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By: allie25th
Suwa African Hair Braiding
I spoke with the ownner via FB a few days before making the appointment. I sent her a picture of how I wanted the ends curled, the length, as well as the length and was quoted $180. I get to the shop and am immediately talked down to because my hair is natural (it was blown out and of course in an afro because of that). I can't at least six times that I was told that my hair was nappy from the moment I walked in and throughout me getting my hair done. Now, I don't really care about what they had to say about my hair because I know that at only 4inches the thickness is a bit intimidating. Anyway, I talk to the receptionist and she acts as if she doesn't understand how I came up with $180 because she claims that they are never that price. Asked her to pull up the FB conversation, which she does, and then she says "No, that's wrong. She didn't mean that..." Really? So I approach the owner (recognized her from FB) and asked her why the price jumped so high when she promised me it would only be $180. Then she says there was a special going on that took $20 off the $200 price...which didn't make sense. They were telling me to pay $220, but if the normal price is $200 and $20 off of that is $180...where is $220 coming from? So I said alright, I would pay $220 BUT the twist now have to be JUST like the picture I showed including the very small size (I was looking to get a medium size twist) and they agreed. That problem was out the way.Then came the girl was a blow dryer telling me to straighten my hair -_- I just sat there until finally another girl came up and told me they hated the hair I had because it was the cheap version of what I should have bought, which they convienently had for sale at $10 a bag...I said, no thanks, already bought hair so let's get started. The girl who couldn't stop singing started and after awhile an older lady came in and that's when I first started becoming frustrated. Up until her arrival none of the other things bothered me. I wasn't fazed. But then this rude behind woman comes in and starts loud talking about my choice of hair and how she hates the colors I chose (It was nothing but 1B's and 2's -_- ). Just clowning for no reason. Then she comes to me and starts talking about my hair AND the synthetic hair...I was bout done. She was working all the nerves I have.Throughout the entire time she was talking down on my hair, saying stuff like "It's so nappy, you should perm it." and "Next time, don't come without straight hair." Mind you, the receptionist reminded her twice that most natural hair gets big when blown out unless you flat iron...but I guess she ain't care about that.She would come and go, which was fine by me because the other girl (the singer) was pretty nice and a very fast braider. Basically, that one woman made the whole trip irritating. I actually LOVED my twists and would love to have them touch them up, but I do NOT want that woman near me.They need to tell her that having a stank attitude is not the way to keep people coming back.
By: glamdoll
African Braiding House
My braids of course is nice..But the persons doing the braiding is VERY VERY VERY rude and ugly. When I walked in one of the workers just looked at me as if I was an alien. She didn't say good morning how may I assist you or anything. Finally she asked the question after 5 mins and insured that someone will be there shortly to start on my hair. That lady as well did not speak. I told her what and how i wanted my hair.she did the total opposite. When halfway done she stopped and asked for her money(which was not a problem) I gave her 100.00 and told her I would go to the ATM and get the rest. My charge was 180.00 I gave the MANAGER(im guessing) the 80.00 and she starts yelling and cussing @ me saying I owe her 100.00 when clearly I gave the lunatic 100.00 to begin with. She started cussing at me saying I owed her more. I told her to lower her voice b/c I was not yelling or cussing @ her..and she did. They begin to talk about me in their language and was more rude. I would NEVER go back nor recommend this place. So yea when someone ask where I got the Senegalese twist done. I say those rude Africans at greens point mall and I do tell them NOT to go there. I give 2 starts ONLY because I like the twist. Watch out for the lady that wear the hijab on shes the ugliest and rudest one!! imj FYI who you still choose to go there.
By: miss.benz1992
Brown Sugar Braids
Brown Sugar Braids does excellent work, however, they do have their downfalls! When I initially called to make an appointment and inquire about pricing, the lady told me that mid back was $180! Once I got there, my mid back became my shoulder for $180! I ended up paying $220 to get the actual length that I wanted! Another lady was told mid back for $180 as well, and she ended up paying $220 also! They're fully staffed and the vast majority of the time at least two to three people will be working on your head depending on how many clients they have that day! I would go back again as long as they are accurate with their pricing and the length of that specific price! Make sure when you get there, tell them exactly what they told you over the phone and explain to them where mid back is because that's where they get over on people! Be adamant about it or else you'll either end up going somewhere else, or spending more than you anticipated!
By: Vanessa C.
Hart My Style
I was so impressed with the makeup of two of my friends for my friends wedding day that I asked for Liz's contact details. I didn't even need a trial, just booked her straight away! Liz is obviously passionate and very talented with what she does. She is also very relaxed, easy to get along with and helps you to feel at ease on such an important day such as your wedding day. Everything went so smoothly on the day, which shows how experienced she is with managing her time. Her communication and ability to understand exactly the type of look you are going for is incredible. She created a look for my bridesmaids and I that was exactly what I asked for and I felt amazing after she had finished. Thank you Liz, you are so creative and talented, I will be sure to ask you to do my makeup for future events!
By: Sylvia F.
Green Apple Salon
Green Apple Salon is in the Montrose area. The location is very easy to get to. I am very thankful that I found Alex. Alex's hair skills are excellent. He took his time with me and explained what he was going to do with my hair. He showed me the hair products that he was using. I was able to tell Alex what I did not want. Alex developed a hair game plan. He used his hair skills to revive my hair. Alex is going to be using other hair methods in the very near future to maintain my hair. I am comfortable with Alex and I recommend him for your hair care needs. I will definitely return to the Green Apple Salon and have Alex color, cut and style my hair. He will make you feel comfortable. Thank you Alex!
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By: T B.
Braiding Image
I called them on a Sunday afternoon and asked for prices on getting my hair braided. They where nice and asked when I wanted to come in and I said today. She told me no problem. I came in and the explained everything to me about the hair and the price. All of them were funny and nice. I got the long twists and I am getting ao many compliments on my hair. Now some of my family members have set an appointment to go. Also, I failed to advise this is my first time ever getting my hair braided/twisted. I have heard horror stories from people in the past which made me not want to get it. But going to Braiding Image has been an awesome experience for my first time!
By: Zihanna S.
Diva Hair Braiding
The reason why they got 2 stars. My daughter and I got our hair braided on March 13, 2015. The 2 ladies that did my daughter's hair braid too tight to the point where she was crying and it took them 4 1/2 hours on her head. No child should cry while getting their hair braided. The lady that did mine braid too tight to and she was the only one doing my braids. It took her 6 hours to do my hair. A day later after getting my hair braided one of my braids came out. As of March 22, 2015 I have lost 6 braids and had to take out 4 or 5 braids. They do nice braids, but it's not worth the money I spent on me ($180) and my daughter ($120). No I will not go back.
By: Sandra R.
Georgette's Beauty Salon
The salon is in a quiet neighborhood, might have not much to look at but the magic that Rosie does for her customers will make you forget that. At first it takes a minute to trust her views but once you take her advice you will be so happy you did. She is truly the best at what she does best, she's the best colorist I've ever been too. Her haircuts are beautifully done as well. You will not regret going to this salon. I also had a cut and blow dry to make my do complete, and I have to say, I'm sacking my old hairdresser... I looked and felt a million bucks thanks to Rosie.... would highly recommend....
By: jarram
Suwa African Hair Braiding
I visited my Sister-In-Law in Houston and she took me to her favorite and only hair dresser of 3 years, Suwa African Hair Braiding. I was only there for 2 days but was able to be squeezed in, had my old weave from PA taken off, my hair rinsed, conditioned and brand new weave (bought from them) put on me again...all in the name of customer service and professionalism. This is your one stop shop for hair, weave and braids. They have the best team ever. Prices are off the hook...SO reasonable!!! Loved it at Suwa Africa Braiding and would absolutely visit each time I am in Houston, Texas!!!
By: Andrea S.
Weave and Braid Lounge Houston
My name is Andrea, So where do I start! THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!! This review is based on my very first visit. Anita is a class act. Her and her talented staff are the real deal. These ladies are punctual, respectful and really take pride in their work. The shop is cute and very clean in comparison to any other braid shop that I have been to not to mention my hair is absolutely beautiful I really am beyond pleased the price was fair and comparable to other local shops. I am so happy that I went and this is my definitely my staple place for braids or weaves from now on!

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