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By: Aretha J.
Great service, great food,i had a great time the staff was very friendly and welcoming thank you girls
By: Kyra H.
Kung Fu Saloon
Jammin'place to hang... Board games, eighties game machines
By: Jorge C.
Chula's Sports Cantina
here should be a choice for zero stars, as what this place really deserves it!Horrible service! Unprofessional management!I go there regularly to see the beautiful waitresses and for some food and beer. I sometimes hit the North or the 59 locations.I mostly ask for one waitress; of course, because I have a preference for one of the girls to serve me. I usually have four or five names so I can always ask for someone I know, that can take care of me, and that I consider pretty as well.I walked into this location and I ask for one girl and they said she is on break. No big deal. I asked for another one and I said to sit in a table and she will be there. Then another girl goes and greets me. I pointed out that I asked for one girl and if she can wait on me. Then my server tells me that she is "busy with her tables" (???). I don't see an apparent reason why she cannot take care of me, as many waitresses there takes care of many tables at the same time and she had, at that time, three one-tops and one two-top. I was not that happy about it, especially since this is not the first time this occurred. First at all, let me say the kind of client I am. I look for some talking to the servers, but I am only a little talkative and I always respect them. I don't consume a lot most of the time, but I leave a $10 tip in a $10 to $20 tab (I adjust more or less tip according to the service quality). I sometimes take one friend and tip even more. Nothing abnormal as you can see...Well. That feeling ended today. After I informed the manager about the situation (Fernanda, I guess, which did not do anything at all), she said she will "talk to them". Lame answer. And then, after I finished my meal, I saw the first waitress back on the floor, Brittany. So I wanted to sit with her and drink a couple of beers. I got service denied on me from her, as the manager is in some sort of obscure agreement with these girls.I don't know if it is because most of the time I don't consume a lot, or I don't drink, or the fact that there are some girls (and even the manager, an ex-server) that try to do whatever they want and run the place at their please. But it is just bad! They made me feel like an undesirable person. Maybe I'd understand the situation better is they explain the reason of this behavior in a kind and professional manner, but nothing of this happened. And I was thinking on writing a review on Facebook, but of course, comments are disabled, and I can only imagine that the reason for it is that they perform horrible most of the time.They made me feel very unwelcomed. I will not be back at this location, and I will make sure my friends know. Even though I like the 59 location, this kind of issues (as I repeat, this is not the only one occurred at this place) make me feel the other locations hard to recommend and patronize as well.I am an educated, well-mannered and professional person, but these mafia girls (waitresses seemed to run the place) really know how to make a person fell like a trashy weirdo :(
By: Maggie C.
Friendly service. Pretty girls. Great food. Ask for Megan or Vanessa the bartender.
By: Jose G.
Chula's Sports Cantina
Damn, nothing but perras and putas work there and ugly to go with that. Eeww.
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By: Joseph O.
R & R Sports Bar & Grill
Man....awesome place, great people and great food....
By: Khara M.
Celayas Seafood & Sports Bar
Food is great, prices as 're better. This is my new local spot.
By: Gabe S.
Celayas Seafood & Sports Bar
I am typically a very easy person to please but this please is out of their mind thinking they're going to survive with the horrible customer service and uneducated staff they have.The place is nice but small. All of their entrees are $15 and up. Drinks are over priced. You're better off going down the street to MAMBOSAs soon as I walked into this please, i was not greeted by anyone nor had any idea were the hostess stand was. There is no work flow or plan to help customers walking in at this place or make them feel welcome. And they weren't even busy. there was probably 3 tables with people in them. Once sat down at our very uncomfortable booth our VERY underage waitress came to assist us. Destiny or Desire or something like that. We ordered a michelada which was mediocre at best. My wife asked a question about the Margs and Daq's if they were strong at all. The waitress said " I don't know but I dint think so." Odd, answer but moving on. So she just ordered a margarita. You'd think at a Mexican seafood restaurant that the marg machine would be maintained, considering its a brand new location. Nothing. Only on the rocks margs. Disappointed, she ordered a mojito, " We don't have mint leafs." said Desire, looking completely unsympathetic and unwilling to please. So we ask the uneducated waitress about a blue drink in the menu her reply was " I don't know what it is." This was obviously her first job because she had no common sense in customer service of the restaurant business and how to take care of the people that will potentially put money in your pocket that night.. She was unhelpful in even trying to assist us and had absolutely no idea was was on the menu. We ask for a minute then to study the menu which was obvious Destiny had not even looked at.That's when the red flag came up. A little too late.During our visit our chips were replaced once, upon request. When she brought them she didnt even bother to take the empty try. I had to call for her before walking away to fill our empty salsa. It's like... really? Its' common sense! Chips and salsa! and take the empties before you go run to the back and text your little boyfriend again! We end up ordering a $8-$9 Daiquiri. When it got to us it was basically a strawberry smoothie. If I'm going to pay for $8-$9 for an alcoholic drink I want to make sure it tastes like an alcoholic drink. Our young waitress didn't return for a while to I asked another waitress walking by to grab her for us. She looked at me confused and annoyed when I called for her, politely "ma'am". A man comes to our table and says " i heard you needed your waitress" I replied, " This drink is awful, I would like to replace it with a long island ice tea please" He replies back trying to tell me he is going to taste my drink and see whats wrong with it and tell me that the bartender isn't making the drinks right and that he used too much sweet and sour yada yada. I quickly shut him up and told me "I JUST want a long island ice tea, thanks." He stormed off and at that point I was done with the whole place. I put a 5 down for my michelada and walked out of there. As I head to the door, the same man looks at me and says " Thanks for coming!" Never trying to ask me if there was a problem or if there was something he could do to help me. I will never return to this please and will most definitely tell everyone i know and every social media site how HORRIBLE and unprofessional this place is. I hope they go out of business just like every other restaurant that has ever been at that location has. They will not get a cent from me or my people at any of their Mexican restaurants or tire shops.
By: sigvehodneland
Chula's Sports Cantina
What a horrible place never ever again The management was rude and they messed up my order and he wanted to deduct 5 dollars and I had to wait for 20 minutes for a server to come and I had to get up three times for refills and condiments since no one came to check up I can't believe the management never go here its a nightmare bad customer service and the manager is very rude and didn't care
Celayas Seafood & Sports Bar
Staff was great and friendly manager se porto como todo un caballero y el musico hace el ambiente muy agradable aún que tengo que decir que me quede con las ganas de mi huachinango ATTENTAMENTE EL GORDO

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