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By: Gordon B.
Hy-Tech Towing & Recovery
I don't know if your company provides good towing service or not, however, I was at Hempstead Highway and Hollister Sat night, 1-9-16 close to 8PM and 3 wreckers came flying by me passing me in a fast and very unsafe manner. 1 of them was your wrecker, 1 was Car Zone Towing, and 1 was SBK towing. I only could get over to the right about 2-3 feet as there was no shoulder. All 3 passed me and one swerved into the oncoming traffic lane. I followed them to their scene to find out if they were trying to assist in an serious extrication or something but when we arrived, it was a minor traffic accident. I am a Paramedic in the Fire Department and was off duty. I wanted to get out and complain to the HPD officer on scene (Blalock and Clay Rd) but I refrained. It really made me mad the way they made me swerve to the right to get out of their way. They are going to cause a wreck someday if that is how they respond to all of their calls and you are going to have a big liability. I have a dash cam and my video caught the incident. I just thought you should know so you can tell them that they do not have the right to drive that way.Regards,Gordon B.
By: Jason S.
Echo Auto Towing, Inc.
The ETA on my tow was about an hour and ten minutes. In reality, it took about an hour and forty five minutes. The tow truck driver was a really nice guy, but the dispatcher really had no customer service skills at all. I called to check on my tow after the ETA had passed and the dispatcher acted annoyed, like he could've cared less. I checked back 25 minutes later and no one answered after repeated attempts. Normally, I would've simply called another towing company, but I was pressed for time to get the car to my mechanic. Once the tow truck arrived, the tow was efficient, however getting a driver to my location seemed like pulling teeth and took quite a bit of goading. They ultimately got the job done, but I'd only use them as a last resort. I mean, I'm pretty reasonable, but I honestly can't recommend them. They take far too long to arrive and their customer service is about as helpful as a hole in a boat.
By: Jose M.
Echo Auto Towing, Inc.
This Tow company is owned and operated by the owner, he was punctual with the time he told me he would arrive and once he was at my car even took a look at it for me; to see if it was something minor and he could fix it on the spot..unfortunately it was an issue that needed to go to the shop.. He took me to the shop in the truck and actually waited with me so he could explain to the shop what needed to be fixed and if they where able to do it for me, so I wouldn't be stuck there. He was very knowledgable and professional and also gave me the feeling he cared as if we were family, that is definitely something you don't find often with tow truck drivers. Thank you Euro Towing for your get service!
By: Susan K.
Albi Towing Services
FABULOUS service! Called several tow places today to get my flooded car hauled to dealership & most couldn't help me until next week. Albi said they'd be here by 7pm, showed up on the dot, & took my car away for a very reasonable price. As a Harvey flood victim. I can't begin to express how much his promptness & efforts mean to me as I now have one less issue weighing on my mind.Will definitely use this business in the future & I hope others will, too, as he's one of the good guys!
By: Alex O.
J C Towing & Recovery
I was towed by them! my apartment complex didn't even let me know I needed a sticker and I was towed. but I don't blame them I just think there needs to be better communication between this towing company and all the apartment complex they have with them! in all The guy is suppose to refund me the cost we had to pay and, they gave me stickers to put on mine and all my recurring guest vehicles! at least they are trying! Living at Dartford Squar Apartments
By: Rachel H.
Select Towing
I have never written a review on any company I have ever delt with before but I have to make an exception for this one. Fadi came to a parking garage and changed my flat tire and was very nice, polite and professional. He even proceeded to give me directions to the nearest tire shop. This was by far the best towing experience I have ever received. I had such a good experience with him that I will recommend him to everyone that I know.
By: Mark O.
Cy Creek Towing Recovery
With Cy-Creek towing , the well-being of my family was more important than profitability. i was in the position were the "vultures" attack. no money , car broke down in middle of street, pouring rain with 2 kids. It truly bothered the company that we were stuck. Instead of filling there pockets, they took a loss, just to make sure my kids were safe. This company completely changed the way i view the towing industry.
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By: Mike T.
Echo Auto Towing, Inc.
Chad was great. I called Ford road-side assistance and told them of my car not starting. They sent help right away and when Chad arrived he was professional and friendly. He explained to me why my car wasn't turning over and that my power cells were bad on my battery and just need to replace my battery. After a MacGyver-style jump, he was off to assist the next person.
By: Alicia C.
Echo Auto Towing, Inc.
Great Service. I was stuck on the mud and the insurance company told me it would be an hour before anyone got there. They dispatched Echo Towing on a whim and he was there in 20 minutes. I was on my way less than 30 minutes after calling. This was my one experience with them but it was a positive one and they are at the top of my list if I ever need help again. Bravo.
By: Albert T.
Echo Auto Towing, Inc.
if you need a tow, this is where to go! Honest, professional service with nearly 20 years experience in Houston area. And all at a good price. Won't go to anyone else again.I scheduled ahead of time, though he said he was happy to pick me up in as little as 20 mins .Great communication on his way over to let me know his ETA. Five stars all the way.

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