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By: june.m.marshall
Market Basket
The produce and all items sold are good. The rules and regulations management imposes has a lot to be desired. Accidents happen as they did last month to me when a check cleared the cash register on Monday but wasn't deposited for 4 days afterward in my Credit Union. I'm on SSDI and live month to month, getting $500 a month from Verizon I was grandfathered in to receive. Today I received my SSDI check and after speaking to a manager as well as two customer service people that they accept cash or a certified check, no personal checks or credit cards. After speaking with the female manager this afternoon I told her I'd stop at my CU for a check in the amount owed. When I got to Market Basket in Hooksett NH they would not accept the bank check I'd had made out to them. I told the office girl that was just as good or better than cash. They refused to take it and told me to bring them the cash. Since when is a cashier's check no good? This has never happened to me nor others I spoke with, ever before at any other business establishment.. Today, Lori, the manager called me and told me the customer service person was in the wrong and that check should have been accepted. I went back to Market Basket this morning, saw Lori and paid my account balance with this bank check. I have a much better opinion of them after receiving the call from Lori. As I told her we all learn from our mistakes and have changed my review and grade of them to a 5 Star business. The prices are less expensive than many other stores, the quality is fresh and I would suggest this store for doing business with anytime you need groceries or other items found in a grocery store.

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