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By: tensatsangetsu
I am disappointed that no one could actually help me with the small project I was doing and the store manager tells me one thing about a product and when it doesn’t work for what I needed it, in another day the same person tells me that he won’t return my item despite that fact that it didn’t do what was advertised….I went to radio shack 01/01/2013 because I had purchased some Nano LED bulbs at another store to solder to a microchip on my car. The problem was that I have never solder a LED bulb to a chip before there were a lot of options at Radio Shack and I was a little intimidated. I had asked an associate if they knew how to solder a basic bulb to a circuit board but they said they didn’t and kept walking to their own business. I had found a product in their solder isle called “conductive wire glue” now this is what the product promises it can do………..”provides a highly conductive permanent bond” + “cure overnight at rooms temperature “ + “works with AC to DC connections” + “and easy alternative for making hobby and electronics wire connections, without the hassle of soldering” + “Radio shack carries and assortment of glues and adhesives for all projects, ask a sales associate for details”So before I had purchased the glue I asked the store manager (a heavy set man) if this is a glue that glues on to wire and chips like if you were soldering? And he says I don’t know. SO then I told him if this glue can be used to “solder” a bulb to a microchip and he answered yes. So I decided to purchase the item.Well I had gone home and placed the LED to the Negative and positive ends of the microchip and it started lighting up just by pressing on it and then I went to and the adhesive on each and it would turn off completely…I tried it multiple times but failed with frustration. So I had concluded that this product doesn’t work for me.I went to return it (with my receipt) on 01/11/2013 and ask the associate which was the same store manager from before that I wish to return this item because it simply doesn’t do what it states on the packaging but he told me: no I can’t return it because you had opened and used some of it. I had told him of course I opened it and used it but it doesn’t work it doesn’t do as advertised how else can I know that but by opening the product and using it? But he kept being repetitive and telling me that one you open it I can’t return it. I told him again that the product doesn’t do as advertise how is this my fault? Plus the receipt on the back says that Radio Shack would return almost anything and I was still inside the return date? So I had asked him for the number for customer service and hey wrought it on a card without his name but I knew he was the store manager he is a heavy set man…..I don’t know if this company is costumer service oriented like Best Buy and Home Depot, but I am very disappointed on my shopping experience at Radio Shack. I am more reluctant to go shopping there again or going to another radio shack were associates know what they are doing. I mean the store is the size of a master bedroom. It’s not exactly like it has a huge inventory that it’s impossible to learn all the products …..
By: Strong H.
US Newtec, LLC
Their products and service made me impressive. Products are nice with good quality. Henry is a kind man who gave me awesome goods selection advice.
By: raul.padron.5494
E-Vapor USA
Very very GOOD Prices, the best in town. The Starter Kit for ONLY $21.99
By: Esther F.
E-Vapor USA

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