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  • Leandra G.
    Edited: 07/11/2017

    My small dog got out of the yard and was attached by another dog or coyote Tuesday night. We rushed her in to AMC got there at 715pm and she was brought straight to the back by a front desk girl, I told her she was attacked and breathing abnormal, lots of punctures all over and a very large laceration on her rear leg. Word for word that is what I said - none of that is written on medical notes. She came right back to tell me that it will be $500 for an emergency exam and blood work and xrays etc..
    Ive been a vet tech for 9 years so I have been around long enough to know what needed to be done right now: exam, pain inj and xrays. I explained this and she told me she would let the doctor know to start here. I advised her if there was a puncture into the chest that we would not want her to suffer and we would euthanize.
    10 min later I met with the Dr.H and he told me that she also needed IV fluids to treat her shock before they did xrays, and that she looked ok otherwise and as long as the xrays had no protruding punctures into her chest that she would have her laceration(cut) and small skin punctures repaired that same evening. We felt okay knowing that he seemed to know what he was doing, and he was confident that she would be okay. We signed an estimate and left a $500 deposit for 24 hours of care and the laceration surgery with medications to go home.

    I called the next morning at 8 am and asked the front desk how my dog was recovering from surgery. She told me that they "got too busy" last night to do her surgery and that she would be done later, call them back at 5pm. I asked for a doctor to call be back with an update, at this point Im a little angry that she sat there all night without care.
    My husband gets a phone call at 830 am that our dog is under anesthesia and is not breathing! They told him it would be $1500 additional for a chest tube and for them to attempt to get her breathing again. They attempted CPR but were unable to save her. 855am she was pronounced dead, they called and asked if we wanted to come see her and told us they would get her ready. We got to the hospital and sat in the waiting room for the doctor so we can hear the reason for her dying. The tech carries my deceased dog in a white trash bag to me while I am in the waiting room. Talk about cold and heartless - they treated her like she was trash and did not care about our feelings. You want to mourn and grieve in private, especially when you are just getting news of your dog dying under their care.

    The doctor explains to me that while he was in surgery he started cutting tissue from her chest puncture and "noticed" that it cut into her chest cavity and her lung collapsed. Our dog died from pure negligence and poor veterinary care. If the skin punctures were protruding into her chest cavity - this would have been seen on xray. You can see free fluid and free air on xrays. The doctors mistake cost us our dog.
    To top it off they asked us to pay a balance, and justified this by saying they didnt charge us for "lots of things." My dog may be alive today if I chose a better hospital. Stay away from them, they do not know what they are doing and no other pet should suffer like ours did.

  • Amy F.

    Horrible place to go. 1st I took 1 of my dogs in for a lump the vet not even taking her temperature felt the lumps said remove those and remove 2 other skin tags that she's had forever wanted them all biopsied. Didn't sound horrible but $1800 (now getting meds and 1 lump removed somewhere else for $500). A few days later I took another dog for pregnancy xray, I waited over an hour after the doctor got back from lunch) they took her back only got 1 xray I wasn't even shown the xray but I opted to get a disc so I could see it. Omg it's the worst I've ever seen she told me 4 puppies with a little edit on the picture it looks like way more. I paid alot of money so she could have a safe delivery now I'm going to sit up for extra time watching her cause I have no idea how many to expect.

  • Sarah L.

    A neighbor brought in my dog in yesterday this clinic. My Shi Tzu ran out and I couldn't find her anywhere. I searched and searched, thank God the clinic called me after they realized my dog was chipped. I recommend this place because they care!!!!! Thank you AMC for getting my dog back to me. They are professional and get things done.

  • Maria H.

    Don't trust your pets with them especially for emergencies. I went to this place more than once before. The first time was to get my cat fixed. I noticed is that there was urine and poop that happened within the crate. I was worried that my poor kitty had been in that pungent smell for a while and they didn't take him out to go or anything. Yes, I did take my cat out to go beforehand. The second I went for his rabies shot . Thought I'd give a second chance and the lady in the front desk seemed bored with her job. I did see a lady and a man rush in with their injured dog who had a broken neck and paw. The lady at the desk who helped me didn't even show sympathy for the other lady. She just said that it would cost 500 dollars for the dog's treatment and wanted the money right away. I felt so bad for the lady because she is in tears. It took until she paid for them to actually start the treatment. What kind of service is that? Never again. They lack professionalism and want money.

  • Robert R.

    I take my dog here on a monthly basis. They are kind and very knowledgeable people. Dr. Ivan is awesome! I'd also recommend going around February for the dental because its a great deal. This place can get busy at times. I would recommend them.

  • no knowledge heartless vets
    Kimmy A.

    I took my puppy back to the vet because she was not breathing well. When she was a puppy I took her there because she had a seizure, they had been treating her for a while and I was very happy with the care and the vet about 2years ago. This vet charged me 800$$ after saying the blood test were all good and we would see how he does overnight. First of all my Pinky is a female and second I was pressured into putting her to sleep the next day because the vet did not know what was wrong with her and the extern he called was not familiar with the symptoms. I feel this old man has no compassion and should not be working with people or animals, my baby was not some kind of wild rabid animal to be cared for the way he did.

  • Emma O.

    worst vet in the high desert...insanitary

  • Chelsea G.

    I give this place no stars. awful. Just awful. We've gone for years now and we are looking for a new vet. They are only in it for the money and do not care about your animal. You take your animal in and they see that you adore your pet, so they charge you an arm and a leg for anything and everything. I would avoid this place at all costs. It isn't the same anymore. Shame on you Animal Medical Center.

  • They treat my dog awesome

    She's had her vaccines and nail trims done here- no fussing no bleeding. All the staff were friendly and nice. This site has there hours wrong btw they're open from 7am to Midnight every day of the week. That's one of the biggest reasons I live these guys. Easy to take care of my animals after hours. My cat was also neutered here. Don't have any complaints.

  • If I didn't have to put a star I wouldn't

    I took my puppy to this center and they told me she had a concussion and to give her pain meds and watch her I took her to another vet an they told me there was no concussion he has hypoglycemia I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

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