Pearl Restaurant in Honolulu, HI with Reviews -
By: localsugarhawaii
The Cheesecake Factory
Go for the cheesecake. Really, just go for the cheesecake and you'll be happy.The wait can be ridiculous, like two hours on a busy night ridiculous, and if you're in Waikiki well there are plenty of other more attractive places to spend two hours than waiting outside on a bench holding a little buzzer thingy, and shaking little buzzer thingy when you start to panic and worry that maybe outta the whole bunch you got the "junk" one, and holding little buzzer thingy up to your ear to listen for a beep and saying incantations over little buzzer thingy, like "come on buzz already will ya? Please?!"The food is o.k.. Kind of just a really long, long, long, long list of American style cuisine. You can get good sandwiches and salads and pasta dishes but I haven't ever had anything outstanding-- other than the cheesecake. =) The environment is loud and busy but fun. Weird but true... the beautiful marble floors seem a bit too slippery, ( I always forget to remind myself to "not" where heels there), 'cause I feel like I'm at risk of sliding in to home, and taking out a few frazzled waiters on the way, each time I take a trip to the ladies room. Go for the fun environment/ night out in Waikiki and, of course... for the cheesecake. Which really, the cheesecake is to die for and is worth every second of the wait and mediocre service and the slippery floors if you have a die hard sweet tooth. You know, if you want you can actually just march right up to the glass case and order a slice of any cake to go and cop a squat on famous Waikiki Beach and enjoy the night, minus the buzzer thingy for company of course.
By: localsugarhawaii
Little Village Noodle House
Here's the thing... If you're already in downtown Honolulu you probably have access to ALL of Chinatown and lucky, lucky you. You will find carts of fresh fruits and veggies as well as some of the most exotic spices and ingredients and prepared foods as well. But should you not feel like wandering through the crowded stalls and dusty shops and should you want to sit down in comfort and enjoy a more refined Chinese meal... you must go to Little Village Noodle House-- "Little Village" as the regulars call it. Our family of four popped in on a VERY quiet Saturday afternoon, really it was so quiet we were one of two groups in the place which I hear is unusual. The service was just kind of "eh";-- but dare I say added to the authenticity of a good Chinese dining experience. The prices were a bit on the high side, especially if you are coming off of the streets of Chinatown where deals abound. The ambiance is sweet, as you feel you've escaped the hustle and bustle of the downtown streets and have found yourself tucked into the most serene Chinese garden-- think true zen. But the food, ahhh the food was amazing. Layers of flavor and oh so much yumminess. We enjoyed the salt and pepper porkchops, fried noodles with vegetables, orange chicken and on another occasion the Peking Duck, (which was pretty darn pricey but oh yum). This is our go to place for Chinese cuisine when in Downtown Honolulu.
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By: Ray M.
Goofy Cafe & Dine
My family had breakfast there this morning. The Hawaiian French Toast was delicious and worth trying. The toast was light, and the fresh fruit (banana, pineapple and papaya) made it an amazing dish. Someone else in our party ordered the Dark Chocolate French Toast and loved it. We also ordered a bowl of Acai with granola, strawberries, bananas and blueberries. It comes chilled and was refreshing. It's little place, upstairs from a small souvenir stand. Almost missed it walking image area. Glad we didn't. Will try it for lunch, and possibly dinner too.
By: castleshannon
Fatty's Chinese Fast Food
OMG!!! This place is Awesome!!! This local style Chinese restaurant that really knows how to make your money stretch! The food tastes INCREDIBLE and you get HUGE portions (Family-size). Its kinda hidden away near the Miramar Hotel on Kuhio Avenue.Back in the day while working at Pacific Harley-Davidson, we'd all chip in a few bucks, send someone to pick-up our call-in ahead order and PIG-OUT like a Maniac!! Wow!!! What a memory! LOL!!!
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By: Jim M.
A J's Chinese Fast Food
Better than Panda! Less greasy. Huge portions. Lots, lots of vegetables. Very friendly. It's near my home; it took me quite a while to finally go in, but now I go several times a week. Place has not taken off yet, but I am rooting for them big time.
By: Sarah G.
Little Village Noodle House
Granted, the service is occasionally a bit sketchy when the place is crowded, but the food is invariably excellent and the prices are moderate. Also, there is free parking in their lot behind the building -- a rarity in Chinatown.
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By: Myla H.
Golden Eagle Chinese Restaurant
The service was excellent at this restaurant. We had the egg roll platter and lettuce wraps appetizers which were excellent. I had the special dinner plate too and enjoyed it as well. Good value for the money.
By: sunny14
Big Boy
After a rough start Bob's Big Bear Diner is getting their act together. Faster service, tastier food, softer music. The pies are freshly made by an on site baker.
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By: Brad A.
Restaurant 604
Food and atmosphere were good, really nice elevated bay view. Hostess was rude, table was cleaned but the chairs weren't. Silverware and glasses were dirty.
By: Melissa T.
Hard Rock Cafe
I have eaten here as a kid when visiting Hawaii. To be able to come back and bring my kids and husband to some of the places I loved to go is great.

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