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By: 梓瑜 韩.
Bio-Medical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation
Dear Sir/Madam,Firstly, please let me brief introduce our company, Our Parent company SUNRISE CHEMICAL has been in nutritional supplements and sports food field for about 16 years. We have one factory Shangyu Kingyear in China which produce AAKG, Ornithine HCl, Agmatine Sulphate, BCAA, etc. and it has passed NSF GMP. We also have good relationship with famous china manufacturers, such as Haide, Shinestar, Fufeng, hanling, kaiyuan.....During our effort, we have established stable selling network not only in Europe but also in US. In order to serve our customer better, we opened our US CHINO office since the year 2013. Hope to have a start contact with your purchasing department and get you the really good qualified materials also with the most competitive prices.Any news from you will be very much appreciated and it is also our pleasure to bring you more valuable update commercial evaluation report regularly if you prefer.p.s.: Lots of our existing clients were rely on our report to indicate their stock keeping. Below is our most updated market report. ****Alpha Lipoic acid: We believe it will keep tight this year. You may know, there are two main mfrs. of ALA in China, Fushilai and Tohope. It seems that Tohope failed the local environment protection inspection and they might be forced to stop production or even move facility. Then, its price may keep increasing. ****L-Arginine: Its price went up a little after Chinese new year since the fermented L-Arginine is kind of short in domestic market.****L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Leucine: The price of L-Isoleucine and L-Valine increased a little recently, but the price of L-Leucine ex Hydrolysis went down a little. Then, the price of BCAA mixture with hydrolysis L-Leucine is relative stable these days. However, the price of fermented L-Leucine increases a little, then raise up the price of BCAA mixture with fermented L-leucine.****L-Threonine/L-Tryptophan: Since the raw material is not so tight, the price of these two products decreased a little and is relative stable now.****DL/L-Methinone: Their price decreases a little around Chinese new year. However, within recent two weeks, their price increases a little due to tight availability. The future price will depend on the market supply and demand. It may be different from the actual price we could offer. If you have exact enquiry, pls recheck with us. The Chinese new year is kind of late this year, then the strategy of some factories have not come out. So, the future market is not very clear.SUNRISE CHEMICAL, INC.ADD: 14455 Ramona Ave, Unit A, Chino, CA 91710Tel: 909-606-6677Fax: 909-606-6618Email: usa-2@sunrise-chemical.com(USA)Website: www.sunrise-chemical.com
By: spencer2013
Dream Pharmacy Memorial
Like previous YP reviews remark, this IS THE PLACE to visit for all your prescription needs. They mostly have their heads down because they are diligently working to get you filled and on your way home. The last 3-4yrs they have went above and beyond what a big chain store could never have done, with all of their unnecessary red tape steps and horrid lines and policies. The staff are helpful and informative while still paying attention to detail and quality of service. You wont see any chit-chat or gossip ongoings here. I have NO CLUE what the negative Google Listing for Hope Pharmacy from that guy is referencing, but every bit of it is total opposite of what everyone experiences at HP, and the review sounds of competition or maybe a disgruntled ex emp or irritated customer. Ckose down randomly on a weekday? NEVER in my 3 yrs there. No phone answering? Again...every time I call...even AFTER CLOSED by half an hour sometimes still, the veteren "J" will pickup. I hope you guys stay around for Eons. No shady medicine practices here, so all you pill mill and fake medical record individuals....move along. They call...verify and keep copies of your documents & check for Dr shopping against database. So don't even waste your/our time in line!!
By: somename
CVS Pharmacy
They change their inventory often so you cannot rely on them to have what you want. A couple of the young men that work there are nice and very helpful but the young ladies and the older woman are not. They dawdle around doing things when they see you waiting at the counter and make you look for them and ask for help and then amble over to the register to ring you up. The older woman is odd and often says very inappropriate things like she just isn't socially acclimated. The pharmacy help is the worst though - if and when you get help, the pharmacists are knowledgeable but it takes forever to get someone's attention and they will see you there and wait forever until you ask for help and then you must keep asking before someone will come to assist you at the counter. Also, the store constantly moves things around so you never know where anything is - and it is always messy and difficult to maneuver around.
By: Sarah S.
Amazing Spaces Storage Centers
It has been a great experience to do business with Amazing Spaces, the location at the medical center. This location is beautiful and always sparkling clean. Missy and John are all about helping costumers. They went beyond the expected to help us. They made the experience easy and enjoyable. It seems strange to say 'enjoyable' about a storage place, but this has been the case here. Well, you have to go and experience it yourself. For Missy and John you are not just another number, you are the most valuable customer. If you are ready for an amazing storage experience, go to the Amazing Spaces Medical Center location!!
By: C J.
Greenspoint Pharmacy
Greenspoint Pharmacy has been taking care of my wife and myself for over 10 years. With their courteous staff they make going to the pharmacy a real pleasure. Their pricing on their prescriptions is really great. You go to Greenspoint to get a prescription and get it filled then, and they work real well with all insurance companies to see that the patients get the best of medications and proper service. I have recommended Greenspoint Pharmacy to over a hundreds of patients, and will continue to do so.
By: Fred J.
Fairway Pharmacy
I have used Fairway Pharmacy for several years and have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They have found discounts for some of my prescriptions and they have been able to answer my questions about various prescriptions in detail, checking on special concerns and calling me back. While their hours are a little limited compared to the chains, their "can do" attitude more than makes up for it!Fred J.
By: grace350
Pyramids Pharmacy
Great pharmacy with very friendly staff. I've been filling my prescriptions with them for 6 month and never had a problem and also they have FREE DELIVERY!!!! and recently I asked them about their compounding service and transferred my compounding prescription over and they managed to bill my insurance and save me $300 I used to pay every month for my topical cream :) Thank you Pyramids Pharmacy, you are the best.
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By: paylj1973
Living Well Specialty Pharmacy
Great Pharmacy and service, it's just to far from where I live. I live in Spring Texas and this pharmacy is about 10 miles away. Walgreens is one mile away. I'm a senior and on a limited income so I have to watch my gas. I do have one compounded RX that I don't get filled to often and I can usually arrange to pick it up when I see my doctor.
By: Bankim S.
Alcon Research LTD
Burnett staffing specialist really I appreciate the services of its to all employees real provide well cultured highdecipline well manner n match with educational demand . I enter Alcon really I like to work at Alcon but that platform for work with Alcon by Burnett specialist really staffing specialist . It's a uncomparable.
By: Dochmp@hotmail.com P.
Walmart - Pharmacy
Spring Branch Pharmacy is next to this Wal Mart...2600 N. Gessner 162...713 690 0001. This location is closing...we will be happy to service the patients at this pharmacy...sad to see Wal Mart close...their pharmacy was great to work with...hopefully we can take care of your services her also...Tony
Tips & Advices
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Storage units allow vehicle storage, and you'll typically need to rent an outdoor unit to facilitate this process. An outdoor storage unit that accommodates vehicles may have its own walls and door, or it may be a covered unit that's partitioned with wire mesh. Another option is to rent covered storage for your vehicle. With covered storage, your vehicle is stored in a space that is shared with other vehicles. These spaces are similar to parking spaces in a secure lot.
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Storage unit rental fees do not include property insurance for stored items. Storage facilities are typically protected by insurance, but this coverage only applies to the building itself, and not the contents of the storage units. Your homeowners insurance might provide coverage for your stored items. Storage insurance is also available, and premiums typically start at roughly $7 per month for $1,000 worth of coverage.
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