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By: Peppi L.
Human Services Dept
Government assistance is government assistance, you guys. What are we to do BUT get a job! GET A JOB so that you do not have to deal with these people in ANY way! In my opinion, the government really doesn't want to have to issue out money to anybody, so they make it difficult. I agree with them in a way! Nobody is given handouts, but at the same token stuff happens in life to people; therefore, people need the help. At least help exists. If you get denied look for other alternatives. The government will not deny you for no reason. I mainly wish that the government's employees were all on the same page via information because unfortunately, they are not. Also, I wish that the government's employees had BETTER communication! In other words, it may help to give a little heads up to look out for something that we are going to receive in the mail, especially if we have to respond to it by a certain DATE! THIS HELPS!!!!
By: Tiffany F.
Franklin Beauty School
I'm a proud graduate of franklin beauty school (2014) and I couldn't have chose a better institution. First the enrollment process was a breeze, everything was clear cut and the owners were kind. Once I started attending I was pleased with the professionalism in and out of the classroom, anytime I needed help the instructor (Ms.Nora) was always there. I completed my 300 hr weaving course in 3 months and was ready for my state board exam in no time. I am now a licensed stylist in my own salon suite. I would recommend this school to friends, family, and to anyone interested in pursuing cosmetology.
By: Sonoya R.
i am about to graduate from the south Houston campus and ms. trena is great. she changed my life. i have never had anyone push me to get my education. i was struggling because i have 3 kids and my mom helped me by taking care of them. thank you mom. after getting this close, i can tell you now that in the beginning it was tough. the teachers push you hard but this is what real life going to do to me. i appreciate what the teachers and the registrar do to me by calling me every time i was late or not wanting to come.
By: Nancy N.
Franklin Beauty School
I am so thankful that I found this location. Franklin beauty school used to be on MLK Blvd. One location moved to Almeda Rd and the other location is located on hwy 6N. I had the pleasure of bringing my 80-year-old grandmother here and the students really hooked her up for her surprise birthday party . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The owners were so kind & professional they found out it was my grandmother's birthday and gave her a free manicure!!Happy Birthday Granny!
By: Lena K.
Enstyle Beauty Academy
I will recommend this school to all my friends. It had the greatest customer service and you cant beat their prices. I paid $15 for both pedicure and manicure!!! The student did a great job and they were really nice and friendly.
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By: mithanin
Royal Beauty Careers is the best accredited school in Houston. Great facility and staff. Come by for a visit and you will see why 26 years of experience in teaching makes a difference.
By: Katelyn D.
Design Beauty College
The open house was awesome. Ms. G was wonderful. She gave us a tour and offered scholarships to help with tuition. This school is the one I chose and I am very happy here.
By: jjameson786
i graduated last week and i already found a job. i told the salon owner that i graduated from Royal Beauty and showed her my portfolio and i was hired on the spot.
By: anthonykk
Best school ever!! i would recommend this school to everyone with a passion for beauty. completely remodeled and now has state of the art equipment.
By: moniquekite
I attended the Esthetics program and teacher is great. My cousin took the Nail Tech program and he found a job before she graduated.

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