By: yvette.gaubert.3
Manny Molinar - State Farm Insurance Agent
When our previous State Farm agent relocated her office to another part of the city, we decided to look for a new agent located closer to our home. We called Manny’s office and were greeted by a very friendly and professional staff. We met with Manny in his office that same week to discuss transferring our policies, and adjusting our level of homeowners coverage due to a recent major renovation of our home. Manny was very attentive and had several good ideas as to how we could better calibrate our coverages and save some money. Especially helpful was his suggestion to have our remodeling contractor sign a certification statement confirming that our plumbing, electrical and heating & cooling systems had been updated. This suggestion alone resulted in a significant decrease in our annual homeowners premium!Any time we have a question about any of our eight State Farm policies (homeowners, 2-life, umbrella, 2-auto, personal articles, and long term disability), all we have to do is pick up the phone or email Manny…he is very accessible, extremely knowledgeable, and always quick to respond. We highly recommend Manny and his team!
By: dsjackson
Manny Molinar - State Farm Insurance Agent
Through acquaintance, we met Manny prior to him becoming an agent. Because of his excellent marketing and networking abilities, came to know of him becoming a State Farm Insurance Agent. Manny Molinar’s State Farm agency in Houston, Texas (we are in Dallas, TX) whether through Manny himself, or one of his staff: (forgive me if I leave anyone out) Alicia, Alejandra, Jennifer, Jorge, or the excellent State Farm after hours support, reassures we can trust Manny and our insurance needs through State Farm. Manny is the consummate professional, and after being with State Farm for years now, I know that he and his team, will take care for our insurance, and financial needs in a timely, professional, and highly admired level of communication or Customer Care. I strongly recommend Manny Molinar, and his State Farm agency, regardless of where you are located in Houston, another city in Texas, or out of state. Consider this as my endorsement for Manny, and his continued success!
By: anthonymcgrew
Mike Harris - State Farm Insurance Agent
I was looking around for my first auto insurance when I was around 19 years old. When I walked into her facility I was greated immediately and respectfully. She sat down with me and I was nervous at the beginning but Renata explained everything beautifully and thoroughly. Made suggestions on what things I should have, what things are included in my coverage, and the different kinds of discounts I can receive from State Farm. There was a team member working for her that denied me a discount because she thought I was giving her a form that was not correct, but then Renata looked over it again and recorrected it. I am impressed as this was my first insurance I applied for and I am utterly impressed. Recommend Renata Pennington
By: harry.dao.12
Farmers Harry Dao
Dear MandM22,Firstly, thank you for your business. We appreciate all of our clients. I am surprised about this bad experience that you had with our agency. Personally, I do not recall any such events taking place. If I made a mistake, please help us to recall what happened so that we can improve our customer services. We would like to document your experience and further evaluate the cause of the problems that lead to your disatisfaction. Please provide me with your policy number, name, and phone number. We will make the problem right. Our email is hdao@farmersagent.com and our phone number is 281-933-8300. Regardless, we regret to hear of your experience.Harry Dao & Dan Luu
By: roseriggan
Pam Ellis - State Farm Insurance Agent
Pam Ellis and Dan, are the perfect insurance team!They understood what I needed didn't just sell me a policy they listened to what my needs were; made suggestions made the rest seem easy. If you're looking for an Insurance Agent that will listen who is knowledgeable look no further than Pam & Dan Ellis @ State Farm Insurance. They are an encouraging, dynamite team to have looking out for your best interest. Yes they do!Pam helped with my retirement plans and practices what she teaches.My gratitude for all you've done doesn't seem like enough I suggest if your reading this review don’t have an insurance agent call Pam Ellis @ State Farm Insurance. Your Working Realtor,
By: mr.andmrs.bobp
Allstate Insurance Agent: Bruce Cao
Linda, we want to thank you and your agency staff at the Linda DarnellAllstate Insurance Agency, for providing me and my husband such greatservice! We have really enjoyed the service you and your agency staff haveprovided us over the last few years!We appreciate the personalized phone calls by your girls, reviewing ourcoverages and renewals, and helping us find ways to save us some more money,since we are now retired.Last year when we had a small claim with our windshield, your staff helpedtake care of it without charging us anything!We just wanted to personally thank you and look forward to continuing ourwonderful relationship!Sincerely,Mr. and Mrs. Bob P
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By: Gregg M.
Andrew Graesser - State Farm Insurance Agent
My experience with the Markus Tolson agency has been more than pleasant. I wish to thank the office manager Danielle for service above and beyond the call of duty. As much as she is very professional, she is also patient and understanding to the individual needs of us old folks who may not be so computer competent. I thought that eliminating PIP and Uninsured/Underinsured protection would save me money. I have since added these elements to my policy, thanks to excellent advise from Danielle. I now enjoy the peace of mind of having full coverage on my property. I recommend this agency to anyone who wants capable professionals handling their business.
By: becca.zakos
Farmers Insurance
This was an excellent experience! Dave is one of the nicest insurance agents I have spoken with. I just bought a new car and got insurance from State Farm, but it was getting expensive. So I was just trying to get some quotes to see if I could find cheaper insurance anywhere. Dave made me feel welcome as soon as I got into his office. He is always smiling and really enjoys what he does. My visit was short and sweet. He knew what I was there for, and that's exactly what he did. He took the time to explain to me exactly how insurance works; I now know exactly what i'm paying for. I would definitely recommend Dave to everyone!
By: melissadblake
Manny Molinar - State Farm Insurance Agent
I have been with State Farm and Manny Molinar for almost 10 years. They have the best customer service team! They don't just call me to promote their business, they actually call just to see how I am doing. It's not just the staff, Manny has personally called me several times just to see if I needed anything. Whatever I need, they take care of it immediately..no matter how big or small the problem. There are several agencies that are closer to my home but I really do love the care and attention Manny and his team give so it's worth every mile! #totally satisfied
By: patrickfbarker
Comedy Safe Driver On line Classes
Just wanted to let everyone know, the other reviews up here are definitely fake. I'm not saying that it's a bad website to use, but it's definitely not funny or entertaining. I don't mean that in a "their jokes are so lame" sort of way; in fact, I love corny humor. I mean this as in the videos are NOT supposed to be funny - they're just boring old drivers ed videos on an outdated website. The only funny part is there's some funny jokes and videos during the breaks, but I'd rather be doing other stuff during the breaks anyways.
Tips & Advices
By law, you need to be insured up to the minimum amount required in your state before getting behind the wheel of any car. Beyond that, your insurance needs will vary depending on your financial situation and the amount of risk you are willing to take on.
  • Full or comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive, but often the best deal for drivers who own an expensive car, those who commute frequently or anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather or high crime rates.
  • Drivers of less expensive or older cars usually save more by opting for the minimum required policy, along with some extra coverage if they can afford it. Since the cost of repairs might exceed the total value of an older vehicle, some owners forgo collision protection in favor of greater liability coverage or personal injury coverage.
If someone other than you causes an accident while driving your car, most insurance policies will still pay for damage, according to the rules that apply. However, it’s a good idea to check with the insurance provider to be sure this is the case. Regardless, either the at-fault driver or the actual policyholder will be responsible for paying for anything not covered by insurance. People who don’t own a car but frequently borrow or rent one might consider purchasing a non-owner policy to make up the difference.
Car insurance premiums might be tax deductible in certain situations, but only with the documentation to prove it. Insurance costs may be deducted as part of overall business expenses if you use that car for work-related travel. However, this does not generally apply to taxpayers who use the standard deduction when filing their income tax returns. If your car is used for business purposes often, save all insurance-related documentation, as well as receipts, invoices and other forms of proof that your vehicle expenses were for business purposes.
Car insurers set premium prices depending on every driver’s individual risk. A huge number of details are factored into every determination of insurance risk, so the cost of any two policies can vary widely depending on the driver’s personal attributes, accident history, location, vehicle type and much more. The type of coverage you choose also impacts what you pay - premiums for minimal liability coverage will almost always be lower than those of a universal coverage policy.
The cost of car insurance is highly variable, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, U.S. motorists pay around $900 per year on auto insurance.

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