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By: chefkms1969
Houston Auto Spa
Ok, seriously! I have had my car washed hundreds of times in my life from the East coast to the West. I will not even say "for the money" it was the best deal, because it was better than anything I have paid for. I have a small SUV and got the "Executive wash" $28. If I didn't have a fender missing, it would look like new. It's a 2003 by the way. OK, bring a book or something. They are seriously understaffed, but you know it's great when you would go back anyway. Took almost an hour. I am all about quality and have never had a better experience. To top it off, the washers are super nice and courtious. Smiled, thanked me and wished me a great day! Even if you don't live exactly close, I would still recommend you make the drive! You will not believe my review until you experience it for yourself! By the way, I am a smoker, my truck is my work vehicle and I had not washed for about 5-6 months. CHECK IT OUT!
By: kelseyjones18
a2z Car Wash Houston
I went to their 918 West Alabama location...When I arrived, I was a little skeptical because it is not... well not as "nice" as some other places I have been. But let me just say, after my first car wash, they now have a lifelong customer. I purchased a Living Social with these guys. My voucher was for a simple car wash- no frills. After they were finished washing my car, a man came in and asked if I would like to add any extras such as vacuuming, etc but I declined. THEN I watched this guy go back out, shine my tires, clean my dashboard, AND vacuum my interior. I tried to tip him but he would not accept it. I will be going here as long as I own a car, you simply do not come across people like this anymore. They are so hardworking and do a fantastic job (the car looked amazing). Also there was no wait, it was all very fast and convenient.
By: Michael Z.
Superior USA Carwash
I come here at the least twice a week,I really love the New manager Steve(Name is on his shirt,hope he's not wearing someone elses shirt that day)He is always helpful,polite and just down right friendly!As for the inside,I really like the new blond cashire,she brings a bright new feel to the place,the other cashire...well I can't believe they keep her she is the most negative person I have ever met,twice I have been in there and had her either tell me personally or had to over hear her say how cheap the owner is,how she only makes $8.50 per hour after years of service and gets no lunch nor breaks(Witch is against the TWC laws)She has so much personal drama to talk about in the 3 minuets or so I am in there! It really makes me want to go else where!But the manager and the guys that detail my truch are AWESOME!!Always have a perfectly clean truck!
By: littlelisa999
Colonial Car Wash
Apparently so. I don't care, I've got nuttin' but L.O.V.E. for Colonial Car Wash ! I do fancy myself a bit of a car girl and take a lot of pride in keeping my Frod gleaming to the hilt. Not just any 'ol wash 'n go will get my vote of confidence. Some my say my standards are too high, but nonetheless my criteria when choosing care for my car is as follows: no skanky towels... oh, and no exorbitant prices (I'm looking at you, Mister )Love the $5.50 off Early Bird Special here for cars that make it in before 10:00am, and with regular hours car pricing set at just $11.99, it's a steal either way! Expect courteous and quick service, a thorough exterior wash , interior window and dash clean, vacuuming
By: wadee189
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
I parked my car under a tree (like a dufus) while I was out of town for several weeks when I got back it was a filthy mess. I took it in to see if I could get it cleaned up. Dave the guy working was very thurough, he walked and checked the entire car and suggested to me that I get a Clay bar treatment and a wax. He elplained that alot of the dirt was really stuck on and in his opinion it needed the clay bar to be done right. I was a tad nervous at first thinking this was going to be really expensive but it was very reasonable, and boy was he right. When it was done (I also had them wax it) It looked as close to new as it has looked in a very long time. These guys are fair and do great work
By: Adam M.
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
I usually get my car washed at splash car wash on shepherd, but here recently I have been very disappointed in their washes. The last 2 times I have been there it has been horrible. In your car wash right down the street and that it was fairly new so I wanted to give you a try... SORRY about my extremely dirty car by the way... but I ended up getting my car detailed with you and I must say you guys did an incredible job. I am extremely happy with you guys, you are definitely going to be a regular. Maybe you should send some of your guys’ splashes way and teach them how to treat the customers the way that your guys do and how to wash a car with the satisfaction that the customers deserve.
By: C.
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
I love this carwash. They do a great job for only $30 I get the whole inside clean. They use high pressure air to get that junk that falls in between my seat and console that my hand cannot get to. My car comes out looking brand new every time. The workers and staff are so friendly. They even do a great job waxing and using clay bar to get all that pollution and dust that can ruin your paint. I learned the hard way... you got to only hand wash your car or else your paint gets ruined, especially black paint. Oh plus the waiting area is so nice and relaxing...they have free coffee and Wi-Fi. I highly recommend this car wash!
By: cecill812
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
I Come here at least once a month. The staff is very polite and helpful and they do a great job quickly. On this vist there was a very difficult customer who was yelling screaming and carrying on. Every one in the place was looking around like is this guy for real, the guy working the counter stayed professional and went out of his way to help this man. I was really impressed for how big a jerk this person was being (Swearing, insulting, threatening) that the employee kept his cool. He appoligized greatly to the people in the store and still managed to make sure every one left happy. Kudos.
By: tomfoster24
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
They were open early and able to accommodate my dog on an emergency walk in basis. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. My dog is a rescue with some major issues, and he acts out when he feels defensive, but both the tech and the vet were very patient and gentle with him. I had a couple questions about charges, and I liked how they went over each individual charge before I agreed so that I felt like it was justified before paying a lump some. My dog was done earlier than expected and they called me right away, and the medications were clear and easy to follow. Great service.
By: C.
Soap Hand Car Wash & Detail- Houston
I was driving by the soap hand car wash on shepherd yesterday so I decided to give it a try... my experience here was probably the best I have ever had, from the time I stepped out of my door to the time I left! The manager was extremely nice, overly helpful as far as getting done exactly what i wanted to my car. The car looked practically brand new when they finished and i am now a very satisfied customer of soap hand car wash on shepherd. Thanks guys I really appreciate your excellent service and I look forward to seeing you again next week.

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