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By: marynn575
Sousan Med Spa
I bought a really good deal off of Bloomspot last year for the brazilian and underarm treatments. It was my first time ever trying out laser treatment, and I loved it! The staff are all very friendly, the place was very clean and I usually got in and out of my appointments in about 20 minutes (for both areas). The technicians are all pretty experienced and will work with you if you are sensitive. Apparently I have a high pain tolerance, but honestly, it's not that bad. Kind of feels like a rough shave at most, sometimes (anything is better than waxing). It all really depends on the individual though. They are very informative, so don't be shy if you have any questions. I got 6 treatments in each area, and I'm not sure if that's enough to completely rid me of all my hair, but it's much much more bearable than that prickly hair that grows back after 1 day! They will schedule your appointments about 4 - 6 weeks apart. Prepare to not shave for like 3 weeks after, for the best results. Also, after your treatment, your hair will grow back and then shed off. I know some people complain about not being able to find it, but it's really not too hard. If you see her sign, the actual salon is upstairs and the entrance to the place is right off of the path (not on the side of the street) if you come from the parking lot.
By: nataliee588
Sousan Med Spa
I chose to do my underarms and Brazilian. The underarms were very quick and painless. No problem! However, Brazilian was always a struggle for me, simply because the area is much more tender and the hairs are more coarse. Admittedly, the first time I felt really awkward baring my V to the technician, but they're very professional and it's really no big deal. (Spread 'em.) The Brazilian area is also very difficult to work with because there's so many curves and flaps and what have you. But I can attest that the technicians were always very thorough and careful. I'd like to say that Brazilian is very pain-free, but it really isn't. And that's not the technician's fault at all, there's just very little anyone can do to numb the pain on your V skin. But if you think about it, you only have to withstand a few minutes of pain for a lifetime of never having to shave your V ever again. Worth it? I'd say so. And after the treatment, it's not stubbly, thick and rough like when shaving with a razor. After the treatment, they give you a warm towel to clean yourself off with and a dollop of aloe vera lotion to soothe the skin. Feels freaking awesome. Then you make a follow-up appointment and you're on your way! In conclusion, I love this place.
By: Ben N.
Sousan Med Spa
I've just finished 10 sessions of laser hair removal on my lower legs and upper lips (I bought the 1 year package) and I also did 4 sessions on my underarms. I am really happy with the results! The hair growth on my legs have reduced by about 92%, I am very hairy so that made a huge difference! On my upper lips I'd say it reduced by about 75%. It is harder to get rid of the upper lip hair because it is fine hair, so I get that. But it's awesome that I no longer need to pay to do threading on my upper lip, whatever grows back is not even as noticeable as before. I was most impressed with my underarms hair, only 4 sessions made a huge difference! About 75% is gone. I've been shaving it my whole life so it was pretty coarse. I've been extremely pleased with the service, everyone is extremely nice, from Sousan the owner to the receptionist Amanda! The technicians are very professional and friendly, I was never charged tax or tip, but I always tipped them. I plan on buying more for the bikini or Brazilian area in the near future, and I'd totally recommend them, in fact, I did recommend 2 friends when I started the treatments, and they were pleased as well! Ask if there are any incentives for recommending friends ;)
By: ynancy864
Sousan Med Spa
I purchased an hour of facial and infrared body wrap from Groupon at Sousan Med Spa. For the low price that I paid for these services I was spectacle at first but once I got to the spa I was overwhelmed by the great service and friendly staff. I was welcomed by the hospitable receptionist in the front who offered me a bottle of water and escorted me to a room with dim lights and soothing music in the background. After changing in to my bathing suit I laid down on a bed with a retractable dome that massaged my back with warm rollers and the infrared heat beaming down from the dome covering my body. I was able to receive a relaxing facial at the same time since my face and neck was outside of the machine. Once the session was over the dome opened up and I was surprised by the amount of sweat that I had created due to the fact that I did not feel hot as I do in a Sauna. I took a shower afterwards and was told to drink plenty of water since I had burned 2000 calories in that hour. That night I felt very relaxed and stress free. I loved my relaxing and productive treatments that I received from Sousan med spa and highly recommend visiting this place.
By: Mark K.
Sousan Med Spa
I was introduced to Sousan's services by a relative. Purchased 1 yr. laser treatment, 3 body parts, $199.00. I was very pleased with the results that I started reading up on what I could do to improve my appearance. I purchased the Refirme - Skin Tightening treatments & Sousan told me a Photo facial would remove all the brown spots & small veins from my face. I purchased one. Sousan herself performed the services and I was very impressed when she threw in another facial at no added expense to me. Today I had my last Refirme treatment and she added another facial - at no cost to me - to get rid of the little stubborn brown specks left on my face. Sousan is very dedicated and took a special interest in me and has helped me feel better about myself - I had been dealing with my skin problems for a long time and tried many expensive products over the years - that did not work. I also used heavy make up to cover up imperfections. Now I have very clear firmer skin and feel very comfortable about going out in public without make up.
By: ethellastnamel
Sousan Med Spa
I have had good experiences all around with this place. When trying to locate it, I called and was easily directed where I needed to go which was super helpful and easy. I had a bit of a wait the first time but they were really apologetic about it which was nice. Also, every technician I've ever had here has been overly courteous, helpful and informative and above all else, professional. Most recently, Sousan herself provided my laser hair removal procedure as it appeared they were understaffed and she was extremely thorough and did not rush. She also asked me how the treatment was working for me which is swimmingly by the way :) Bet of all, you can choose the laser that works best for you - they have 2 and different skin responds to each in different ways. My hair is almost non-existent and I'm extremely pleased - especially given that I purchased a groupon-like discount! Lastly, they are clean! They sanitize everything and don't make you feel like you're in a grimey place. I would definitely recommend this place!
By: samanthaa475
Sousan Med Spa
Two years ago I bought a voucher from Groupon only for my chin. Since then I have done all my body one by one, Susan is very sweet, professional and her laser machine is just the BEST. Whenever I have an appointment I feel like I am going to a fun event, she makes it a great experience there, I just love going there and I don't know what to do when I have no hair left. My packages were for 6 secessions, I still had hair on my chin after 6 times since face hairs are harder to get rid of and she did few more laser to make them go completely without charging me a penny extra. I never had any problem making an appointment, even a day before, she always try to work with your schedule, to squeeze you in, even if she or her staff have to say longer. Clean, beautiful and very relaxing place to be, I recommend this Spa to everybody, you don't regret it. I only wanted one place and now I ended up my whole body with an unbelievable price. Thanks Susan.
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By: Jackie F.
Fiori Spa
My experience started with the phone call. I wanted to give my niece a spa day with her bff and my daughter one for mother's day. The consultant, Christian, was great; very knowledgeable of all of the services and she asked alot of questions about my niece to customize a package for her. My niece, her bff and my daughter all sent pics and stated that this was the best spa they've been to, hands down. The massages were great, the ambiance made them feel like they were in Tuscany and all of the masseuses Daniel Karem and Celine gave each of them awesome customized massages as their needs differed. Each employee even greeted the birthday girl, telling her happy birthday. They really make each customer feel special. Their attention to detail was great and they really appreciated the pools and grotto time, as well the relaxation room! You will never know how happy you made all three and for that, I thank you!
By: anna.braswell.7
Fifth Ave Day Spa & Retreat
Just finished getting permanent makeup including brows, eyeliner and lipliner done by Rose at Fifth Avenue Day Spa and Retreat! Fabulous! The spa is very clean, comfortable and relaxing. Rose is thorough and meticulous because of her great knowledge about this art. She takes one step by step through every process from shape and color decisions to after care instructions. Prior to our appointment, I was able to examine all equiptment and supplies because I have an allergy to an ingredient in the numbing solutions. Together, we decided to move forward without the benefit of any relief. Rose was able to do this for me with virtually NO PAIN because her touch is SO GENTLE!!! She is fantastic! What a wonderful experience with a great outcome! I look and feel younger and sexier! Thanks, Rose, for a very natural and more youthful look!
By: joycesetta
Midtown Retreat Salon & Day Spa
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place! I first went to Midtown Salon about 6 months ago and was looking for a great cut and highlights. I also needed a salon that helps clients who have trichotillomania (a hair pulling disorder). At first, I emailed them and got ahold of the manager, Tee. She was very nice and professional about helping me and made sure that when I got there I felt comfortable. When I finally arrived, I met her and a stylist named Victor who cut and highlighted my hair. Not only did I feel 100% comfortable, but Victor also made me look like a million bucks! I am a blonde so it's important for me to find someone that really knows how to make my hair look natural. Even though the process of getting it done takes quite a while (3-4 hours), it's worth all the time and money!

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