By: localsugarhawaii
The Cheesecake Factory
Go for the cheesecake. Really, just go for the cheesecake and you'll be happy.The wait can be ridiculous, like two hours on a busy night ridiculous, and if you're in Waikiki well there are plenty of other more attractive places to spend two hours than waiting outside on a bench holding a little buzzer thingy, and shaking little buzzer thingy when you start to panic and worry that maybe outta the whole bunch you got the "junk" one, and holding little buzzer thingy up to your ear to listen for a beep and saying incantations over little buzzer thingy, like "come on buzz already will ya? Please?!"The food is o.k.. Kind of just a really long, long, long, long list of American style cuisine. You can get good sandwiches and salads and pasta dishes but I haven't ever had anything outstanding-- other than the cheesecake. =) The environment is loud and busy but fun. Weird but true... the beautiful marble floors seem a bit too slippery, ( I always forget to remind myself to "not" where heels there), 'cause I feel like I'm at risk of sliding in to home, and taking out a few frazzled waiters on the way, each time I take a trip to the ladies room. Go for the fun environment/ night out in Waikiki and, of course... for the cheesecake. Which really, the cheesecake is to die for and is worth every second of the wait and mediocre service and the slippery floors if you have a die hard sweet tooth. You know, if you want you can actually just march right up to the glass case and order a slice of any cake to go and cop a squat on famous Waikiki Beach and enjoy the night, minus the buzzer thingy for company of course.
By: localsugarhawaii
Morton's The Steakhouse
When the waiter pulled out the table, yes the whole entire table, so that I, in my little black dress, didn't have to do the whole unlady like" scooch bounce, scooch bounce" thing to get to the center of the half circle booth that we were seated at, well, let's just say I fell madly and deeply in love with Morton's. (Just as an aside... when it became clear that I had to use the little ladies room they came back, those wonderful waiters... sigh, and offered to move the table again-- I declined but giggled at the sweetness).The meats here are amazing. As are the desserts. And the drinks. And I know we had salads as good fine dining patrons should but I really couldn't tell ya much about them as I really don't recall a single detail.The ambiance is okay, although I couldn't help but feel that for the price I expected a bit more sparkle in the decor, but it is a steakhouse so maybe I just needed to see it from that angle.Parking is free and easy as Morton's is a located in the uber upscale section of the Alamoana Shopping MallINSIDER Tip: There is a private elevator up to Morton's-- it's just that it's a little tricky to find and I believe it comes out facing the parking garage so even more so you kind of have to know where to look for it so perhaps ask when you call for reservations.This is sort of a dining "experience" and with a dinner for two bill that was over $300 dollars, well you really don't wanna rush things, so don't go hungry, or with company you aren't happy to have a long sit with but, do prepare yourself for a good slow meal and enjoy.
By: Mark P.
Nico's At Pier 38
Well I was pleased with the food but after watching the whole staff stop helping their customers and gathered for a taste test for about 15 minutes without servicing their customers . I was shocked that they just ignored everyone . This should have been done behind in private. Our server Peter was still on the job working hard ( Thank God ). I felt bad for the rest of the customers. Oh and everyone was rude and unhelpful. What a waste for such a nice place. I hope the owner is rich and does not care. I don't think I will be returning to the restaurant ever again. I read go reviews so I went but I was disappointed. I hope this helps anyone wanting to go here.. Aloha
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By: Ray M.
Goofy Cafe & Dine
My family had breakfast there this morning. The Hawaiian French Toast was delicious and worth trying. The toast was light, and the fresh fruit (banana, pineapple and papaya) made it an amazing dish. Someone else in our party ordered the Dark Chocolate French Toast and loved it. We also ordered a bowl of Acai with granola, strawberries, bananas and blueberries. It comes chilled and was refreshing. It's little place, upstairs from a small souvenir stand. Almost missed it walking image area. Glad we didn't. Will try it for lunch, and possibly dinner too.
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By: Jaime R.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Have been to five different Bubba Gump restaurants each has their own ups and downs. As a critic I cannot give a down on service for the entire crew and I will not. In fact I will give kudos to my waitress Clarisa on a great job, very prompt and very mindful. They did a good attempt at making ceviche at my table, did not other type of hot sauce but it is ok. Now for the bad, you cannot have a Forest Gump theme without Forest Gump trivia, Gumpisms, and the most important thing DR. Pepper.....
By: bradley.tom@theberrycompany.com
Legend Seafood Restaurant
As always great dim sum lunch with coworkers here. Love the fried taro puff, dumpling with shrimp & chives, and scallop & spinach dumpling. The owner Thomas always gracious and prompt service by the ladies with the carts.
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By: Nick B.
Legend Seafood Restaurant
I love this place, the dim sum is ridiculous and the customer service is awesome. It's usually a big group of us and the bill is usually really low. Legends has the right name.
By: mslana88
Hy's Steak House
i love steak but i also love fish the past couple times i have visited hys i ended up getting two entrees because i couldn't decide which to order. i have no regrets :)
By: sunny14
Big Boy
After a rough start Bob's Big Bear Diner is getting their act together. Faster service, tastier food, softer music. The pies are freshly made by an on site baker.
By: hawaiimilitaryrealty
Ruth's Chris Steak House
Always fantastic food and service at Ruth's Chris on beachwalk. We are never disappointed when we dine there. The manager, David Kimura, is a fantastic host.

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