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By: cadds2
West Houston Church of Christ
This church is large and active yet myself coming from deep roots in the church as a child, this church falls short. We were willing to overlook some of the distractive clapping and video screens everywhere (I think I counted 8) and people fitted with microphones during the singing, yet the worship and auditorium class lacked true substance and scriptural depth. The deciding factor for us to seek elsewhere was the Easter Sunday meeting. During the all auditorium class, they had a painter whom they paid to attend from another state. He told his story and then painted a picture of 'Jesus' (like anyone knows what He looks like) during the class hour while the membership watch. No substance, no depth, no truths and examinations of God's word. Just an applaud of the effort with some weak explanation of "I can't wait to see Jesus' real face." A lot of clapping during the next song like a cheerleading session and it was over. The sermons are generally pretty good...I have to give them that. The prayers for the Lord's supper never sought a blessing for the bread and fruit of the vine, but an acknowledgement of its symbology. (This happens frequently, yet even Jesus blessed the bread and cup). The offering was set out without skipping a beat nor even mentioned that it is not a part of the Lord's supper.We wish this church well in their work but we will attend elsewhere for more depth and hard study and humble worship. They hold to the faith of baptism thankfully, but my prediction is that within the next few years this church will go instrumental.
By: R S.
Bering Drive Christian School
This is our 4th year at Bering Drive Christian School and we love it! I have had two children enrolled there and plan on enrolling our 3rd child when he is old enough. The staff has always been very kind and helpful. After comparing prices among 5-6 other preschools in the area, my husband and I found that BDCS's prices were lower/comparable to a lot of the other places that we researched/toured. I love BDCS because they have a great curriculum, but they also allow the children to have appropriate amounts of play time. If you are simply looking for a daycare or a mothers day out then this is NOT the school for you. My oldest son graduated from the 4 year old class knowing how to read (as did most of his classmates) and entered Kindergarten knowledgable of content that a child would usually learn while in Kindergarten. With that being said, the teachers teach the children to read on an individual basis meaning that all children are able to read at their own pace. Another great thing about BDCS is that the children are able to attend enrichment classes almost every day (music, PE, Chapel).
By: scolebra
West Houston Church of Christ
Nine years ago I came to WHCC and was wowed by the honest and fun way in which the lesson was presented. My husband and I chose WHCC as our church home after visiting over 8 churches in our new community because it appeared to meet our worship needs. A pastor who openly speaks to his own shortcomings before the congregation invites others to face their own challenges without fear of judgment. On a very strange Sunday, I sat amongst other congregants who were as blown away ss me to hear Pastor Matt give his last sermon at WHCC. Since that time, many potential pastors have tried to meet the requirements of WHCC. What was the planning? What was the purpose to which the congregation was not even privy? I have since left the church and hope the church family heals.
By: R. D.
Bering Drive Christian School
I currently have a 3-year-old daughter at BDCS, and my 7 year-old son is a graduate. We love Bering and have been extremely impressed with the education and teachers. My daughter's class has only 9 children. Both of my children love attending school here, have learned immensely, and I highly recommend BDCS to any of my friends in the area. After completing all 3 years, my son went into kindergarten reading and everything he did in kinder was a repeat of his pre-k class. Students are offered 2 days of music class, 2 days of chapel and 2 days of PE. Most of the children in my son's pre-k class tested into the Vanguard programs in HISD. We are very happy with our choice!By the way, the hours are actually 8-6 pm and their number is 713-780-1299 (not 713-783-2340)!
By: jmccardle1
West Houston Church of Christ
I have been a member here for several years, intially joining because my son and his wife attended here. They have since moved on to a church nearer the home they built, but I have found a home here that has helped me through a couple of life crisies. The church has a number of ministries they support, with members invited to help in whatever capacity they feel most comfortable. The children's program is outstanding. The sermons are uplifting and inspiring. While I miss the former pastor very much, I am confident the Lord will provide us a new one in His time. I highly recommend the West Houston Church of Christ.
By: Shailendra C.
Bering Drive Christian School
This is an absolutely wonderful school. Both my sons have studied in 3 year and 4 year classes at this school. They just loved the school. Ms Kate and Ms Sandy (4 year class) are awesome teachers and we have very high regards for them. Ms Howard (principal) is very nice and helpful. A lot of emphasis is given on academic and personal learning. No wonder the kids are so well prepared and disciplined to enter into the public / charter / magnet schools.
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By: Charlotte R.
Fifth Ward Church Of Christ
An incredible Church. You are received as family. All members stop to say hello and to welcome all.Fifth Ward Church of Christmas truly loves and cares for all.
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By: Letitia A.
Fifth Ward Church Of Christ
Not good at allitwasbadsevicefromstarttofinishsmhwhatthe mess is going on there they cannot be for real man who understand what was going on there
By: Asiah P.
Garden Oaks Church of Christ
Great Church I have been here all my life!!!

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