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By: Misty L.
Bluegrass MD
Over the past few years, my husband and I have had both good and bad visits with Bluegrass. The clinic is good for a quick in and out visit but it falls short with follow through. My husband and I have both has visits where we were charged for lab work that was not requested. For our health insurance, we are required to have a WellCare check. We are given a piece of paper by our insurance that has a list of lab work that is required in order to kept the level of insurance we have. On two different occasions, the clinic has added other lab work into the list. Which is of course, not paid by our insurance. When I have called trying to get the situation taken care of, it was of course hard to find the correct people to talk to at first. Then, I could never reach the person I needed to speak with. I was only able to leave messages. Also, it was a requirement that the doctors office fax over the paperwork to my insurance (trust me, I didn't want to have to rely on them). After a couple of weeks of calling to make sure someone faxed over the paperwork and just leaving messages, my deadline was up and I found out that the clinic did not fax the paperwork over. So for an entire year, I will not be able to have the cheaper insurance that covered more. I hate that we have had so many administrative issues. I liked every physician that I have seen there, but unfortunately, I don't feel confident with the paperwork end.
By: tammy.r.gibson
Bluegrass MD
My honest review of this clinic is: 1. When it first opened before they took on a huge patient base the all-around service was excellent. However, in the last year or so the quality of service has diminished. 2. I still feel all of their physicians are thorough and caring. 3. The problems lie with the desk/appointment/referral staff that answers (fails to answer) the lines. My personal experience gives me the impression that they lack medical knowledge all around. A couple of them lack a bedside manner and seem to be irritated when you bother them by showing up. That being said, once you get past the front desk you are in good hands with either of the doctors. 4. Getting a referral from them following an ER visit or to see a specialty doctor even when one of their own physicians recommend the referral is ridiculous. That too falls back on the folks working in the front office by their own direct admission. What once used to be a place I would highly recommend to anyone has certainly lost that special touch it once had.
By: mstoeusa
Bluegrass MD
maybe they asked you for money because you didn't have insurance. I am very, very happy with my dr. I went to Dr. S. He is very thorough and did more for me in 3 months than my other dr did in years. I am so much better for going. I tell all my friends about bluegrass and yes Dr. S. is now my doctor. I don't go to the doctor much but I do love there hours because I get off late and they are able to work around my schedule. Thanks
By: lakota.duprey
Bluegrass MD
This is by far the best Doctor's office I have been to for my children they are very respective of my decisions and very professional and polite. My husband and I love the Doctor we have Dr. Davis and I love there hours open till 9 and open on Saturdays never herd of it but it's amazing and I love it. So happy to have a Dr.'s office so wonderful.
By: tabe1973
Giannini, J Thomas MD PSC FACS
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Obstetricians may administer a number of different tests during the course of pregnancy. Among the most common are first and second trimester scans and a prenatal ultrasound. More specialized tests include screenings for heart and other hereditary defects, blood typing, and chromosome testing.
Obstetricians are experienced with treating uterine conditions, incontinence, complications with the pregnancy, and they are tasked with tracking the health of the fetus.
If planning a pregnancy, expectant mothers should be sure to make an appointment leading up to conception. Otherwise, the American Pregnancy Association recommends the first prenatal appointment occurring eight weeks after the last menstrual period.
A patient's location and their insurance policy factor heavily into what out-of-pocket costs they may be responsible for at the visit. Typically, a prenatal visit could cost patients $100-$300.
An obstetric appointment can generally take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the focus of that visit and the procedures or scans that need to be conducted.

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