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By: Steve E.
Chill out, people! All of these drama queens weeping because they ordered stuff just days before Christmas and didn't get it when they thought they should. Now life is over and it's all UPS's fault! News flash...the world doesn't revolve around you or your spoiled brats. Sometimes in life you have to learn to wait your turn. (SHOULD HAVE USED ALL CAPS FOR EXTRA EMPHASIS AND LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW OUTRAGED I AM!) UPS does the best they can even when they get overloaded.
By: M N.
Ordered a one of a kind deal, guitar amplifier through Amazon. Unfortunately it landed in Hodgkins and was never seen again. However, Amazon filed a report and it was found. The mailing label most likely had fallen off. If I hadn't been persistent I don't think I would have found it. If you have something unique coming in the mail make you opt for 2 day or overnight. This is a huge hub, and these folks are busy.
By: Sarah M.
No major problems with UPS yet. My Pkg. just arrived in Hodgkins. Fingers crossed. I will see if all is well, and if not I will re-post.
By: jeff.skaggs.568
Ups does great job always on time nothing lost or broken yet keep up the good work

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