By: Kathy M.
Joy Child Learning Ctr
When my daughter was 2 it was time to move from home care with her grandmother to a daycare for the experience to grow and learn and socialize with other kids. Like most mothers I do not make the decision of choosing child care easily, nothing but the best would do. I found Joy after doing a lot of research and visiting many centers in the area. I knew Joy was the best place by far after my very first visit and there was no other place I would ever consider again. My daughter has loved the center and everyone there since day one, even when it was hard for me to leave her that day, worried it would be difficult for her to adjust, she just waved and said "Bye Mom" then ran off to play. The teachers are all very loving, patient, attentive and absolutely great with the kids. It's very clean and safe and has a fantastic, structured curriculum that doesn't compare to any other daycare I have ever seen. It has been 3 1/2 years now and my daughter is finally starting kindergarten already knowing how to read and write on a first grade level! My husband and I feel very blessed to have found Joy, Ms. Cher and Mr. Mel and all the wonderful teachers who have helped shape my baby girl into such a smart, well mannered and genuinely happy child. Thankfully we live close by and she will attend the local elementary school so she will most likely be staying at Joy until she is too old to go anymore :-)
By: Amanda V.
Toddler House The
My (now 2 year old) son has been attending Toddler House for 6 months now and we just love it. We compared several full-time care facilities prior to selecting, and the difference with the Toddler House is the behavior of the children. When we visited other locations, the children were wild, everywhere, and terrible listeners. At the TH on 34th street, the children are well-behaved and sweet to one another. Often, my son wants to sing happy birthday to the other kids in his class at night because they are friends. The staff are caring and proactive with their communication, they have tried and true advice if an issue comes up (from diaper rash to temper tantrums), but honestly the best thing that happened to our son was his vocabulary. When we dropped him off he was almost 20 months and not talking, despite our nanny working tirelessly with him. After two months being surrounded with the other kiddos, he started speaking clearly. Now, he can easily count to ten, he sings most of his ABCs, and he loves animal noises. They really worked with him, and you can just tell the staff adore him. It's a wonderfully homey environment. If you are looking for the latest and greatest technology and equipment, this isn't the place for you. But if you want caring women to work with your child in small class sizes, this place is great.
By: amyrnewmom
One Photography Studios
We are so glad we chose this place for our family photos, we love them! The look was perfect for our house, and not the normal JC Penny style most people had. I called and was very specific that we wanted something unique. We set an appointment for a Sunday, and because it was a Sunday we had to pay 25% down. I was hesitant, but my husband was only available on Sundays - so I did it with a CC. Soooo glad I did. We loved working with them. They took shots n their studio, which is really awesome. And we went to an outdoor location that was a ways out Hwy 290 that they used and got some great outdoors shots too (railroad, long drive with oak trees, fields). The ONE thing I will say that I had a problem with was picking out my favorite 10 images from the 40 (yes, FORTY) they posted in our online gallery two days after our shoot! I loved them all and ended up getting the extra 30 they posted for us. All of them were photoshopped and had a unique style to them. And I loved myself for once in all of them! Very affordable, and well worth every penny. My neighbor got MUCH less in everything and paid a small fortune for hers. I showed her mine and she is going there for their beach photos now. I am posting comments everythwere I can, they are a GEM here in Cypress.
By: kerrycall
Innovative Images Photography
Innovative Images should be your first and last stop for ALL passport photos. Robert is incredibly professional and quite familiar with the many specifications that are required for different countries.Passport pictures for Trinidad & Tobago embassy are quite stringent; I know many friends whose photos were rejected. Many studios that offer passport photo services are simply not equipped to adapt for different country's specifications. So I set out to find a photographer who understood the unusual nature of passport photos for different countries. Robert Berger is that class of photographer!!I had absolutely no problem at the Trinidad & Tobago embassy. I will also use Robert's services for my New Zealand passport photos later this summer. In addition to ensuring that your photos meet the standards specified by the embassies, Robert also takes the time to do multiple shots to ensure you get the most flattering photo...you just can't beat that!!!If you haven't figured it out yet, I highly recommend Robert Berger of Innovative Images for his high quality, professional service.
By: J. S.
Houston Kidz Academy
After my initial good impression of this center, I am unhappy to report that I will no longer be using their services. My son is a Kindergartner and we live a few blocks away. We use Kidz Academy on a day by day basis when HISD is out for holidays. He has been there once, and I was very pleased with the kindness of the owner and her husband. However on 11/25/14 I called in to advise them my son would not be at the academy for 11/26 due to a change in plans. One of the staff members whom answered, only spoke Spanish. I kindly asked to speak to someone who spoke English. She sounded very annoyed that I did not speak Spanish. This was disrespectful and very unprofessional. That was strike one. She handed the phone over to an English speaking employee and as I began to introduce myself, she hung up on me. Strike two. I called back immediately from the same phone and they would not pick up. Striked three. I was forwarded to voicemail, left a voicemail, and it was not returned. My son will not be attending this establishment anymore.
By: ashlie.janakbenedetto
Rainbow and Stars Brighter Stars Academy
I've tried a couple of daycare centers and interviewed about 9 or 10 so as you can see I am somewhat particular about choosing the people I have care for my babies. My children are now 5 and 3 and we have been with Rainbows and Stars for 2 years. I saw on the previous review that they say they are all about money. I can say from personal experience that this is absolutely not true. Mrs. Creeks has gone out of her way to help with our financial situation. My 5 year old is learning to read and doing very well with addition and subtraction. I judge a caregiver by what my children tell me. They are happy and confident to go to school. They love their teachers, Mrs. Wilma, Mr. and Mrs. Creeks. I cannot say enough about this place and the peace I have found in having to be a working mother and place my children in the care of someone else is priceless. They are very reasonably priced especially for the attentive care and education they give. So grateful I found them!
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By: Teresa D.
Danny's Car Care
I was visiting family and my car just would not start for anything,i happen to break down on barker cypress by dannyscarcare, danny the owner walked out to see if i needed help and was ok, I told him about my car probkem and he, himself pushed my car all the way to his shop and to also get me out of the road in a safe spot. I began to call a couple shops to get estimates on the repairs and started to cry because i couldnt afford any of them danny told me not to worry hed fix my car and make sure i got back home safe i was told to pay what i could and not to worry... danny you are the best words cannot express how thankful i am for everything you did for me that friday. I was told mechanics are all out to take your money and are not honest, well NOT true. My car by the way is still running like a champ thanks to you.... i would like to thank you and your crew for your great work and big hearts and awsome skills. You are truly one of a kind.
By: innoimages1
Innovative Images Photography
At first I decided to have my US passport photos done at a drugstore photo counter. When I got the photos, I didn't think they really represented how I look in person. Even though these are passport photos, I didn't want to be embarrassed to show my passport. I decided to try Robert Berger at Innovative Images Photography. The photos he did turned out great. First- he is a professional photographer with enviable cameras and lighting. He took several photos and let me select the photo that I liked the best. Somehow my photo didn't look like a mugshot, like the drug store. He also uses special software to adjust the exposure that helped make the shine on my face disappear. He does charge more than the drugstore but he spends much more time and it really is a professional passport photo. Robert mentioned he does passport photos for all countries. I can see he is an expert. I recommend Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger very highly.
By: Lisa H.
Early Learning Center
We have a two year old daughter. When it came time to put her into daycare, I wasn't sure what to do or where to go. I was worried, scared and anxious all at the same time. The staff at ELC is not only helpful, but eased all of my anxiety by letting me know that my child would be taken care for while I was away at work. Their rates are affordable and their staff is amazing. I get daily reports about how my daughter is doing and her progress has been amazing. I really appreciate all of the support I'm given as well. I wasn't sure about how to potty train my kiddo, but I was given advice and help in order to do so. With ELC help, my daughter hardly had accidents and her training went by quickly. At two years old, she was potty trained 100%. We didn't even have accidents at night which was great! I can't sing the praises of this Child Development center enough. It was a blessing to find them and I'm more than thankful that I did.
By: lorna.wolff.1
Innovative Images Photography
I had such an amazing experience with Robert Berger in his studio the other day. As someone who does not like to get their picture taken, but needed a professional portrait taken fairly quickly, I was not hopeful that I could be seen. I took a chance and explained my case to Robert and he was so understanding and supportive and had a little time in his schedule to make for me that afternoon. I choose Robert because of the quality and diversity of excellent pictures I saw on his web site and when I noticed the variety of shots I was excited and ready to see what he could do for me. Robert put me at ease from the start and the pictures turned out very beautiful. Robert is a consummate professional and I would be doing myself an injustice to go to anyone else for my portraits. In other words, I am a very happy customer! :)Lorna Wolff
Tips & Advices
Many services offer long-term contracts that include regularly scheduled cleanings. These contracts sometimes, but do not always, result in discounted prices. Most cleaning services offer discounts in exchange for customer referrals.
Homeowners should review their cleaning service's damage/breakage policy. Some businesses compensate for damaged items, while others do not.
Not always. Before hiring a cleaning service, homeowners should confirm the company verifies its employees' identities and performs background checks. Those planning to hire a self-employed cleaner rather than go through a business should inquire about background check options available from their state's attorney general.
  • The annual costs. Weekly services quickly add up, and homeowners may need to pay additional taxes if they choose a self-employed cleaner.
  • Language barriers and miscommunications. Some professional cleaners might speak English as a second language .
  • Background checks and employment verification. Homeowners can be held liable if they employ a person not legally permitted to work in the U.S.
Some services charge more for pets while others do not. Regardless, homeowners should keep in mind that any pet-related cleaning, such as emptying a litter box, adds to the amount of time the service charges for.

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