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By: Michael T.
Hollywood Sprinklers
Short review: Hollywood Sprinklers provides professional service, and unparalleled expertise during a time when the trade industry is not quite what it used to be. Long review: Called Tuesday morning looking for an appointment the following day. Got a voicemail that stated to send a text message and someone will respond to you immediately (Laughed about it, and said, let's see how this goes). Texted the # with my info and sure enough, within 2-3 minutes had a response from someone. I was told there were no openings until the following week. Later that evening got a text again, unprovoked, that there was an opening for the day I had requested. Confirmed someone would be at my house at 7am. Next morning, 6:45am... Alex and Matt show up. I can honestly say that I had the pleasure of working with both of them. Explained my issue: Sprinkler system was not switching zones, and losing pressure once it would turn on. They said they would check it out, and let me know what they thought the issue was, and then provide an estimate on the costs associated with the repair. So I hung around outside for a little bit, to see how they work. I was impressed. They flagged all good/bad sprinklers that needed repair, and used walkie talkies to communicate while across the yard from each other. Both guys looked like they had been working in the field for many, many years. In a few hours time, I had several new sprinkler assemblies that I said I wanted to be replaced, new sprinkler nozzles/filters on just about all the heads, a working sprinkler pump that switched zones and didn't lose pressure, two drip irrigation systems in my planter beds, and most importantly WET GRASS! As the son of a general contractor, I have watched the trade industry decline over the years. Tradesmen are not what they used to be. The vast majority have no knowledge of the field they work in, and consider work no more than a paycheck. These guys are real, and you should call them if you need help.
By: Paul R.
Hollywood Sprinklers
It all went perfectly. First was the inspection by Jonathan, The President & Owner, followed by the estimate of work presentation. This went very smoothly. He took the time to explain all the work that needed to be completed. His exact words were, "Your system needs a little love." Jonathan and his crew provided that love and attention to detail needed to fix a broken down, out of date system. On the day of the work, the crew arrived at the time we agreed to at 8:00 am and left upon completion of the job and my inspection and approval at 4:00 pm. I am totally satisfied and very, very happy. The crew working on the job was very professional and extremely courteous. They were able to explain to me in detail exactly what was to be completed before the job started and then show me the work completed and explain to me how the newly updated system works in very simple easy to understand terms. I would highly recommend Hollywood Sprinklers, Inc.Description of work:Installed new analog rain sensor ready timer and rain sensor connecting to existing pump and 1 zone sprinkler system. Installed new check valve, pvc pipe, and pvc fittings, and canal screen in the canal. Replaced ALL sprinkler heads from old to new. Lowered, raised, capped off, added/relocated existing and new locations of sprinkler for 100% coverage of entire property. The company used commercial contractor grade low gallon pop-up sprinkler heads. They added sprinkler heads as needed. Plus, relocated sprinkles as needed to spray into the property to avoid over spray. Used adjustable and or fixed nozzles and filters for precise watering for 100% proper coverage and to conserve water. All sprinkler heads now spray away from structures, windows, driveway, cars, etc preventing water protrusion, waste, and over spray. Sprinklers heads are now below grass depth in lawn area to prevent lawn maintenance crews from breaking sprinkler heads. Drip irrigation was installed in planters.
By: Nick S.
Hollywood Sprinklers
Good people, seems like they know their stuff. I think they are a good choice if you’re looking. My only issue and why I didn’t use them is they seem a bit pricey and their estimates do not break down the cost or a solid plan for the work they intend to do. It was less of a work breakdown and more we are going to do some stuff, replace some things and it will cost 600 dollars. I can’t pay a specific number when there aren’t specific details of how we got to that number. They came on time to evaluate my system and provide an estimate. Their estimate had listed 300 dollars for supplies (to cover any sprinkler heads or pvc if needed) but it didn’t say what was needed, which or how many heads needed to be replaced. The 300 was to just cover whatever the decided they need to change, (IMO that should have been determined during the onsite inspection) but what if they only replaced four heads? That’s 40 dollars at most and I’m still paying 300? They came to evaluate the work so the estimate should have been able to state which and how many heads they were to be replaced (and the cost) and what additional work is to be expected, I thought that was the point to coming over to evaluate. I didn't expect after an onsite evaluation for the estimate to be as vague as it was as to what was going to be done especially when it will cost me almost 600 dollars.
By: Toni F.
Hollywood Sprinklers
I had Jonathan come to give me a quote to repair my sprinklers and fix a leak. This was after waiting four weeks on another company to come and FINISH the job that I had hired them to do. Jonathan was very professional, showed up on time, gave me his business information, and was polite. He diagnosed the problem and gave he a quote. I was so impressed that I didn't have anyone else come by for another estimate. He also had all the supplies he needed on hand. The other company had to leave to go to Home Depot and asked to use my shovel! All the debris was cleaned up and I was shown all my old parts. We also did a walkthrough together and I had him make one small change. He then asked if I was happy and if there was anything else I needed him to do. I thought I needed a new pump but he told me the one I had was fine! That was good news! I received a discount since I am an educator. Nice!! When I remodel my pool I will have him come and redo the system with no worries!
By: southerncolor
Hollywood Sprinklers
Jonathan is awesome! As a Professional Landscaper who has been working in Fort Lauderdale for 20 years, I have been through A LOT of Irrigation Companies! Jonathan Alamary of Hollywood Sprinklers easily surpasses them all!He has always been extremely courteous and professional, and always treats my calls as top priority. He is very knowledgable in every facet of his business, which is not always the case with many of the self proclaimed Irrigation Experts I've delt with here. He has kept his business small and personal, which is something I really respect. I can always reach him by phone without having to go through "the office", which is really important in my business. We plant thousands of flowers and ornamentals each year, and the ability to have him on my jobsites within hours instead of days, makes all the difference in the world.Can't imagine anybody not being pleased with this type of service.Kim Bishop O'SteenSouthern Color Landscaping
By: ivancabrera10
Hollywood Sprinklers
What can I say. I called several sprinkler companies and explained my issue to them and I got nothing but rude and sarcastic people. I was fortunate to call HOLLYWOOD SPRINKLERS. They were AWESOME. They diagnosed my problem over the phone and advised me that they would be at my house in a day. I texted my information and several text messages were sent back to me advising when they would be there and arrival time. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??!! When they completed the job he left the part behind to show me that he replaced it. Man, where did this kind of professionalism come from?? It's hard to find good people this days but this guys are the best. I would have no problem recommending this company!! Awesome job!! Just the communication alone is amazing. Please call these guys for your sprinkler needs!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
By: jsa1951
Hollywood Sprinklers
Called 8 Irrigation contractors on yp.com 3 showed up,3 never called back,3 contractors gave me estimates and Jonathan of Hollywood Sprinklers was one of them who was very punctual,he actually picked up the phone,arrived on time and gave me my estimate the same day for a little Emerald Hills townhouse sprinkler system for my back yard. The other guys said new system cant be repaired we have to start over BLAH BLAH BS BS,But Jonathan said the pvc pipes are fine put new heads and a rain sensor and it will be like new again and he was very fair priced way less than what the other guys wanted to charge,its been 6 months and my grass is still green and sprinklers are working fine checked them yesterday, I think he deserved a good reveiw for his hard work and honesty, Thanks again Jonathan AAAA++++
By: Eva L.
Hollywood Sprinklers
Truly professional and considerate. We just moved in and the sprinklers were broken my garden was affected by it. They fixed all the broken pipes and stablished all the connections, Also they see where in the garden more water is need it and redirect the sprinklers to help more that particular spot. Every time I call for help, they come very fast. They are very professional a considerate with the situation, and the prices are really good. Nice people and very friendly . Really nice to have their services ,would not call anybody else for this . Highly recommend it. Jonathan is an excellent business owner and a great professional on top of things and extremely nice
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By: Warren P.
Hollywood Sprinklers
We purchased our home in Wilton Manors which has a 3 zone sprinkler system. We called Jonathan on JULY 29,2014 Jonathan MasterIrrigation Technician and Irrigation Apprenticeare both 5 star rating men. Both men listen to our concerns and communicated openly and in a diplomatically professional manor.Jonathan is experienced and knowledgeable about about his craft. They set timer to Code.Replaced damaged sprinklers,installed rain sensor & tested. He did walk through with us and tested all sprinkler heads. We very pleased with their work.If you want it done right give Jonathan a call.Warren & Bill Wilton Manors Home Owners
By: Steve S.
Hollywood Sprinklers
Excellent service!Hollywood Sprinkler came recommended by a coworker. I called Jonathan and he was just leaving on vacation and was not able to stop by for over a week, 2 days later he called me back, his vacation was interrupted so he was able to stop by......who does that now a days? the only thing better then HS customer service is the profession, honest work they provide. Jonathan even gave me a discount for being a Law Enforcement Officer. I would not use anyone else. I only wish I could of found a plumber, electrician, and other service companies that can provide the same quality service I received from Jonathan.

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