By: nikcucu
I stumbled upon this place after being burned by circle car care, I went to circle car care to install some performance parts on my perfectly running Trans am only to improve the vehicle and increase performance, was quoted one price and when I arrived it changed, I paid thinking I would never return but after driving only 2 blocks my transmission would not shift into 3rd gear or 4th gear, I returned to circle car care only to be told I needed a transmission. Lie lie lie since my transmission worked beautifully before. I left furious and looking for a gas station to fill up since my trans am only worked in two gears I knew it would waste lots of fuel. That's when I met Paul at Ferrara auto simply because I was pumping gas and I decided to ask him for help and told him about what was done by circle car care etc. he asked me to pop my hood and he would check the tps sensor and see if the voltage was set correctly. He found it was not and in my model trans am that will cause the transmission to not shift, circle car care installed a larger throttle body and guess what they had to remove this tps sensor short for throttle position sensor in order to install the performance throttle body. So when they re-installed it back on the car they never set the tps voltage in the correct setting this cause my transmission to not shift since it did not know where my throttle was at. Paul adjusted it and then said go try it, I did and the car ran great. The best part was this man didn't charge me a thing. I couldn't believe the honesty and how mechanically inclined he was. I can only thank him by letting others know how honest he is and by staying a loyal customer for life. If you want your vehicle repaired and done right the first time. Go see Paul at Ferrara automotive. Simply the best
By: Terry B.
Rocket Fuel
They have the best price around. The management is friendly.The only reason I don't give it five stars is the bathroom.The store prices are a little on the high side, but coming down.
By: thataverageguy1
Overpriced merchandise (200-300% price increases)Turning east of Sheridan St. involves some unique drivingMediocre staffFair gas prices though
Tips & Advices
Driver can find the cheapest gas prices by using an app to search for the lowest prices in their area.  Some apps such as Gas Guru take note of your location, and provide a list of gas stations nearby, along with the cost of gas currently being sold at each station.
There are things you can do to slightly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure your car's tires are properly inflated, and treat your engine to regular tune-ups. Check your engine's air filter, since a dirty air filter will compromise fuel economy.
Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
Even though many gas stations have warnings advising you not to use your cell phone while fueling, the chances of cell phones igniting a gasoline vapor fire are extremely remote. However, fires at the gas pump may be caused by static electricity discharge. For safe fueling, it's recommended that you turn off your car's engine and avoid smoking at the pump. Also, you should never re-enter your vehicle while refueling.
Many factors contribute to the lack of uniformity in gas prices. Retailers consider their tax responsibilities when setting gas prices. States place varying taxes on gasoline retailers, and a state with higher taxes will have higher gas prices than a state in which the taxes are lower. Also, if a gas station is located in an especially competitive area, a branded operator may receive wholesale discounts that allow the station to sell gas at a lower price. This is done by brands to keep their gas competitive in tight markets.

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