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By: Ivory H.
Small Smiles Dental Centers
As a mother I hate bringing my daughter to the doctor or dentist, but this office is so kid friendly and welcoming it makes the experience for both of us allot easier. From the waiting room to the dentist, everything is in place to keep the children calm under a normally traumatizing experience. I especially like the cleaning room. It is open for children to see other children being worked on and realize everything is going to be okay. The staff are always very calm and patient when dealing with upset children. I really like the reminders they send via text, email, or mail. I've had work done at this office also and the dentist are always there to answer any questions i have. I recommend the office to my friends with children all the time due to their horror stories.
By: Michelle B.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
I absolutely love coming here! My kids get to run around and there's usually a coloring station that my son greatly. There's also a ball pit, but they haven't gotten a chance to go in it so I can't speak on that. But everyone working there is just so pleasant and friendly and the environment makes it so much easier for waiting to be called. Everyone is helpful and great at keeping my kids entertained and trying to be less scared. They explain everything that's happening and going to happen (as well as the instruments being used) to my children. I just really appreciate how things are run there, it's less stressful for me and my children. And the toys they get to pick out afterwards my kids just love and play with for days! This place is the best!
By: Frances F.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
I was so pleased with the amount of professionalism. My previous dental office was so hectic, I was never sure what was going on. From the time of entire, I was greeted by a kind young man, Jake. To the assistant who was hilarious and explained to me the work that needed to be done and its importance. I believe her name was Cici. Also the Dr. by the name of Sheraz did an excellent job fixing a chipped tooth that had been bothering me for some time now. This office was by far the best place I have been to where I was not frowned upon because of having Mass Health. You guys are great!! Thanks again Kool Smiles of Holyoke!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!
By: Johanna R.
Small Smiles Dental Centers
I will like to say that i brought in my niece for a apt at the office and from the moment i walked in i was check in by a girl in the front desk named saryna and she made it easy and she was great as we where called in by the assistant Jessica for her services that assistant was awesome she made my niece comftable she had so much patience and so much knowledge with xrays that she made my niece dental experience so wonderful that i reccomend this place to any one with children who have a tough time becuase this center loves children and they take the time to educate and make the childrens experinece wonderful i give them 5 stars
By: Zuly S.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
I started going to kool smile about three years ago. Since then, I find the changes to be amazing. Now that Kool Smiles offers Nitrous Oxide, my child can actually get a procedure done without having to be put to sleep. Which is great, because is nerve racking putting anyone under. Also recently, my son had an appointment for a filling. The new hire by the name of Jake made not only my child's stay comfortable, but also mine. This was the first time my son did not cry when getting a shot. Jake explained step by step what was being done, which made my son very comfortable. I want to thank Jake for making my son very happy.
By: Ivory H.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
I've been bringing my daughter here since she was a year old. Every six months I see the best service through the entire experience. From the waiting room that is so kid friendly, to the staff who is so outstanding with all age groups. I was in and out with no problems and both my 3 year old and my 8 month old left with smiles on their faces. I strongly recommend to anyone who has children who don't like the dentist, or looking for a good place to start there kid out at.
By: Michelle S.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
I just got back form my appointment today 1/16/15 and I was extremely impressed with the new office set up and the staff but more importantly the professionalism and care the hygienist Alex Rodriguez provided for me. He was very welcoming, smooth with the tools and very informative. I was so happy and pleased with his work that I requested for him to be my hygienist for my next appointment. Keep up the good work Kool Smiles. Thank you.
By: Stephanie A.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
The environment at Kool Smiles is always great. Every time I come in I receive a great welcome. The staff are always showing team work, which gets us in and out fast. Dr. Sheraz also knows his stuff! He pointed on 2 cavities on my child's teeth and taught my child how to properly brush. Lastly, the office is extremely clean! Never seen that before in other offices. I'll recommend kool smiles Holyoke to any and everyone!
By: Eleana M.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
Hi I just want to thank you for the attention that you guys had with me the day of my appointment on December 31 and especially the hygienist Alex Rodriguez for excellent professional service, i had one year without going to do a cleaning because last time i didn't like it but this appointment everything was good he was very kind and patient, and I'll Definitely be back. Thank You..
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By: Shana H.
Kool Smiles of Holyoke
This office was clean and the staff were very helpful and professional. Dr Yu is awesome he had me in and out of there in no time flat and I felt no pain and I'm afraid of the dentist. He was supportive and kept me clam. His dental assistant Abby Diaz explained the whole process to me and treated me with great care. I recommend this team at Kool Smiles Holyoke. Nice work.
Tips & Advices
The most common dental problems in children are:
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Grinding
  • Canker sores
  • Missing teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Bite and alignment issues
Thumb sucking is not specifically a dental problem, but it can cause a malocclusion, a condition where the top and bottom teeth don't line up correctly.
To clean a baby's teeth, use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for infants. Apply a tiny amount of non-fluoride toothpaste - about the size of a grain of rice - and gently brush all sides of the teeth and the tongue. Before the baby's first teeth emerge, use gauze or a wet washcloth wrapped around the finger to wipe the gums. This motion doesn't necessarily reduce bacteria, but it does help the infant to get used to the sensation of having his or her teeth cleaned.
Children should visit their pediatric dentist every six months. This recommended frequency does not change throughout a person's lifetime.
No, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they cause pain, lead to dental issues, or are aligned incorrectly.
Yes, dental sealants prevent cavities by filling in deep grooves in the teeth. Without them, bacteria can collect in these areas and cause tooth decay, which can happen with children.

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