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By: Megan A.
Built In Appliance Center
I had started laundry during the weekend and heard the sound of running water... I freaked out and ran to the laundry room to see that water had been leaking inside the washing machine and into the electrical components of the washer. These were a hand me down pair from what was probably the early 80s so warranty was out of the question... and repairing was not going to be an option. So... time for new. I prefer to work with companies on a more local scale then going to big name companies because I have always felt as though you can get more accomplished and that the local companies are more willing to work with you and your needs then trying to sell you something that you don't want or is outside your realm of necessity. So, I called Built In Appliance Center located at 12440 S Sam Houston Parkway W, in Houston Texas, and spoke to Kevin and told him I needed to get a new washer and dryer as soon as possible. Kevin asked me what I was looking for and what budget I had to work with. I told him what I needed, and what I wanted and he was able to find a pair that was in my price range! He sent me different options instead of telling me what I needed. He let me decide what would work best in my home and my budget. I wound up purchasing a white set of Whirlpool front loading washer and dryer. He offered me financing through GE and was offered qualified for no interest for 12 months. He then had them delivered quickly (within a day or two) and they were set up and the old were hauled off. They were on time exactly when they were scheduled to be, and called to confirm that someone was there to receive the delivery. I love the new appliances! They are so much more fancy than I have ever had, and it took me just a couple of loads to learn all of the settings. I have had great service and all of my questions were answered quickly! I will be using him in the future because I see that my fridge is needing to be changed soon as well... I have recommended him already to friends and family members as well. Built In Appliance is a GREAT company and worked well BEYOND my expectations. They can handle everything from the smallest of needs to a whole kitchen remodel! Call Kevin today at 713-270-8810 - and he will get you exactly what you need and want! Its the best of both worlds!
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By: Vivian A.
Pacific Sales
On June 06 our family bought a hole set of kitchen and laundry appliances (range, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and Gas Dryer) with Bao Chu - very patient, good person. Installation included. We also bought a refrigerator, but this item would be delivered by Best Buy. All appliances were supposed to be delivered together on June 10. On that day I received from Pacific only the dishwasher, the range and the microwave. On the same day I called Bao Chu about the washing machine and dryer - apparently somehow their delivery wasn't programmed. New delivery date - June 12, Friday. The products arrived, and they made the installation of our Dryer. The installer turned it on, let it work for 2 minutes and said everything was ok. We smelled some gas - he said it was normal for the first and second times. As it was our first gas Dryer, we didn't know that kind of noise it should make while working. In the weekend, we first used it to dry some bedding, we found out the dryer was not warming, like there was no gas on it. I had to dry 3 bedding sets using the sun and some chairs, like a hippie. On monday June 15 I called Pacific and they sent me directly to LG's customer service... Lg's was able to send someone to my house only on June 1, and then finally we discovered that there was a problem with the gas pipe, it was clogged. in 10 minutes the technician from LG immediately said that the gas flow was too poor. I know it is a problem that I must solve, which we finally did on July 4th, but why Pacific's installer didn't detected that? The noise was soooooooooooo peculiar, like a range.... First he should stay longer and tested the dryer for at least 10 minutes, then he would realize that something was wrong. He could then instruct was to call a plumber to check it. If we had that kind of support from you, the problem would be solved within a few days, not almost a month. Again, I know the problem was in the pipe, but what took time was the diagnosis, not the fixture itself. I was very disappointed with the service - we pay installation not because it's complicate to do, but because in situations like that a person that knows the job must instruct us.
By: Tiera W.
Justified Appliance
I thought I would give an update on the refrigerator we bought last year, as well as share the details on the dishwasher we bought yesterday. The refrigerator works great, and I felt like a super-smart shopper when I was in Sears the other day and saw the EXACT make and model for a whopping price of $2200!! and I only paid $850 for our 2012 model! Score!!Recently I had been in the market for a new dishwasher and had checked out the going rate for stainless steel interior and exterior. I had looked at Lowes and Sears and seen new ones for close to $1,000. Now, with Justified Appliance, they get new/used appliances coming in every week so it is hit or miss as to what they may have available each week. So, I would call periodically to ask what they had in stock before driving down there. Yesterday, I called and they told me about a new dishwasher they had just received that matched what I was looking for.... and sure enough, it was just what we wanted - and so was the price! :) They went down on the price a little bit and I ended up paying a flat $500 cash. And with a 3-year warranty on everything they sell - that's an awesome deal in my eyes.We picked it up and installed it ourselves....and when I say "We", I mean my husband. ;) So that saved us money too.I am so pleased that I have saved hundreds of dollars buying my appliances here.
By: floyd2
Hornet Appliance Services LLC.
Excellent Service! Hornet sent a very competent technician, Mike, to fix two appliances, a washer and a dryer. He pulled of the front of the washer, identified a loose wire bundle which was bouncing off the drum and affecting imbalance on the spin cycle. Mike fixed this in 5 minutes. The dryer had a more significant problem. The appliance would normally dry a load in 40-min, but we recently found it required 100-min to dry a load (wasting electricity). Mike completed a full complement of diagnostic tests and pinpointed the problem as a bad thermistor. He had to order the part and returned in a few days with it. He installed the new part in 10-min, and the dryer works like new. Hornet's scheduler Sadie did a good job scheduling the technician visits and calling ahead to pinpoint his ETA. The technician Mike is highly skilled. I would definitely use this company again.
By: Melanie D.
Melanie Davis1 second agoMy washing machine broke down a few days ago. I did a Google search for appliance repair in 77084 zip code and it came up with a few choices. Mike's company stood out to me because he was in the exact zip code as me. I called him and he answered right away, made an appointment and was very prompt about making it. That is very hard to find these days. My case was challenging. He wasn't happy about the way the repair went and told me to give him a few moments to ponder it. We'll he did so. You could tell he wasn't gonna give up. He came back with the part to the puzzle that was missing and totally fixed it up. He was also very friendly and courteous. Highly recommend him!!!
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By: ipatrawala2000
Company Name: All Appliance RepairCategory: Appliance Repair - LargeServices Performed: Yes* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.Work Completed Date: June 20, 2014Hire Again: YesApproximate Cost: $150.00Description Of Work: Repaired my washing machine promptly. He did a great job, called and let me know of his arrival time, and was very helpful. I would recommend this company. Will call them again for future repairs.Member Comments: He arrived when he said he would, and checked my machine. He found that the drain pump was bad and replaced it right then and there. About an hour all told. Nice man.
By: sharron0925
Church Services
I had a service call today with Church, the issue was my central air. I had previously had work done by them on my unit and the part they replaced had a warranty. Today, the technician arrived, was friendly and professional, I just prayed that I didn't need a new unit. After doing his inspection, he stated that the problem was again the same issue as previously and that it was under warranty. I thanked God for his honesty, he could have been dishonest and told me anything. I will certainly call Church again when I need repairs done, they are honest...Dawn
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By: Henry M.
Hornet Appliance Services LLC.
bad service and support. They had come to my house 3 times already to check on a KitchenAid refrigerator, haven't found the issue yet and each time a different technician finds something else, orders a new part but the refrigerator still not cooling. they promise that they will call you to give you an update on the service order/ repair, part order status but never do. And the worst they rarely answer their phone !!!
By: georgejohnny
One Call Services
I didn’t know whether I needed a brand new HVAC system or what the problem was, so I called One Call after I saw they advertised free diagnostics. Sure enough they had a truck out the same day I called, explained what was wrong, and even offered to let me shop around for estimates. Even better, they didn’t charge me a dime until I decided to have them perform the work. Thank you so much!
By: Kayla D.
Justified Appliance
I love this place and buy all my appliances from here! The manager is very knowledgable and always polite! I recommend Justified to all my friends and family and cannot believe the low ratings some others gave this place. I have never had a bad experience and their prices are amazing compared to sears and they throw in a three year warranty free, you just can't beat that.

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