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By: Angel W.
Pembroke Park Apartments
I went there with my cousin to see if she can get a 1/1. She handed the managers all of her documentations, along with the 80 dollar application Fee. The Manager said my cousin couldn't move in because they're credit report is showing that she has no credit. We argued with the lady saying she is paying rent right now, she has a cables bill in her name along with car insurance, a car and a past car, bank statement, a credit card and etc. She said it's showing a credit score of zero. So we need to bring back a credit report to her with a credit score. We came back the next day with a credit report from credit karma. Now to be approved you need a credit score of 600. My cousin had a 633. They still denied her and said the only credit score service they can use is there's. I asked them if I can have a copy of their credit report and she said no. They said the only thing that's showing on there's is a wels fargo account that my cousin just open. and its not enough to create a credit score. I will be filing a discrimination lawsuit with them. They kept on trying to find ways to say she doesn't qualify. I don't know if it's because we are both black or if its because we look young even though we are both 30. The first day I went to the office I can sense an attitude from the Manager.
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By: Ana M.
Jackson Arms Hollywood
This place is absolutely disgusting. They will take weeks and even months to fix minor problems such as hot water or bug-infestations. I have emailed the building owner himself and I have called The Landlady every single day of this week to have a minor problem fixed and they have sent two very useless maintenance workers over who all they did was turn my breaker on and off and said that my hot water would come back on. I have not had hot water, a basic necessity in 2 weeks which is now going on 3 weeks. They expect you to pay almost $1,000 in rent and yet they fail repeatedly to upkeep their listings.Additionally every tenant has to deal with an abundance of roaches as well as their cabinets and such breaking due to being old and unkept.I sincerely do not wish for anyone to live here however I intend to stay here and fight these people until they actually do what their job entails.
By: Roberto G.
Forest Towers
Worst place ever. The Nautilus at Hollywood, Florida is the dirty. Management do not care. They do not care about you. They care just about the money. They will do anything to keep your deposit and there is a lot of Roaches. I do not recommend it to any body. DO not waste your time and money. Be smart.
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By: Kathryn P.
Pembroke Park Apartments
HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE. Nothing EVER gets fixed !!! Mold in apartments , things broken I've been there for 2 years and things still haven't got fixed. Nothing ever get ordered. I would NEVER recommend someone to move in.
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By: Valerie M.
Pembroke Villas
Listen... You do not want to live here! The area isn't bad. My neighbors weren't bad but management is the worst. They would come into my home multiple times unannounced even after I called them and complained about them coming into my home. I was supposed to have a washer and dryer few weeks after I moved in because my unit didn't have it in there and I never received my washer and dryer. I also requested a card for their washroom and for the entire year they gave me the run around and never provided me with the card. Ultimately, when I moved out they never returned my deposit of $1012 even after I've called and spoken with someone multiple times they have never returned my calls. It has now been 5 months. I wouldn't suggest that you move into this apartment complex.
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By: Tuesdays T.
Blue Lake Villas
Lived there two years. Property manager is not nice but the apartments are livable. Service people take too long to to come and service issues in your apartment. Air conditioners are old and so are the washers and dryers. They don't work and pools on property all look disgusting.
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By: Tabby L.
Jackson Arms Hollywood
This is the most disgusting place i have ever seen. Why they allow this place to stay in business is beyond me. They have been court ordered to fix their buildings and never did. They let people rot there like animals. There's been fires in the building and never fixed it. The pool is shut down so don't expect to use it even though they advertise they have one. The manager buys stolen goods from tenants and lies about how much people owe for rent. The owner is an pompous awful man who does feel his tenants deserve working appliances because they are low income people. They can't afford to take him to court so he has gotten away with it. The accedidation on the BBB is false. Hopefully someone takes charge and makes sure they are out of business because it is very unlawful what they are doing. Shame on them!
By: Ines J.
Blue Lake Villas
The property manager is terrible! She has No respect for anyone and is rude. Everything that needs to be done is a hassle. She doesn't follow up with you and when you Call to get updates she gets rude and disrespectful. This is the worst place to rent.
By: Melissa O.
Jackson Arms Hollywood
Worst rental company in Hollywood FL. Treats tenants horribly and will not keep up with routine maintance. Will tell you that you owe more than you actually do on your rent. They are lying thiefs. Owner purposely almost ran my daughter over while she was getting off of her bus. Horrible people all the way around.
By: John J.
Forest Towers
It's a hell to live at Nautilus (new name), previously it was Forest Towers, as there are roaches and rats (big &small), all kinds of issues with maintenance as they do not care if youare reporting any maintenance issues and do not address them properly.We lived there from 2012-2014.We used to see hell lot of roaches any time as they do name-sake pest controlwhich never controlled any pests like roaches. Roaches have grown so much that we usedto find them everywhere in the kitchen, in/around cabinet, around refrigerator, in the batch rooms and even in the living room.As they are so much in number, they spread every where. How much ever you do the cleaning,they used to hide and live all over space. We felt like we were living in a hell even though we were paying good amount for the rent.There were couple of occasions where we had to live without A/C foralmost a week time in hot summer when there was an issue with A/C unitand they had taken their own time to fix. But they used to collect therent by 11am on the 3rd of every month. If you pay the rent on theevening of 3rd of any month, they will grab the opportunity to collectthe late fee without any excuses. I have not seen any community sayingthat they will give 3 days until 3rd of every month and still keepingsomething like by 11am in the morning.The leasing office people are very rude and they neither used to pick up the phone calls norcall us back. We had to call them again and again and finally visit the leasing officein person to report any maintenance issues.They collect a month's deposit only not to refund a penny of it. We did the cleaning done when we moved out by professional cleaners, still they said the cleaning was not done.We lived there for around 2 years, but we felt like we were living in a hell. We wanted tomove out before, but they tied us up with the leasing agreement to stay until the lease is over.Before, the community was called Forest Towers. I think, they had changed the name to Nautilus just to hide from all the bad reviews they got for Forest Towers. After we moved in, we checkedthe reviews for Forest Towers and they were all bad. Again, we were tied by the lease agreement to stay there until the lease ran out, otherwise, we would have been happy to get out of that place before.If somebody still wants to rent out there, it's a hell of experience that you are going to facewhich you never might have faced before.

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