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By: Owen L.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
I was at my wit’s end when the metal frame I used for lifting the printing machine to the back of my pick-up gave way and cracked the original coating I had done on the bed. That was a costly spray job, now even made more costly by the accident.Luckily, I chanced upon my classmate at the university who told me about Lava Lining. That same day, I drove my pick-up to Queen Street and asked for an appraisal. The technician gave me a no-nonsense evaluation of the damage and how much it’s going to cost. He was courteous, direct, and I somehow trusted his judgement.I decided to just leave my ride and take a cab home but the reception stopped me from calling for one. Instead, she offered me a ride to the center of town since she was headed in that direction. I felt so special. Two-thumbs up for Lava Lining.
By: Mary L.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
It was always a pleasure working with Lava Lining. From the kindness their employees shared to paying close attention to details, they were truly one of a kind when it comes to customer service. Their spray coating is hands down the best when it comes to our preference. Not only did they make our car look amazing, but now we have the necessary protection to keep our car at its best condition. Their team was very knowledgeable regarding the job and they did not hesitate to answer any of our questions. We are also pleased with their competitive pricing because they ended up saving us a ton of money. We highly recommend them for their quality services at affordable prices.
By: Harold M.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
I just want to take the time to thank Lava Lining for their spray coating because it worked out great! They applied it on different surfaces of my truck making it look attractive and giving me the extra layer of protection that my vehicle needed. It has been a few months since the application and my truck is still looking as good as new, I could not be happier. My cousin saw my truck and decided to get spray coating as well. I appreciated how their staff made me a priority and listened to my needs. You can tell how knowledgeable they are in their field and their love for cars. They are one of a kind and I highly recommend them!
By: Belle R.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
Just wanted to share how Next Time Lava Lining saved my truck. I was worrying about my truck that I use for delivery. It acquired rusts because it usually carries wet goods. Since I constantly use it for business, I just had a very short time to attend to this concern or research some DIY procedures to deal with the rusting. Until a friend advised me to have my truck bed coated by this Next Time Lava Line in Honolulu. I listened to him and did what he said. Amazingly, they were able to save my deteriorating truck bed! It looks new again and well furnished. Good Job Next Time Lava Line! Five stars!
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By: John R.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
Awesome place very quick I got a military discount lava lining repaired the damage by another company liner sold the truck and got a new truck they know what they are doing .
By: Dean Y.
Lava Lining Spray Coating
Great place !Reasonable price fast service. Near the mall in town my 4th truck in 10 years .i would recommend this place .

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