Cypress Place in Hollywood, Florida with Reviews -
By: Gary W.
Azalea Gardens
This is our third try and it has proved the charm! Alzheimer's clients are outside all day being stimulated and supervised literally all the time. Built around a central courtyard with a large gazebo for constant activities and socializing, makes this facility the only facility I have seen in South Florida with a firm policy based on client comfort and quality life considerations. Lots of other facilities have beautiful garden areas, but, once your loved one needs supervision to be outside, he or she will likely never see the out of doors again and be stuck inside in a freezing cold TV room for the rest of their lives. There are regular outings scheduled about 3 times a week to parks, events, attractions, agencies and stores. The staff work outside which promotes a sense of well-being and comfort, enabling them to work with healthier, happier attitudes... No telephone texting while on duty, no TV watching, no huddled conversations and inappropriate comments in front of clients found in so many other health care facilities where staff are forced to work in closed, artificiality lit, excessively air-conditioned, stinky, stale rooms and halls. AG's owner is an engineer and a creative project creator and manager. His focus on creating an "outdoor paradise" and his insistence in creating individualized colorful comfortable rooms, a fine dining experience and an open kitchen has produced a client care facility where dignity prevails for all the senses. Honesty, transparency, creativity, the creation of activities to engage families, clients and staff, cleanliness and grooming based on the use alternative cleaning and grooming products, making being outside feeling the sun and breezes and smelling the fragrances of sub- tropical America, getting clients off site as much as possible represent just a few of the owner's values, goals and methods which have made this establishment an industry standard of the highest quality in both South Florida and the country as a whole and him the most sought after consultant and partner in the industry today. If you are interested in giving your loved ones the activity, care, comfort and dignity they deserve, you now have a choice in South Florida. Congratulations Azalea Gardens! So far... Just great!
By: betty.hubschman
Buckingham Place ALF
This is the best place we have found for my mother, who was at Buckingham Place, in Hollywood, FL, for the past 1 1/2 years. We found that the OTHER Assisted Living Facility was no longer appropriate, care-wise, for my mom... and when we met Ann and Vincent, the owners/directors, we knew we'd found the perfect place!We, too, checked all over Dade and Broward counties, and found that the entire staff here welcomed Mom as a member of their group family. It's small -- taking care of 18-20 people, but that's a big Plus Factor. Unlike the OTHER place, we were INVITED to come and have meals with her, and were invited to be with her when they had their monthly birthday parties and holiday parties. (The OTHER place let us visit at a meal, but we had to give notice, pay additional money, etc...)Even during Mom's final weeks, when we were with Mom constantly, staff came by to check and say hi to Mom and to us, and to feed and comfort us, as well. I can't say enough good things about the way Mom, and we, were treated in the time she was there. Wish we'd found out about this place sooner!!
By: Helenhamersky ,.
Azalea Gardens
I enjoy sitting outside, drinking my cup of coffee, and watching the birds fly by. I love the felling of the cool breeze in my face. The caregivers are very good to me; they are always there fore me when I need them, no matter the time of day. The food is very good. It is a nice clean place, and I love living here.
By: Herman ginsberg ,.
Azalea Gardens
I like the services here. The workers are very warm and compassionate. The office management is very good, especially Mary. I feel very protected here. The laundry is always taken care of. I can't ask for anything more. It is a good place to be.
By: Celide zaros ,.
Azalea Gardens
I like everything about this place, especially when they take me out on the bus. I always enjoy going out. I have a lot of friends here. The workers are very nice to me. The food is very good and the room is always clean.
By: Mark schuster S.
Azalea Gardens
I enjoy living here a lot. Housekeeping is great. I like the personal attention of the staff. I enjoy activities in the gazebo, especially trivia. And the meals are like home cooking.
By: Sita B.
Azalea Gardens
The landscaping design and outdoors at Azalea Gardens is very stimulating. The staff at Azalea is very attentive to my needs, they are always willing to accommodate my food choses.
By: Chrystelle C.
Azalea Gardens
Azalea is very nice place to live. I greatly enjoy all of the outings that we go on from trips to the movies to trips to Broadway plays, we are alwaysexploring new places.
By: Pearl L.
Azalea Gardens
I will live here forever. It is just like my home that I've had before. I appreciate everything that they do for me here.

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