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By: Dave S.
Ultimate Relaxation by Jade
I saw Jade for a massage several years ago when she was still early in her practice. At that time, it was a nice experience, but it was all hands and the table. This time, I was intrigued by the multitude of offerings she’s added, and I selected the 120 minute multi-session. This was the session that incorporates the exfoliating scrub, the hydro-jets, the vibration therapy, and the bamboo tools. I enjoyed the entire evening from the time I walked into the studio until I left almost 3 hours later. When I was finished, there were no kinks left anywhere, and every fiber had been professionally worked and personally attended. I asked Jade if she would focus a bit on my hands, and she accommodated my request. The hands seem to be the hardest working part of the body, and it’s nice to have them completely worked and relaxed. I sensed that Jade may incorporate this into future sessions, so don’t be surprised if she does that. I didn’t quite fall asleep, but I was very close during the bamboo tools work. The combination of the vibration and massage tools was hypnotic. Jade seemed not to mind doing all the work, which was considerable, but she transmits such a sense of peaceful serenity mixed with just a little humor and mischief, that falling asleep would be normal and desirable -- but you fight it with everything you have, because you don’t want to miss whatever’s coming next! I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience except to maybe add even a little more time the next time out! If, like me, you saw Jade a long time ago and haven’t seen her since, I encourage you to book again and find out how far she’s come and how much experience she’s gained over the past few years. A top notch experience unlike any other I’ve had.
By: Jade K.
Ultimate Relaxation by Jade
This is from my websiteI absolutely LOVED my session with Jade! Her professional yet down-to-earth personality really helped set a relaxing tone for the session, and the heated table is just over the top. Hands down one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. She was very considerate of my comfort, making sure the pressure was always just right. Bottom line is she is a truly skilled therapist and knows what she is doing.

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