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By: Ashley S.
US Van Line
US Van Line is fantastic. We had a wonderful experience with them. No wonder they get 5 stars from every reviewer here . We would give them 10 stars if we could. I am very particular of what companies I hire when it comes to my personal belonging and life at that. I hear many stories and can relate to bad experiences I've come across in the past. In order to secure my decision I choose requested individual quotes from all 3 well rated companies i had selected. After reviewing and comparing estimates, US Van Line stood out and impressed me the most, their structure was well formatted and the way they presented me with recent references I could refer to created that comfort I needed. You should never be too comfortable without looking into company. I have many valuable and delicate things I had them handle and they were able to honor their agreement and ensure everything would be delivered the way it came. To sum up my wonderful experience I want to say with no doubt I would recommend and continue using this company. They are worth every dollar and can assure to do the best job whether it be a little close move to a large long distance move. They have the knowledge, experience, and crew it takes to take it on. I gave them five stars but I would without hesitation double that rating to ten stars if I had the ability to, they did everything right from the very moment they walked in.My biggest concern throughout the entire move was precisely how we would be able to get all of our belongings from one place to another without damage. And without a sign of distrust they were able to provide me reassurance that our stuff was in good hands and these movers truly knew what they were doing. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you guys so very much for all the help you guys have provided to us and the assistance you gave to make our family's stress about a new city and a new place just a little easier!
By: Faye H.
US Van Line
GREAT SERVICE I usually don't write reviews for moving companies because they are usually the same , unfriendly, unprofessional. I move every year and each time the move ends, we get charged some unknown charge. US Van Line is different. I am writing this review for Mike’s team and Nicole my coordinator. Exemplary. From the get-go, the coordinator called and followed up with me making sure I understood what to expect and working with me to ensure my moving experience was stress-free. She helped me make an informed decisions, meaning, I was given several options so I can decide what was best for me. She always called me back promptly whenever I needed to talk to her. She was exceptionally detailed and was HONEST. They WON'T MISLEAD YOU WITH ANY HIDDEN COSTS. And they tell you what you "may be' charged so you know what you are getting yourself into. Thanks for your honesty Nicole !!!!!Mike’s team was superb. They were exceptionally polite, and PROFESSIONAL. They called me before they arrived, walked through my order, helped me understand what to expect, then proceeded to wrap my paintings and lamps with such speed and care, it was fascinating to watch such skills. After the move was completed and we walked through the pick-up list, Mike asked me if I needed anything else and walked through the paperwork. His office called me to double check on my experience with the team too! Mike's team left my home clean, and with a handshake. Usually I am panicking up after the movers and running after them to tell them to be careful, but not this time. Thanks Mike for all your advice and assistance in this really great experience. You and your team have reduced my stress in this move tremendously. I will call you in a year!
By: Lucinda C.
US Van Line
Hello Nicole, I am sending this letter to you and your staff on behalf of me and my family. If you remember, I was nervous about making my move to D.C.. You assure me that your company would take care of everything. You proved to be a woman of your word. Every aspect of the move was handled professionally and courteously. I appreciate your patience and understanding of my time line of relocating for my new job. It was extremely time consuming negotiating the time line for my new position. I am not sure how your company allow me to move 4 days earlier but you made it happen and with that said I am not sure how we would of done it. My Son got to enroll for summer classes with Georgetown University while I got an extra 2 weeks to get my new home in order before starting my new position with the Children's National Health System. Truly a blessing for me and my family to have these opportunities and with the help of you and your staff you have all made this happen as a team. I can't say enough for the professionalism and I must emphasize what a great team of guys you had move us, they were hard working, efficient, careful, and barely stopped for a minute. Thanks to your expert packing and help with moving all the heavy items and the hard work it took to pack my 4200 SQ FT house. Your business office made the financial end a breeze and the price of the entire packing, and moving was very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others. You are THE BEST MOVING COMPANY !Warn Regards, Lucinda Cormier
By: Jamie S.
All Services Movers
My family used king david movers for our move to Ft Lauderdale. The sales rep (John) asked me to give them a review and grade so here it is. First he answered all my questions when we did the phone inventory. The other companies I was talking to didnt ask about stairs or other potential upcharges. I like that they gave us an estimate based on cubic feet instead of weight (nobody came to our house with a scale to weigh our furniture so how would they have a clue as to the weight of our load??) I wasnt excited about paying a deposit, but it was a lot less than most of the companies were asking and John said it was refundable for any reason (and he put that on the contract). The day of the move was ok, but a little stressful. The driver called to say they were running late but they got there about an hour later. The 3 guys that came out were what I expected from any moving company...gruffy but polite and they got the job done in a decent amount of time. The move itself took a little longer than expected (about 15 days) but at least john did his best to keep us updated as well as their customer service people. The delivery crew was different that the ones that picked us up but they were ok as well. They put our stuff in the rooms that they were supposed to and even put our beds back together. There were a few things that got scratched or scuffed but nothing major. Overall it was not a bad experience
By: Robert M.
US Van Line
What a great crew. Three men came to pack us up in Galveston Texas. The crew were hard working and conscientious. They were careful to show me everything they found dinged, broken, or bent on every piece of furniture before wrapping. They wrapped the HECK out of every piece, nice or not. They made a crate for our two large screen televisions on site. They wrapped stacks of boxes to keep them secure. They brought lots and lots of packing material (included in the cost) and used it all. We had NOT ONE BIT of furniture damage. They had the truck loaded completely in 4 hours, ready to drive to the scales.Lisa , at the office, was always in constant contact, checking in with me on how things were going, eta, etc. Easy to reach and helpful. Cost was a bit high, but that was due to the fact we have more stuff than we thought! (Including a piano, and an addition sectional sofa that we just purchased which they moved so very well.)The delivery was exceptional -This time, only two guys were there—Mark again-- and they were amazing. Moved everything in, assembled all furniture, stacked all the boxes exactly where I asked, and were so careful. They wrapped all of the wooden railings and newels and other woodwork in the house for protection. They packed and cleaned out all of their trash.Hardest working guys I've ever met. HIRE this company.
By: Martin R.
All Services Movers
This company is great! The moving team was awesome! Young, hardworking, professional and efficient! From the very beginning, I was not sure which company to hire. I wondered what the best choice for me would be since there were so many companies, but somehow going through all comments and reviews I decided to hire King David Movers and when I phoned the company, a very professional salesman answered all my questions. I was even too curious about every single thing regarding service and conditions, but he was more than patient with me! The movers came a bit earlier and helped me pack the rest of my things. They were really energetic, enthusiastic and fast. I have never seen such a positive attitude towards work and a customer! They did a perfect job and I did not paid much at all! Actually, I paid much less than I expected and it made me extremely happy. I was thrilled with their service. Thank you so much King David Movers for the great job you did!
By: Martin B.
Global Movers
I have a hard time trusting people, especially with things that matter to me. So when I had to move, I was dreading the idea of having to hire a moving company. I have heard terrible things about them from my friends. But it was impossible for me and my family to make the move on our own. I asked around and many people suggested that I hire Global Movers. When I talked to them, I felt a little at ease. The man on the phone, Ted, was very friendly and assured me that they would take good care of my things. He did sound quite sincere and so I hired them on a very reasonable quote. Their men turned out to be just amazing. They worked tirelessly in my old house packing everything very carefully. They carried everything out with great caution. My trust started building when I saw them at work. They seemed very sincere and honest. When everything arrived at my new house, they were all there and nothing was damaged. I really couldn’t be happier.
By: Rick S.
Global Movers
We worked with global movers last month and had a really great experience with them. I had a short period of time so I wasn’t getting a good company to move me. A friend of mine recommended global movers and thank god I listened to her. They came out to my house the next day and explained how the process will go. Four guys came early in the morning and started packing all my things. They brought all the necessary equipment and which was a big help for me. They loaded everything so smoothly. They place pillows in between mirror so that the big mirror won’t get damaged. They did it all nicely. On the other side, they unloaded everything and placed all the furniture in the rooms I wanted it to be. I thought they would have trouble carrying the furniture but damn they are like superheroes. I’m really happy with their service and hopefully will use them again when I need to move. So thanks again guys for making my move a pleasant one.
By: Richard W.
All United Moving & Storage
Let’s be honest: a single girl aged only 24 is totally gullible in the hands of the moving companies. Luckily, I put my trust in a company who does the job brilliantly without trying to rip you off. My friend had hired All united moving & storage months before my move and he suggested that I talk to them. They gave me a very reasonable quote to relocate my stuffs from KS to TX. I was well aware that the initial quote was only estimation. Anyways, their movers all arrived in time equipped with so much packing materials. I had some left over boxes and tapes. I asked if they could use those and they were happy to comply. I didn’t want my relocation ending up costing me a fortune. My belongings arrived in my new apartment in Austin, TX and the movers helped me unpack. They even offered to assemble my bed for me. Then the foreman handed me the final bill. The amount was 3 dollars over the original estimate. I was just blown away.
By: Harry P.
Global Movers
After working in the city for 23 years, my wife and I were retired and decided to move to where we grew up. Of course we were downsizing from a 5-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment. So, a lot of our furniture and other stuffs just had to go. My daughter lives in Colorado and my youngest son lives in Utah; they were both very keen on giving our old furniture a new lease on life. When we hired Global movers, we mentioned that they would have to deliver some of our things to our children before making the final delivery. They were very helpful. The crew efficiently packed all our stuffs. While loading them onto the vans, they put our things in the back while putting the stuffs that would go to the other stops in the front. This ensured no shuffling of things at the multiple stops. All the stops received their goods on scheduled dates and everything was in tip-top condition. The final bill was very attractive as well.

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