By: Mick R.
Capitol Professional Cleaning Service
WHY would you have to have your employees pose as customers to put fake online reviews?Lynette Rushing is a $10 an hour telemarketer for them posting fake reviews online including Yelp, FAKE!! Additionally, although they claim to do back ground check on ALL their employees, Ms. Lynette Rushing is a former corrections employee who was arrested, removed from her position and served a sentence!! They also had a CONVICTED FELON who had been in prison working for them as well!OMG Who are they letting into your office unsupervised?This company has its people in offices UNSUPERVISED! You have to wonder what they are doing. They have NO good reviews....makes ya wonder why right! Would not recommend! Avoid like the plague! **ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK----YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**Additionally, Capitol Professional Cleaning Service CLAIMS writer was an "employee" and that writer was terminated. If that is true, then LEGALLY They should be able to provide documents to prove such a statement ex: signed job application, SS card, picture ID. All of which under Federal Law are required PRIOR to hiring someone...where is the proof?
By: Joy G.
Naturalcare Home Cleaning Inc.,
Naturalcare just serviced my home. This house has not been this clean...ever! Seriously – I don’t believe it has been this clean since we moved in two decades ago. The cleaning technicians were prompt and courteous. They needed little direction and were very interested in my satisfaction. They took great care in working around my 87 year old mother. Here’s the thing. When I pay a service to clean my home, I want it thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. I’d never been concerned about harsh chemicals because I thought it was what you had to use to get the kind of clean that I wanted. Imagine my delight and surprise when Naturalcare Cleaning Service made my home cleaner and fresher than it has ever been - and they accomplished this without harsh and harmful chemicals. The last service I used for a thorough spring cleaning charged me much more and accomplished much less. I enthusiastically recommend Naturalcare Cleaning Service. Naturalcare is now an integral part of our household. Thank you!
By: cool-tools
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By: Sunshined M.
I am soooooo sick of this store. I have to check the receipt every time to make sure sale prices are correct. When I catch it I get the item for free, but that means another trip back to the store. I also hate seeing an employee sitting on the store scooter having a cigarette right by the entrance. Right by, meaning a few feet from the door. Tacky tacky.HEB is further away but I guess I will sacrifice convenience for true quality.
By: Thigpen A.
Revive Cleaning Service
They know the drill and get the job done with minimal supervision. They may miss a few small things, but if you point out what you LIKE, they usually don't miss it again. Scheduler has changed and has caused some headache with NEW cleaners that don't know my likes and dislikes to come and I've had to Call and reschedule with MY "regulars", but that's been the only real hiccup so far. My best housekeepers yet.
By: Latriece P.
Revive Cleaning Service
I am a mother of 4 and a good deep cleaning of my home was in order. As well as a carpet cleaning. I call Reive and they were able to get me on the schedule asap. The ladies that came to clean did everything I needed done. And the carpeting cleaning tech was very good at his job as well. I will be scheduling a recurring cleaning in two weeks.
By: lellisor
The Marion Group
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By: somename
awesome store! has everything and if you can't find it - there are always managers standing up front by registers willing to help. They are slow in the deli dept - need more help - but the food is great. they give free samples all the time and often have live music and free wine tasting as well!
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By: French T.
Revive Cleaning Service
I had a fantastic experience with Revive Cleaning Service. I had booked the Deep Cleaning and our cleaners were extremely thorough. Our bathtub has NEVER been this clean. The entire house was sparkling and dust-free. I will definitely use Revive's services in the future. Thank you!
By: Jessica T.
Janet's Cleaning Service
Janet's Cleaning Service cleaned my mothers home last week. They did such an awesome job that we hired them to clean our home. They were professional and courteous. You can't go wrong with using Janet's Cleaning Service for a thorough cleaning.

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