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By: Jasmine H.
Arnold & Stafford
Attorney Andrew Johnson is very approachable person and has a good relationship with the court as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the trade. This is always a plus, But he is also a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate when you are dealing with all his case. He is a bull dog when confronting non-reasonable people.Mr.Johnson is no push over. When the other side tried to use coercive tactics, he pushed back. There were periods where I thought he was putting his career on the line for me as he powerfully, passionately, vigorously and non reservedly spoke up to the Court. He said he had to let the court know the truth no matter what. I was touched by his actions. Mr.Johnson has been a dedicated ccounsel, I feel bad that I am eating into his personal time, but he constantly assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.
By: Tim C.
Law Offices of Shari Lee Smith
i too left the army while in my chapter with ms smithand had the same basic situation no money for a bit of timethere is nothing they can do it must be paid there is no solution to that in this courtit must be paid monthlythere is no moratorium as they explained it to me in this districtbutonce i got my money we had optionseither increase it as needed for the bankruptcy trustee orif it took too long i could reopen it as to their staff and caringhow many offices do you know the staff by their first names and as to the office catshe is cool and relaxingknowing all that not sure what you wanted them to do
By: Bill P.
Law Office of Shari Lee Smith
These are great peopleeveryone is well trained and seems to know their stuff or finds out the answer and gets back to youNot sure what issues ms givens had but i certainly didnt experience any problems and issues in my caseplus they were much cheaper then anyone else I called
By: Sherry R.
Law Office of Shari Lee Smith
Very friendly and knowledgeable Shari is wonderful and a real toughie in courtAsk around court if you don't believe me
By: Ned W.
Law Offices of Shari Lee Smith
She is awesome in court and still cares which made her the Attorney for me
By: Bill P.
Law Offices of Shari Lee Smith
friendly knowledgeable staffreasonably priced intense attorney
Tips & Advices
Outside of separation and asset questions, divorce attorneys can also help with things like custody claims and anticipation of potential legal issues with the divorce. Divorces can become drawn-out affairs, and even when settled, can factor into other family decisions.
Yes, proceedings having to do with custody claims are among the main legal themes divorce attorneys deal with. Attorneys can help settle visitation schedules, as well as litigate on your behalf if these conditions are not met on the other side of the divorce.
Be prepared to bring documentation such as previous tax filings, bank statements, proof of marital and work status, prenuptial agreements (if applicable), and any paperwork related to assets and property.
Searching online for reputed and local divorce attorneys is one of the easiest and most common ways to find representation. Other actions include soliciting referrals or searching for candidates through attorney organizations, like the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
Questions to ask include those related to: fee structures; anticipated amount of personal participation; the attorney's experience and specialties as they pertain to your case; the expected timeline; and what follow-up actions will be needed. If complications ensue with the divorce, some clients prefer to work with the same attorney, making follow-ups all the more important.

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