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By: Richard N.
As Is Now
They bought my home in cash. We closed on my home within two weeks. I would recommend AIN to anyone, especially if you need to sell your home fast.
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By: Sharonit A.
Synergy Realty-South Florida
Very bad experience with one of their realtors tammy stern. Instead of just doing her job to sell my house,she took part with letting my ex husband enter into the house to take what ever he wants without my permission or letting me know about it ,when i was out of state. Police report been filed.That happened after she gave me her word that she only will show the house for sell and knew that i have order that everything inside the house is only mine. Very dishonest person also in her way of doing her work, i do not recommend her.
By: Ally P.
As Is Now
I had to sell an inherited home that needed tons of work done. I didn't have the money or the time to deal with it. As is now gave me a cash offer within 24 hours. I would 100% recommend them to anyone.
By: Alexa A.
As Is Now
Very quick and pain free experience! They are very professional and easy to work with. Im just happy I was able to sell my home for cash without any stipulations!
By: Mikhail R.
Southeast Real Estate Inc
My fiancé and I moved to property 454 SE 11th Terrace Dania Beach FL which Robert Taschereau and his wife Sheri L. Green rented to us. We wanted to start a family and have children, but that's not what was in store for us. The first month we moved in we started to see TERMITES FLYING ALL AROUND THE TOWNHOUSE. We contacted Robert to fix the problem and we asked to see if we could call a Licensed and Insured pest company. We contacted All Florida Pest Control to come out and evaluate the property to see if they could solve the problem. All Florida Pest control informed us that the property has had TERMITES HERE BETWEEN 3-5 and they are eating away the wood structure of the townhouse. Dan (pest guy) also put a meter that detects moisture in wood to see if there was any moisture in our wood and the meter went off immediately reading that the second story floor has definite moisture all over the structure of the second story. We contacted Robert with the terrible new but we liked the property so we wanted to get it fixed so we could live here. We had the pest guy come out 3-4 time doing spot treatment and bombing our attic. Dan told us he can come out 100 time over and over again but the only way to EXTERMINATE the TERMITES is to TENT. Since we live in a townhouse we have to have all 7 townhouses (our neighbors) agree to tent. Robert reassured me he would contact the property management company and begin the process of getting this matter resolved. I trusted Robert so I said ok we will wait. Well let me tell you something, you know that say if you want something done you have to do it yourself... Well this is a perfect example of that saying. After 2 months of waiting and countless weeks of termites swamping inside our house, EVEN WHEN WE EAT, I knocked on the board meme era door who approved us to live at Sandpiper. I asked her if Robert ever contacted her and she said NO I HAVE NEVER SPOKEN TO HIM ABOUT THIS MATTER. I was shocked to hear that Robert lied to me!!! And when I asked him about it he told me don't worry swarm season is almost over... WHAT!!! Excuse me but that's not a answer I want to hear. You rented me a property with a per existing termite problem and you want us to wait... By now the spare bedroom floor board started to give out and there was literally a hole in our floor the size of a bowling ball. Just another problem to add to the list. UNBELIEVABLE. Townhouse from hell! We also told Robert about that problem and we began the waiting processes hoping he would fix the problem. A week goes by and we spoke with our attorney, and we serve red Robert and his wife Sheri L. Green a 7 day notice of non compliance to fix the problem of we will vacate the property. 6 days pass and still no answer then they write us a email trying to intimidate us by saying they will evict us if we do not pay our rent. We wrote them back that I good faith we will give them 14 more days to fix the problems we are having (before the rent is due) or we will move. If they fix the following problems:- tent townhouse to exterminate termites- fix all floorboards that are damaged by termites- fix leaky refrigerator We told them if they can fix all of these problems then we will stay and if they don't then we will leave. Second to last day before the 14 days were up Robert tells us finally his brother in law would come and fix all of our problems. The guy comes to our house half asses the floorboard in the spare bedroom, which is still not fixed and still possess a treat to our safety and just leaves. ROBERTS BROTHER IN LAW IS THE RUDEST PERSON I HAVE MET. He leave and that's all he fixed, more like didn't fix. I emailed Robert to see when his brother in law would come back to fix the rest of the problems and he told us that ALL THE PROBLEMS ARE FIX AND HE WILL NOT BE COMING BACK. AVOID THEM AT ALL COST. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID.
By: iriemind
American Homes Real Estate
Can not cater to a client's specific needs. He is lazy. Their English is horrible. Very unprofessional. Orlando is lazy, he would not show me any listings in the areas that I requested because he claimed there were too many. The girl on the phone is so unprofessional. The worst place. They are just trying to get you to come in with out answering some questions over the phone about the property, which answering questions over the phone is not unusual. They are just trying to make money in real estate the fast way.
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By: Lt J.
Alto Realty
These people suck quick to collect rent but never fix anything. Termites swarming in the house and AC goes down once a month getting close to calling a lawyer
By: Anna M.
GLS Real Estate Company
Great customer service and quick response time to inquiries.
By: johnucla
Gma Realty
Don't waste your time with this company, they do not even show up to viewings.
By: johnucla
Quality Service Real Estate
Sheer stupidity seems to be the business model here.

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