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By: steven-m
John Eagle Acura
I recently purchased a used car from John Eagle Acura, Houston TX and my sales rep was TJ Morin. I rate the dealership & especially Mr. Morin 6 out of 5 STARS, yes I know, but my experience really was that exceptional. Over my lifetime I have purchased at least 25 vehicles, new & used, for myself and family, but not only was this my first over the internet (I live in Pensacola Florida which is over 500 miles from Houston Texas), but also the first time that a full week later, I am 100% completely satisfied with the car, deal, dealership and especially the salesperson, no second thoughts at all – “WOW”.The first thing I asked when I called the dealership, about the car I had found on, and was transferred to Mr. Morin was; “The car looks good, but what are you not showing by the camera angles? Mr. Morin informed me that the car I was interested in was listed very recently and he had not yet had an opportunity to test drive the car & he would give me a call back. Within 60 minutes, Mr. Morin called me back and said that he had just driven the car himself and informed me of his impressions, both positive and negative (99% of which were clearly visible in the photos) and offered, I did not need to ask, to remedy all but one small item. This one item which was not highlighted in the online photos but was disclosed to me by Mr. Morin was that the “SRS” light was on and only a Mercedes-Benz shop could accurately determine the exact reason, which my local Mercedes shop confirmed. Just in case you are interested, the “BabySmart Airbag Deactivation System” which automatically deactivates the passenger side front air bag when a “BabySmart” Child Seat is installed is malfunctioning. Since I am in my sixties, I do not find this to be a major problem!I communicated with Mr. Morin multiple times viva email & phone and always received a prompt response and completely accurate information (Mr. Morin always answered his cell phone and if I called the dealership for him I was transferred to his cell phone). I received a call from Mr. Morin almost exactly half way home just to make sure I had not experienced any problems and once home, found an email from him asking that I please reply so he would know that I was home safe!My only regret is that due to the 500 miles, separating Pensacola, FL from Houston, TX, I cannot personally send many of my friends to TJ Morin and John Eagle Acura, but if you are considering purchasing a vehicle online and find one on their website, I believe you will find them as honest & above-board as I have. I can honestly say this has been my best vehicle purchasing experience ever!
By: Bill R.
Russell & Smith Honda
Dung Le made my car buying experience absolutely fantastic. From the transparency that he provided at the beginning of my search process to the way he comfortably juggled no less than five customers on the night that I arrived to complete my purchase, Dung exceeded my expectations in every aspect.To provide context, I had been warned via phone and email by other dealerships of the shenanigans that I would encounter when making a purchase from Russell & Smith. For example, the following are direct copies of statements that I received via email:Gillman Honda of West Sam Houston Pkwy S: "I just spoke with my General Manager. We want to earn your business sir but we do not know how Russel & Smith are getting to that price since there is no more Honda Flex cash left in Houston at any of the dealers. I hope they are not trying to play games with you to lure you in."Honda of Clear Lake: "I understand that you are trying to get the best price out there. Unfortunately some dealerships send out quotes that don't include all of the costs associated with the vehicle. The price I sent is actual dealer net on the vehicle. I have a lot of customers that end up going to the other dealerships only to see the price go up when they get there. If you end up going to Russel and Smith and the price goes up, I would really appreciate you coming and dealing with me."What is really funny is that while I did tell other dealerships the price that I had been offered from Russell & Smith, I never mentioned the actual dealership making the offer. The other dealerships apparently knew of Russell Smith's "devious tactics". Needless to say, my guard was up when I arrived to Russell & Smith, and I was ready to walk out if I encountered any questionable behavior.Fortunately, I had a great experience. I kept waiting for Dung to apply pressure or attempt to change the terms that we had previously discussed. Yet, he was very straight-forward and professional, and if anything, I probably seemed a bit paranoid as I waited for him to mislead me. Sorry, Dung :-).In short, Dung Le made my purchase process incredibly smooth, and I can only hope that I will be able to deal with him again the next time I need to make a purchase. Thank you, Russell & Smith Honda.
By: jwfaulk20
Sterling McCall Hyundai
This was my fifth car purchased from a dealership and I can honestly say this tops them all. As a new parent on a budget and my car approaching its last miles I couldn’t imagine I’d be a proud owner of a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. Thanks to the team at Sterling McCall Hyundai I almost enjoy my 45 minute commute each morning. Below is the reason I rated them at the top of their class:Customer Service- Out of 10 inquiries to local dealers they were the first to contact me and offer their assistance in any way possible. Bill respected my time and was very patient with my specific needs (budget and time constraints). Without an appointment he welcomed me and although he had another client he set me up with a test drive right off so I would have to wait around.Quality of Work- For me efficiency is a big deal. Time is important and they did a great job managing mine. The whole process took all of two lunch breaks. Bill’s “four piece puzzle” approach laid everything out for me to be able to make a final decision.Friendliness- All of the staff involved made me feel comfortable and made the process enjoyable. There was a lot of joking around with each other in the building that made for a great environment. You could tell the people that worked there enjoyed what they do which was reflected in their work.Price- Leaving the dealership I felt great but a couple days later I received a phone call about a down-payment I was unaware of. I should have looked over the paperwork closer and this would have never happened but I simply missed it. I truly feel negligence isn’t an excuse for anything but it definitely threw me off guard since I didn’t have the money. Prepared to return the car they once more worked something out to fix my dilemma. Overall Experience- Overall I felt like a valued customer that was taken excellent care of. I will be purchasing from Sterling McCall Hyundai in the future. When you know what you want but don’t know how to make it happen this is the place to go.Personal thanks to Anthony Val Verde, Bill (William) Lasar, and John Juarez.
By: East F.
Audi West Houston
After a long week or month of car shopping and a lot of jerk-off car salesmen, I was very pleased to walk into Audi West Houston and get nicely greeted. I was actually surprised by a great salesman, Mike Nelson; he certainly made my day! I'm a very "service oriented" type of consumer; I've worked in hospitality and know what it takes... it goes a long way. So typically don't buy a car from someone unless I like them and their vibe, so Mike really did a great job... thumbs up for Mike! Too bad for the other dealerships I went to - I went up and down the katy freeway, and was ready to buy a car... didn't even plan on getting an Audi, was just wanting to get something nice, but also wanted a good experience and some decent service. The other car salesmen at Toyota (right next door) Nissan, and Honda were all kind rude and sorry, but the least you can do if I'm buying a car is pretend to be nice! Yeah, so when Mike came over and helped me at Audi, I was already warming up and feeling better.Long story short, I walked in anxious and apprehensive, and left a very satisfied owner of a gorgeous vehicle.Complaints: the finance guy... after Mike went over everything with me and handed me off to this guy, he told me something else and blamed it on Mike, which for whatever reason really put a bad taste in my mouth. I don't really like surprises like that, especially when we're talking thousands of dollars. He bugged me to the point of taking away a star... hahaha.Since then I've loved all the Service guys, especially John. They are always great and have been most helpful.
By: leotattoo76
Don McGill Toyota
Let me start by first saying, that buying the 2010 yaris id been looking for with super low miles was outstanding, my credit passed and the contract signed and the keys delivered in hand bout 3 days later. Awesome right, well here's where don mcgill ruined everything, its been a nightmare ever since, seeing as i had just bought a car, my family and i went on vacation, it happened to be i got my dream job in Florida, well the financing fell threw, the only reason i found out is that i called to see what was happening with our payment book, it took the "finance specialist" almost 2 weeks to return our calls and emails, totally disregarding the experation date on the paper plates they gave us, even after sending him a picture email of the expired plates, so we couldn't even drive the car, and now hes demanding we return the car!! how?!?! how can i do this with no plates am i supposed to drive a car threw 4 states, and they told me its my fault for taking the car to florida,( i thought i had bought a car, not rented one, where i take MY car is my own business) and that i should incur the 700 dollar cost to drive the car back, taking 3 days off of work to return the car. now my family of 5 is stuck in florida with no car and these guys dont even care that they botched the financing from the get go, and the sales manager just kept saying, your gonna have to return the car, dont do business with these guys, super sketchy, carless in florida
By: plaidrose
Streak Auto Sales Inc
19 year old right out of tech school for the Air Force and headed to my first base and was definitely in need of my first car. I heard about Houston Premium from a friend that lives in Texas who told me they worked with buyers out of state and would ship the cars- I thought it was a bit sketchy at first but when I contacted them I was blown away. The customer service is EXCELLENT. I told them what I was interested in, what I needed it for, and the price range I had and ended up getting an amazing deal on a 2011 Toyota Corolla that was practically new. Low mileage, the inside still looked new, and the tires barely looked like they'd been around the block. The lady on the phone- whose name I can't spell- talked me through the whole thing (I was clueless on how to purchase a vehicle). Within a few days of getting everything sorted out financially the papers were overnight-ed to me, I signed them and sent them back and it was shipped to me in Arizona at a great rate. From start to finish they were extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable- and best of all they were very military friendly. I'll definitely be recommending them to other Airmen on base, and have nothing but great things to say about this place. Thank you!!
By: John D.
Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Mike was a pleasure to deal with and did an outstanding job. I appreciate him going the extra mile and picking my wife and I up at the Austin airport and driving us to the dealership, we would definitely deal with him again.Dale's a nice guy but either needs to pay closer attention or be more forthright with the internet advertising. In my particular case the vehicle I purchased had $3,000 in rebates listed in the advertised price even though $4,500 in rebates were available. When I queried Dale about the difference he explained that the $1,500 difference was already included in the sales price of the truck. Sorry, but a discrepancy like that leads to mistrust on the part of the customer. Had the full $4,500 been listed in the Ad I would have had no doubts at all and would not have brought the matter up. Love the truck and would not have traveled all the way from NM to purchase it if it wasn't a competitive price but still feel like the dealership kept some of the rebate money that was due to me. But as mentioned before Mike was a pleasure to deal with and we are very happy with the vehicle.
By: Stephanie T.
Russell & Smith Honda
My husband and I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra from Russell & Smith and we could not be happier with the customer service that we received! Our sales consultant was Kashif, who greeted us with a warm smile and was helpful and patient throughout the entire process. We never felt like we were being pushed or rushed into anything, which was a huge relief. They have a great selection and they have three locations very close to each other (Mazda-Ford-Honda) which makes it simple and easy to shop! Everyone there made sure that we were taken care of. The sales manager and the financial manager were welcoming and I really can't say enough good things about this place. I was even able to bring my little puppy in her crate along for the experience, which was a nice surprise.With excellent prices and exceptional service, this is definitely the place to go! When we left my husband said he will return to this location in the near future when he trades in his truck. Thank you Kashif and Russell & Smith staff!!!
By: sydney2012
Momentum BMW
New Car (Momentum MINI)I just purchased a beautiful, 2012 BRG Mini Cooper S. I didin't need the car, because I already had a gorgeous 2009 Pepper White S in the family...But, I have always wanted a green one, so on a lark, I asked Brian Berry if there was one on the lot. There wasn't, but he found one! It was in transit from the factory, headed to another dealership. On a handshake, he and Marianna made arrangements to reserve it for me. 2 weeks later, I took delivery of my car; no games, no pressure and no unkept promises. How many sales people will take your word that you are committed to a deal, without demanding a deposit or down payment? This is the 3rd pain free purchase that we have made @ Momentum Mini in the last 2 years. We got a great price and an incredibly low rate through BMW Financial Svcs. I just thought that someone should recognize that people like Brian and Marianna are the reason that we keep shopping at your dealership! Thanks for everything!
By: Russ C.
David Taylor Cadillac
This was probably the most enjoyable experience I ever had in making a new car purchase. The friendliness and professionalism of the GM (Wally Elostaz) and his sales team was extraordinary. Everything we discussed was done in a professional manner and everyone was knowledgable and able to answer all of our questions in a more than satisfactory answer. It is clear from the dealership that the leadership of Mr. Elostaz is very strong. In observing his interaction with his team there seemed to be a really good sense of commraderie. The 2014 XTS Platinum edition is an outstanding vehicle. Although some of the reviews I read before purchasing the car were a bit critical if the CUE system, I found it very easy to operate. It is as intuitive as an iPhone or an iPad. The ride is fabulous. So, in summary, I had a great experience at David Taylor Cadillac due largely to Mr. Elostaz and his friendly and experienced staff. I highly recommend this dealership!

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