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By: kellywilson
Kimble Auto Glass Inc
Your technician just left my house, I was pleased and he was very professional. My windshield has not cured yet but I think he did a great job. I appreciate the promptness due to my work schedule. I will highly recommend you, I have other friends wanting to have their windshields replaced. This is a collectable car so I appreciate your prompt service and I appreciate you getting back with me right away. The lady who answers the phone, the receptionist, is very professional and a very caring person. I appreciate that being in the health care field. Thank you very much.
By: jg2nc
Westchester Auto Service Center
I have been taking my vehicle to Westchester for over 6 years and I can't say enough about how great Bobby's work is and his Grandson, too. As a female, I have always had to be cautious with mechanics and auto repair shops....I am so glad I found Westchester Auto. I continue to go there even though it is now out of my way, that is how good they are.I know I will be treated fairly, everything is discussed up front and done right the first time.
By: davedamon97
Kimble Auto Glass Inc
Your wonderful service man just came out and replaced the windshield in my Toyota Prius. He is outstanding and he did a wonderful job. 5 years ago the same gentleman was over here and he came back for the Prius who took a bullet on News Year eve. You did a great job, was here right at the time and did it within an hour. He was really fast and everything looks wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Satisfaction level excellent!
By: darinlee.needham
King's Automotive & Accessories
They are the only car place that I trust with my vehicles, they are the only place I recommend to friends, they have never cheated me, they are honest about what they can and can't do, and they always give advise but never tell me that something has to be done with the car. Their waiting area is sparse, and the staff will not put up with angry customers, but if you show basic good manners, you will be treated well.
By: Diane B.
Henderson Car Care Ctr
Diane B- I would like to share my experience with Henderson Car Care. Their customer service is fantastic, any questions you may have about your vehicle are answered, they do excellent work, and prices are reasonable. I've been a customer since 2011 and I'm always pleased with the work done on my vehicle. I would recommend Hendersons Car Care Center for all of your vehicle needs.
By: michelle.mitchell.505960
Main Street Auto & Tire
Great with small engine repair. Took in back pack blowers that another place said could not be fixed. They had it ready next day. Runs like a new one. I will let them do all my repairs. I have taken many things to Andy and he has fixed everything. And quickly. They know their way around a engine. Priced right too.
By: Rute E.
A1 Complete Auto Repair
My husband and I will only go to this place for any and all of our car troubles. They have fair pricing and warranties on their work. Other shops my husband and I have been to in the past, always slacked and gave used broke parts, over priced and didnt come with warrenties.
By: Anh V.
Main Street Auto & Tire
Came in for an oil change today. The mechanic took his time afterward to quickly inspect for any safety concern. It seem the year up north had done bad to my brakes. Luckily I was informed and the brake were fixed at discount rate. I think the business is reliable here.
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By: Tonya E.
Prospect Service Center & Muffler
The best car garage by far. They treat me with respect and take the time to explain everything to me. And more importantly, they do a great job and its reasonable!!! A honest group of guys and Paul is the best. I tell everyone to go there and you should too.
By: Austin B.
Triad Tire & Auto Repair
I've never had any problem with anyone at this shop. Always honest and fair. I don't know where the owner gets the tires but the brand is on the side, so that is shame on you if you didn't get a quality tire. I have never gotten my tires anywhere else.
Tips & Advices
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There are things you can do to slightly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure your car's tires are properly inflated, and treat your engine to regular tune-ups. Check your engine's air filter, since a dirty air filter will compromise fuel economy.
Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
Even though many gas stations have warnings advising you not to use your cell phone while fueling, the chances of cell phones igniting a gasoline vapor fire are extremely remote. However, fires at the gas pump may be caused by static electricity discharge. For safe fueling, it's recommended that you turn off your car's engine and avoid smoking at the pump. Also, you should never re-enter your vehicle while refueling.
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