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By: gonzales2jose
Family Auto Center
Well I chose this place because i needed my car fixed as soon as possible. It opens at 7am so I went here. First the good.They checked my car just a few minutes after I got there (about 30 minutes) They had a waiting area They checked my car and then gave me an estimate of what it will cost to fix before fixing it. I paid what they told me upfront My car seems to be running well after the service. I have the front brake pads and brake rotors replaced Done in a timely manner. Got there about 7:30. And at about 8:50 they started doing service on it. Was done by 10:25. Bad. Waiting area it's boring just a television with nothing interesting on any channel.(no big deal) The auto parts seem overpriced. I checked the report they game me with the part reference number and they charged be almost twice for example the napa nb rotors 48880403 where 87.50 each then when I looked them up they cost about 50. 40 exact same brand and code(got 2 of those). Then the break pads AD7387A. Cost me 99.60 when I looked them up it was 53.80. So that's definitely not the best. Overall it was an ok experience ended up paying 510.13 for frond break and rotor replacement. Not so happy about how much they charged for the outo parts but I was in a hurry to fix my car so I could get to work and didn't have many options. Not sure if I will be visiting this shop again. Or maybe next time ill get the parts myself Because if I can get the parts at such significantly lower prices fairly easily. I'm sure they can get them even cheaper.
By: cardawe
Family Auto Center
There is no automotive shop that I would trust more than Family Auto. I was on the computer and for some strange reason stumble on this site and Family Auto. I read the negative review and could not help wonder what did this customer do. I have and family have used this shop for over 15 years and I have never encounter any situation like this. Now knowing Mr. Winters I do not think he is the type of person that would allow anyone to abuse him not even a customer. He has never struck me as the type of person that loved the almighty dollar that much. I am replying because I think that review was not fair to the shop or the man that I have know and my family have known for years
By: auto44
Family Auto Center
Tips & Advices
Your car's AC may emit a bad odor due to a dirty filter. The unpleasant smell may also be caused by mold or mildew growth within the AC's evaporator. These problems can eventually cause clogged lines or parts failure, and it's important to get them taken care of quickly to avoid increasing the cost of your repair bill.
Weak air flow is common sign indicating a problem with a car's AC. If a car's AC needs repair, you may also experience warm air blowing from the vents. There might also be a foul smell coming from the  AC vents, and the AC system might make unusual noises when it's running.
Replacing a condenser in a car's AC typically costs between $570-$830. Labor costs for this service usually average $280-$350, while parts can cost $290-$470. If a car's AC condenser needs repair or replacement, you may experience warm air blowing from the AC vents.
On average, it costs $200-$280 to recharge a car's AC. Labor costs for this service can run $120-$150, while parts can cost $80-$120. Before recharging the system, the technician will typically check a car's AC for leaky seals and perform replacements, if necessary.
For effective functioning, a car's AC needs ample refrigerant, and, if levels run low, a vehicle's refrigerant will need to be replenished. This process usually involves evacuating all the old refrigerant and replacing it with fresh fluid, and the replacement aspect of this process is known as recharging. Cars use only a small amount of refrigerant each year, so a vehicle's AC may never need to be recharged. However, if there's a leak in a car's AC system, a recharge will be necessary.

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