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By: Bob M.
Honorable David M Patronella
I cannot say enough good things about Judge Patronella. I was getting gauged by a slumlord in deductions. The judge took a 45 minute recess to his chambers to read what I spent upwards of 100 hours on. My landlord and his lawyer then left with their tails between their legs. As Judge Patronella threw out most of the deductions. It was a thing a beauty. I didnt care I only netted 200 bucks... it was about justice. I think he understood thats all I wanted.I had a lawyer suggest to file at his court because he actually listens to tenants speak. If you ever have a landlord tenant issue. File with Judge Patronella, because he makes sure, he gets the facts before making a decision.
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By: David S.
Honorable Dale M Gorczynski
How can I see to it that I never receive a jury summons to Mr. Gorcynski's courtroom again? It is unprecedented I - potential juror in Harris County for 30 years - make such a request. It is only after a little looking up I feel competent to do so. Let, the condition of the road in front of court annex in question (and neglect thereof) speak for itself, especially compromising the safety of pedestrians in the area. Dale Gorcynski is a former Houston city council member. Never (again) would I ever be able to muster good impartiality in any courtroom presided over by Gorcynski, insipid example of being an elected official as he is.

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