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By: Maggie R.
Aqua Vida Water
I was really tired of carrying bottled water from grocery stores. I started looking for a water filtration system for my house, and start looking into local companies doing it. I called a couple companies but I was really NOT impressed by there professionalism on the phone. so i called a few more that's when i found Aqua Vida. i schedule a free water test. A Couple days later a water technician came and tested my water. once i saw what i was drinking and making my coffee with i new i had to do something. so i bought a complete water filtration system. I have had the for system for a couple months now and I am 100% satisfied with the great water quality I get from my tap. I highly recommend this Company for anyone who is looking for a good water system for their house at a reasonable price!
By: Patti D.
Francy's Pool Service
Since it's spring and people are looking for reputable contractors, I thought I'd better write this review. We had Francy's install several umbrella holders poolside, which were great, but it was the regrouting I'm unhappy with and need to share. He cleaned out several grout lines around our hot tub and regrouted them. The problem is he didn't regrout all the areas and when I called him back and left several messages, I never got a call back. He just wasn't interested in following up on his work and making it right.
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By: Kami R.
Dream Tree Family
I suggest meeting with a local Dream Tree Associate to help you with your journey to quality water. I purchased a Whole House Filtration system over 2 years ago through an Associate. I feel a difference in the heightened quality of water my family uses to drink, cook with and shower in. Have you researched water quality lately? It's depressingly NOT good news. Filtration at Point of Entry is necessary in ALL homes, especially in the Houston area!
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By: Chris M.
Aqua Vida Water
Fast and reliable service! I called to ask about how much money I would save from switching from buying water bottle packs to water purification systems. They gave me a quote on and said I would save hundreds of dollars a year. I've always wanted a water purification system for a while now and I'm glad I called this company. Would recommend to a friend. Thanks again!
By: Mark H.
Bermuda Pools
Marc took control from the minute he saw the pool at our new home. We had no clue, but he noticed what needed to be done right away. He fixed a few details on the spot and then came back the next day (sunday) to replace filters so we would not hurt our pump system. We look forward to a great swimming season with Marc taking care of our pool and HotTub
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By: Erin B.
Dream Tree Family
This is not a scam. This water has made me feel better days into drinking it. I've even lost 5 lbs in 5 days time. The best water I've ever had hands down. They have an education workshop on Saturdays at 11am they test a bunch of different beverages right In front of your face. Best water and I'm proof!
By: jsbc1234
The Pool Doctors
The Pool Doctors replastered and retiled my pool a few months ago. I couldn't be more pleased with them and the final product. A+ quality A+ price and a real pleasure to do business with. Have already referred them to several friends and taken advantage of their referral bonus program cha-ching!
By: rh1210
High Strenght Contracting
If I had a choice it definitely would be a company that had the ratings and BBB standing that these guys have. Speaking to Adolph you can tell that his business image is important to him and if someone thinks like that they should be considered among all the many contractors out there.
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By: Jin W.
Skytide pool services
Very good experience with the service. Very professional, know how to do pool service. My pool is always clean. Also when there is a problem with the pool, I get noticed. They take care of it with a very reasonable and good service. Highly recommend this company.
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By: andy9andy
Steve Koonce Complete Pool Service
Steve is a nice guy. His staff is very reliable. Recently I had him replace the spa light which should be in warranty for me. I am happy with the service. I will recommand this buisness to my friends.

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