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By: marcykay
Cy-Fair Upholstery & Glass
I needed a new top for my Mustang Convertible. I did a lot of research online and didn't originally select Cy-Fair Upholstery & Glass because there were only two reviews and they weren't positive. After I made my list, I started by calling the Ford dealer so I could get a quote to know what was a reasonable request. When I talked to them, he told me that they send all of their convertibles to Cy-Fair Upholstery & Glass. That told me that they must be doing something right, so I called them. I was really surprised that they gave me a quote over the phone. I expected the line that they couldn't tell me the quote until they saw my car. I thought I would be driving all over town getting quotes but based off of what he was able to tell me about the model of my car over the phone without looking it up, I trusted that they knew what they were talking about. He was able to give me quotes for vinyl top 3 year warranty, vinyl top 5 year warranty and cloth top with 3 and 5 year warranty. A bonus.... the price was less than I expected after doing Internet research.I waited three weeks to write this review. My car did not leak in the rain. The tightness eased up over a few days as they said it would and the top closes without effort. I took my car in one morning and picked it up the afternoon of the next business day. I am a happy customer and already have a friend who has been keeping an eye on my car these past three weeks. He will be taking his car there soon.
By: scott.bliss.980
Stitches Auto Tops & Upholstery
Stitches excels in customer service and a first class job. I first contacted stitches by phone a few months ago regarding fitment of a handicapped vehicle for my daughter. In my experience many people promise things by phone that in reality fall very short. Our past attempts at fitments for Lauren’s needs had left her with poor fitment and uncomfortable. Nothing could be farther from the truth regarding our time with Joel at Stitches. The level of personal attention we received from this company far exceeded any expectations we had. The staff worked together on various aspects of the project as a team. They paid attention to what Lauren needed in a way that showed they genuinely cared about her comfort and safety. They further went on to make the modifications blend as seamlessly as possible with the interior. Lauren understands her condition, but thinks and feels just like most other young girls do. She didn’t want her GMC to call attention to the fact that she has special needs. To say they pulled this off is a huge understatement. Everyone that has seen it flows with compliments. The level of professionalism and personal service we received has certainly made us customers for life. If you are in need of upholstery work you would be hard pressed to find a more qualified and caring staff than those of Stitches. Scott BlissHouston, TX
By: peppi1978
Stitches Auto Tops & Upholstery
I wrote a review back on 02/25/2013 for this company under the name peppi78. I had to go through great lengths and measures to rewrite a review for this company because, unfortunately, you are only able to write one review per company in a lifetime and on top of that citysearch has it to where you are unable to change your opinion. I spent an hour making phone calls to citysearch.Anyway, Joel, the manager was able to take care of me the right way when I returned to get something repaired, in which, he did a SUPERB job! I WOULD definitely return to his place of business again and I WOULD recommend it. I am a VERY happy customer and the leather job is BEAUTIFUL. I apologize for my attitude from the other review. I wish I could change it. This only helps me to either never write another review OR to not write a review too fast. Customer service is where it is for you, Joel. Yes, I look forward to replacing my convertible top and I will like to come to you for it! My husband says "you are the guy"! I'll keep my opinions to myself via mind, next time...THANK YOU, AGAIN, JOEL!!!!!!! I apologize about the last review from me, peppi78. I do not feel a bit a lick of what I stated.
By: cstxmedic
Stitches Auto Tops & Upholstery
I recently took my '94 Mustang convertible to Stitches to have the top and rear glass replaced. I don't live in Houston and so it was a big deal to schedule a time and day to get down there and wait for the work to be done. There were several people I knew that had reported good experiences and although there were a small number of negative reviews online, I went down to Houston expecting a good result. What I got was more than that, it was excellent customer service. There were a lot of things Stitches did right that day. I'd like to thank them for each and every one, but the biggest things included completing the job in a record 4hrs and letting me paint some molding while the pieces were off the car. Joel, the owner, went above and beyond what I had expected. His crew sure knew their stuff and my top looks fantastic. I watched the whole process and am confident that it was installed exactly the way it should have been. They have earned my approval and I won't hesitate to send others their way.
By: mohamedes
Ramy's Garage
Very satisfied. Highly recommend. I had to change my front & rear bumpers and most important is to adjust the hood frame as it swayed because of the accident. Bumpers changed with new ones and front hood frame is adjusted as new. Paid exactly as quoted even I had a mistake in memorizing what I paid deposit & I thought I paid less deposit & he corrected me which shows the honesty of him. time wise is Ok, he want to delay it for few more days but when I told him I really need it for my work, he finished it right away and called me to come & take it. Very friendly & honest.When I told him it's not insured & I'll pay from my pocket he gave me a good deal.
By: hondaman2006
Stitches Auto Tops & Upholstery
Stitches is the place to go. I've used Stitches twice now and on both occasions the experience was fantastic! The most recent being in October 2012. I took my driver and passenger motorcycle seat to have them recovered and to have the Gel padding installed. Joel was extremely helpful in the process with his knowledge and experience. I changed the material pattern and it has given the seat a new and different look. Both seats turned out very well. Joel kept his word on everything he said from the first time I stopped in and till I picked up the finished product. I highly recommend everyone going to Stitches and dealing with Joel. I'm a very satisfied customer! Thanks Joel!
By: pamelawernercrenwelge
Quick Fix Headliners & Glass, LLC
Dear Headliners & Glass,I would like to thank you for such great customer service! Your employee was very courteous, & extremely quick! He came & uninstalled my 2004 Nissan X-Terra headliner right in my garage (I didn't have to go anywhere & WAIT) and brought my new headliner back in less than 24 hours - ahead of schedule! It was re-installed in less than 30 minutes! It looks awesome! I will definitely be putting your name out there for all my friends! Great work! Thank you! Pam Crenwelge"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God" -- Corrie Ten Boom
By: fadi789
Ramy's Garage
Ramy's Garage is like no other body shop! I've been to this garage plenty of times. I brought in my Mazda 6 in for a windshield replacement and I can honestly say it was STRESS FREE!! I met Ramy himself and he quoted me a reasonable price compared to everyone else I called about windshield repair. It only took about an hour or so and I was on the road again. Ever since then I've been taking my Mazda to Ramy's Garage for a my vehicle needs(tune up, oil changes, paint job, etc). I recommend this place to all my friends and family and to the people of yellow pages! Hope this review was helpful!
By: Lori C.
Ramy's Garage
We just had our son's car repaired from a collision and when we got it back, several things were overlooked when they put the car back together. 1, the headlights no longer work. 2. We have emblems missing. 3. There is overspray where they painted the car. 4. The driver side window didn't get reinstalled the correct way, now will not roll down. The original price quote was fair, but then we owed more when we picked up the car. I think whoever was in charge of making sure my son's car was put back together correctly, did not do a thorough job with it.
By: darren.fraysur
Cy-Fair Upholstery & Glass
We have been in business for almost 25 years and have some of the best employs in the business. we have been very fortunate to be able to satisfy most everyone that walks through the door unfortunately there is always 1 or 2 that no matter what you do you can't make them happy usually those kind of people stay miserable anyway . I have always tried to produce the highest quality product at affordable prices, and when you come visit our shop you make your own decision, we will give you a tour of the shop and show you the quality of our work.

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