my tracks and my part is too deep and that is not what I asked for. I was there from 1pm to 7 pm which I did not like, I was getting so frustrated with them that I said the hair was ok just so I leave because I've been there all day and neither of the stylist was doing exactly what I wanted. I really feel as if I wasted my 82 f*** dollars, the diamond package is bulls***, the first girl left a lump and talking about she couldnt fix it because of the package like for 82 d** dollars that should've been a style, flat iron and everything but I know now they will never get in my head again! They did let one of their better stylist re-sew my hair in and it looked better but I still have little leave out and I don't like that ! That was hair wasted and money wasted!!!
By: honey4bees
Hair Lovers Salon
I LOVE HAIR LOVER'S.....I have been going to this salon for 7 years. Amy does a fantastic on my hair. Helen and Monica do an awesome job as well. Helen has done my hair too on many occassions. I stumbled into this salon 7 years ago and would NEVER dream of going any other place. These ladies are special.....Never once have I ever had a bad experience with this shop. I go every week twice a that is alot of hair care in 7 years don't you think? Their prices are extremely reasonable and the service is excellent. If for some reason you may not be content with your result these ladies will definely make sure that your satisified and do whatever necessary. I can't imagine that anyone that goes there would feel any differently. I have NEVER witnessed any unsatisfied customers in all these years regardless if AMY, HELEN, or MONICA does their hair. I know they have a great clientel I am one of them! HELEN being the owner is one heck of a person. I don't know what I would do without this salon. GOSH....I would have to go back to overpriced salons and probably go through many many many stylists to find a gem that I have found in HAIR LOVERS!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
By: joeun21
901 Salon & Boutique
I've gotten my haircut by this stylist for years now and I have never been disappointed. I remember at the previous salon (bf he went out on his own) he'd be the busiest one all the time amongst the many hair stylist there. He's super friendly, very knowledgeable about hair, and I am one of his many happy clients. I see the two negative reviews and those were left by people who've left all of one review in their entire time on yellow pages (and I'm wondering if it's the same person since they are talking about being scissor happy both times with both reviews being fairly close to time). How hard is it to tell the stylist that you do not want it cut past a certain point especially 1 inch vs 6 inch and emphasize that to them? It sucks that sometimes it only takes that one disgruntled customer who can't be pleased and is angry to leave unfair reviews of honest small businesses. Try it out for yourself and make up your own mind is the best suggestion I can give you if you are in the neighborhood for a new hair stylist. I did 5 years ago and I haven't needed to look for one since.
By: heidigum
Tulip Nail Massage & Skin Care
This is the best mani/pedi spot in Houston. I wouldn't go anywhere else. The place is very clean, the people are friendly, the prices are reasonable, the massage chairs are comfy, and the magazine selection is great. It is not noisy, like some of the other places. Just sit and let them massage the worries out of your feet and and you may find yourself dozing off from utter relaxation and pampering. The Tulip Pedi (with or without paraffin) is heavenly. I love how they use natural ingredients like limes and buttermilk on your feet/legs. And then the salt scrub and hot towels--ahhh, it doesn't get any better than that! What is unique about the place is the consistency--they ALWAYS do a good and thorough job. I've never had one complaint about the place in 4 years of going there. It doesn't matter which mani/pedicurist you ask for--they are all well trained and the service is high quality. It's always better to call ahead and time to check their schedule or make an appointment and if they are booked up when you call, they will tell you when there is availability.
By: Don G.
Nikki Salon
Hi everyone,I'm very skeptical about the Hair Loss Treatment service they offer because I tried a lot of hair grow product none of them works and the only option left I had was hair implant but its too expensive. They have a couple of customer that had a great success, they are friendly and professional, they explained how things work then lay down the treatment plan and most of all its estimate cost. It's at least more than 10 times cheaper that a surgery. Cost may vary depending on hair condition of course. They have a special device which they showed my hair photos of before and after my first treatment. I was shocked of the result. My hair pore finally opens from being closed for a couple of years. I was blown away now I feel the air blowing on my tiny bitty hair. My head feel so light. So if you are experiencing hair loss or baldness I recommend you try these service. Obviously, the product works. Give yourself a chance to look younger and feel confident again. For free consultation you can contact Cheri at (832) 814-3355 or Judy (713) 280-6809.Don G.

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