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By: Alex A.
Park at Hermitage
DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU HAVE A PET. When you initially visit, they come off as extremely pet friendly. They talk up the dog park and that they are one of the only apartments in Hermitage that allow up to 75lb dogs. The pet fee is $300 (which is for them only) and then $15 pet rent per month for their animal trash cans around the complex..... IT DOES NOT GO TOWARDS ANYTHING ELSE. Once you sign the dotted line you have plenty of issues with them and your animal. My biggest concern was when I was doing my walkthrough of my apartment on my move out date. The staff claimed that ONLY because I had a pet they needed to check the carpet. I thought I was fine because I got the carpet professionally cleaned, but then they LIFTED the carpet off the ground and counted stains. The stains were in places where I had my couch and coffee table - no way could my dog have peed through the wooden coffee table, through the carpet and then left a stain. They then immediately told me that I would have to pay for the entire carpet (800 sq ft) to be replaced because of 3-4 stains that they cannot prove was mine. The cost was over $700 (more than the rent for a month). All in all, they make it sound so great and you pay so much for your animal and then BAM- your last day they nickel and dime you. BE CAREFUL!
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By: Davene B.
Park at Hermitage
My daughter and her roommate lived here from Dec '15 to Feb '17. Staff comes off as very friendly at first until you sign the dotted line. Spiders, bugs, fireplace that leaks every time it rains, AC quit working several times during the summer, balcony had to be blocked off because of rotten wood, management didn't care about loss of use or any issues. Do not even think about living here if you have a pet. If you have a pet you will be charged to replace the carpet regardless the condition of the carpet and age of the carpet when you move in. They will charge you outrageous fees at move out if you have a pet. Treated shabbily. Was not a good experience. The location was the best thing.
By: Bob T.
The Rusty Nail
Tammy is the rudest person I have ever encountered...seems like the bartenders are more interested in drinking than serving drinks. I will take my business else where.

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