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By: Thomas B.
The Amish Craftsman
We made a purchase of bedroom furniture from this store. After waiting for two months to get it, when it showed up, it was not the quality we expected. We ended up not accepting it. This is not Amish, handcrafted old world furniture that you would expect, and not the "exceptional" furniture that the store mentions over and over in it's advertising. It certainly was not the quality of finished furniture displayed in the store.The solid maple tops on the nightstands had wood grain that was poorly matched. Having worked in a cabinet shop with craftsman when I was much younger, I can speak with some authority on the subject. When a cabinet maker fabricates a piece of wood to be used as a desktop, tabletop, or nightstand top, they take pieces of wood and lay them out flat and glue them together edge to edge to make the flat top. Care must be taken in this procese to match the grains and wood so that when the piece is stained and finished, the grains and the wood matches. The nightstand tops (both of them!) had very dark pieces of wood next to very light pieces of wood, leaving light and dark streaks across the tops of the nightstand. It looked very bad. I was shocked when I saw what the tops looked like upon delivery. Really disgusted after waiting so long for them, and seeing the poor quality. As soon as I saw them, it was obvious no care was taken when selecting this material. When you're mass producing furniture, you can't reject everything because it doesn't match. In one way, I feel sorry for this small business owner to have to take these pieces of furniture back with the nightstand tops looking like this if the manufacturer will not accept them back because no one will look at these nightstand tops and think they're very good or want to purchase them unless they're heavily discounted. It was very obvious the manufacturer took no care in selecting this material and making sure that the grains and wood texture matches. That care was so very obviously taken in every piece of furniture on display in the store. I find this store owner at fault for expecting me to take this furniture when delivered. They should have returned it back to the manufacturer when they got it at the store and told me I would have to wait a little longer. Rather that, as bad as that would be, then to expect me to accept it.In one place on the furniture we found a nail from a nail gun that had been shot carelessly, missing the wood it was supposed to hit and penetrating the other side of the piece of wood. It wasn't in a visible place but I was surprised to see nail guns used at all. This is not furniture handcrafted piece by piece, and in hindsight ,I was naive to expect it to be. How could the Amish keep up with manufacturing pieces for stores all over the United States where every big town has an Amish furniture store if they were not using the same mass production techniques all mass production furniture makers use. I don't fault them for that. I should have known better.When I spoke to the owner, they told me the particular company that makes this furniture is one of their better suppliers. That company has quality control problems if this is the best they can do. One thing I will say for the Amish Craftsman furniture store. When I complained to them after the furniture had been left at my home, they came back, picked it up and refunded my money. That is old world customer service.
By: yolanda.d.gardner
Rooms To Go
Well I pleased with this store location.FM 1960 and 249. Houston Salesman KIETH TILLIS WAS the BEST..LOVED HIS personality...I purchased the promotion with 7 pcs and free 50 in. samsung flat screen...furniturewas delivered on time.put together and put in house for me..The Guys were very professional. .waited my 5 days and picked tv up on 290 at best issues.took maybe 15 minutes..waiting on my chair next week to come..only issue was a lamp shade was wrong..calles customer service like 30 minutes after delivery guys had gone.that was a Friday. .and Tuesday my new shade was delivered. .all smiles here...I'm glad I didn't listen to all those negative reviews cause I would have missed out on a great deal.ohh did I mention interest free till 2017..... and SHOUT OUT TO JOHANA GUARIN manager at this location..she helped explain my whole purchase to her for that. ..and my ride or die chic Misti Davis for going with me to pick up my 50 inch...But ROOMS TO GO WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR ME THANKS AGAIN KIETH TILLLIS AND JOHANA GUARIN....
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By: oldtechy
American Furniture & Mattress
update - 14Feb 2star - downgraded after store/owner makes disingenuous innuendo when rating improved13 Feb 4-star - dlvrd + 38 dys 08Feb 1-star- After delays of 30+days & unfulfilled promises to replace a recently purchased, defective recliner-sofa, I contacted the manufacturer (major). who revealed that this retailer is not an authorized retailer & so cannot deliver on the mfr's warranty. Only hope is that the mnfctr'r will provide the warranty service directly as the retailer cannot & has not provided.Immediately, the recliner-mechanism began operating improperly. The store was immediately notified via email. For a 5 days their emails indicated the problem would be corrected. After 5 days, the emails stopped & I had to call them to see if any progress was being made in the warranty claim. Their excuses & delays become less credible & less tolerable. Their tone then became more hostile & indifferent when I expressed my disappointment & incredulity for their behavior.
By: Nancy K.
A Affordable Office Furniture
So not what I expected (in a GOOD way). I went in "certain" of what I wanted and what my budget was. Donny met me in the parking lot, asked a few questions, and showed me exactly what I was looking for in a desk chair. He remained available without hovering (which I appreciate), answered all my questions and demonstrated different features. As we got to talking, it became clear to him I was looking for the wrong chair for my needs, and showed me some other options. Being able to sit in the chair and try it out is something you can't do in an online purchase, and boy am I so glad.I ended up purchasing a chair almost double what I went in there planning to spend but still a tremendous value at 30% of the retail price. They loaded it for me and took care to protect and tie it down in my open bed pickup. They have a customer for life now for all my home and business office furniture needs.
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By: Miles M.
Sarah Furniture
My wife and I recently bought a new home in Katy, TX and was refereed to Sarah Furniture by some friends who had recently bought beautiful furniture from them. After closing on the house we were not really ready to take on more purchases but after going through Sarah's financing department we were given many different payback options. We took a 90 day same as cash option and couldn't be happier with our purchases. Nothing like a new home with new quality furniture to go in it! I recommend checking this new store out! It was nice to see great quality and low cost and all of the varieties you don't often see on this side of Houston! My wife and I normally don't like the same type of furniture, but this store had things we both could agree would work for both our taste! Great experience from the start to delivery we will be using Sarah furniture in the future!
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By: saltysmom
Gallery Furniture
We recently purchased bedroom furniture from Gallery and couldn't have been more impressed from start to finish. We love their new "Cowboys and Indians" repurposed barn boards - rustic, beautiful and solid wood. The deliverymen (Bossman and his assistant) went so far above and beyond simply carrying the furniture in - they moved our old furniture upstairs to its new location then came back after another delivery and trip to Lowe's to pick up lumber to mount the mirror on the dresser. Completely unexpected - but most appreciated - was the gorgeous "Edible Arrangement" we received from Mack, thanking us for our business. Wow! You're welcome, Mack - we'll definitely be back!
By: ashprt81
Affordable Furniture I-45 N
Beware of this furniture store. This company seems like a good place to look for and buy furniture. They will ensure that you are receiving the best prices and will even get a discount but once my mother purchased a bed, that discount was never applied leaving her to pay $55 more dollars. Then to make matters worst the receipt was never itemized which made it hard to detech how much each item was. Ask for a partial refund and they seem to get aggressive and attitudes swiftly change. If you do decide to do business with this place, BEWARE of business practice, DOUBLE CHECK the amount they ring up for your total. If they promise a discount, BE SURE YOU ACTUALLY GOT IT.
By: Angela O.
Landmark Affordable Furniture
I bought an iSeries "vantage firm" from Greg Taylor. He was very professional, courteous and gave me a better deal than anyone else would on the same mattress. It really is "Mattresses for Less!" After having the mattress for a while, I decided that the Vantage Firm was just too hard for my tender self. I took advantage of their 100 day comfort guarantee and exchanged it for a higher quality mattress. I worked with both Greg and Brad Taylor for the exchange. There was no problem , no questions asked. They were extremely accommodating, courteous and professional. I will buy from them again when the time comes. They are good guys!!! I give them 5 Stars!!!
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By: Michael K.
Queen's Furniture
Queens furniture offers furniture unlike any other store in Houston. Most furniture stores in Houston carry furniture from the same distributors with outrageous mark ups, but not queens furniture. All the furniture and accent items at Queens are one of kind hand crafted pieces made from the highest grade woods. The type of furniture that you buy that lasts you a lifetime, that you can hand down to the next generation and so on! Must check this place out! I dealt with the owners and they treated me like I was their family. Take advantage of their CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE, they can make ANYTHING you want for far CHEAPER than you can get anywhere else!
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By: Rhonda A.
Sarah Furniture
I had a wonderful experience dealing with Sarah furniture I went in and Lea was my salesperson and she did a fantastic job helping me out and exceeded all my expectations. I love my furniture the quality is wonderful everything came right on time and the delivery guys were very professional and very courteous and was in and out in no time. I would highly recommend visiting this store before you make your final decision on any furniture. They have great quality furniture and the service is wonderful and I just can't say enough about how pleased I am. I will definitely Shop there for all my furniture needs.

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