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Woodgate Village Condominium

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240 Springmeadow Dr, Holbrook, NY 11741

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  • Goods With Bads

    I have lived in Woodgate for a year and can say that it has a lot of good, but a lot of bad mixed in. The private security is virtually useless. The patrol supposedly, but there have been numerous reports that cars wheels were stolen. The Kids hangout in common areas and leave trash on in the parking lots at night and security allows it. Personally, I do not see the sense of paying for security that does little to nothing to protect us.

    Snow removal is a mess! It does not get done even close to par. It usually amounts to a sheet of ice and fights for parking spots. Residents shovel out their own car and when they leave for work (or someplace else), the spot is usually taken.

    Some residents simply do not know how to live in a community such as this. There is a cement barrier in the side houses, but not front to back. This means heavy base from surround sound rattles the walls. The condo board does nor says nothing about this.

    With these negatives, there are plenty of positives. The grounds are great. There are plenty of trees and small wildlife (rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels) and beautiful birds. Most residents are very friendly and helpful. And scheduled work gets done on a regular basis.

    The Club house is very nice and a great deal for residents who need to rent it. The pool is very nice along with the tennis courts. The basketball courts are not set on the best surface but nice nonetheless. There are no swings on the playground (which is odd), but it does serve a nice purpose and there is a park bordering to the North with more then enough amenities to satisfy (golf, fields, playgrounds, basketball, handball).

    All in all, it is a nice place to live. If the board went an extra inch and improved minor things, it would be excellent. The negatives can easily be fixed with effort.


    As an owner for almost four years I was happy with Woodgate at the beginning. I love the part of the community that I live in and the neighbors that I have. As for the management of the community it is absolutely terrible.
    When it snows, unless you live on a main road your paths don't get shoveled or parking lots plowed until everything has turned to ice. If you do not live in front the leaves are not picked up they are just blown into the garden or to the side of the building.
    As for the biased grafiti that is painted on the side of one of the buildings, maintenance nor the board of managers or the management company take any responsibility for cleaning it off. It has been visible since September and they tell us that they are working on getting it off, but it does not look faded in the least. Once again because it is in the back where prospective homeowners can not see it, nobody cares to take care of having it removed.
    Second guess your choice and try to find a development that has good management and cares about the looks of the community in which you will have a vested interest.


    As a unit owner of(1 of 504 units) Woodgate Village, I
    have found the community to be a friendly and diverse
    place to live. One of people of all ages , lifestyles and
    backgrounds. From those who are single, married, seniors ,
    even children and pets .

    Upon my research of condo living I found the following :
    Condominium living is a building or complex in which
    units of property are owned by individuals. Common
    areas of property such as grounds, roofs, roads, sidewalks,
    parking lots, playground, clubhouse, tennis courts, pool, etc.
    are owned jointly by all unit owners.

    Once a unit is purchased a ""PROSPECTUS"" (condominium
    ownership book) is passed on from former unit owner to
    new unit owner.

    ""PROSPECTUS"" outlines in full, the guidelines of condo
    living ,""By Laws, Rules and Regulations"" that all unit owners
    should abide by.

    I whole heartedly SUGGEST that any prospective or new
    unit homeowner of Woodgate Village Condominium take the
    time to ask questions and or READ the "" PROSPECTUS"".

    A diverse community of people where we all can try and get
    along and keep the line of communication open in a POSITIVE

    **Thank You (CR)**

  • Not so friendly community!

    The town is fine the area in general is good, however this community is not so friendly. a majority of the people here have been here for 30 plus years, they dont like kids, complain about anything & everything. i dont have children (yet) but i see what other parents are going thru. they try to run this place as if it is a retirement community. thank goodness my neighbors are friendly, we have been here 3 days shy of 1 year and boy are we sorry we made this purchase! and now it makes more sense that there are so many up for sale in here! if you are looking for more of a retirement community then you would prob enjoy it, if you have children be prepared for the bs to creep up, as well as if you have pets. the pool area is nice but watch out for the gastopo in charge! the pool area is quiet that when your cell phone rings you get stared down as if it is taboo. people here just seem to like to get into everyone elses business! dont get me wrong there are some nice people here but far from few! i would write specifics but i would probally end up with some kind of fine for complaining that this place is not a retirement community! if you sneeze wrong you can get a fine (no offense to the retired people) its just that the people who have been here for years do not seem to care or give a chance for us newbies! we are both hard working people and take care of our surroundings, make sure you dont have your alarm clock too loud or the person behind you will call security!

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