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By: samuelss
United Ranger, LLC
Fast response. These are the people to call when you need a fast response. Chris was very helpful and constantly checking in with our office. Although we called last minute they had a very reasonable and competitive rate. To my surprise the officer was far more educated and professional than one might think.
By: d.hughes1966
Priority Process Service, LLC
Priority Process Service is the best process service company that I have ever used.They provide prompt, professional service and keep my notified with status updates showing when my documents were served, returned, etc.I could not be more happy with my decision to try them.
By: Dale J.
United Ranger, LLC
Excellent services provided by their guards. The customer service team is outstanding. Thanks Mr. Matak
Tips & Advices
Skip tracing is tracking an individual who is missing, has defaulted on a debt, or is a fugitive from justice.
Process servers can cross state lines to serve papers, but there are exceptions and limitations. In cases of criminal activity in which the defendant is out of the state the complaint was filed in, most times it is legal to serve them. However, in some cases where a witness is being served outside of the state the complaint was filed in, the plaintiff may need to file charges in the witness’ state in order to allow service. The laws can be tricky in these situations so it’s recommended you consult council to know your rights and limitations and the state laws when attempting service across state lines.
While rules can vary by location, a general rule is that papers must be served between  6 a.m.-10 p.m, and they cannot be served on Saturday or Sunday if the defendant observes either as a holy day. Serving papers on these days, if the defendant is religiously observant on either day, can actually be a misdemeanor. There are variations and exceptions to these rules, such as the case being a criminal proceeding or the server is granted an exemption due to extenuating circumstances.
While some states do require a process server to be licensed, not all do. However, some states do require that process servers be registered in their state or county, or appointed to serve in specific counties.
Benefits of hiring a process serve include speed of service, servers knowledge of relevant laws, their ability to serve federal papers (sheriffs and deputies are usually only allowed to serve state and local federal papers), and cost. For instance, private servers might be cheaper than a sheriff. Private servers might also be able to accommodate special requests, like high-risk service or traveling to serve the papers.

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