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By: daniellemackenzie
Pizzeria Mimosa
My husband and I have been faithful customers since the day Mimosa opened. On average, we order once a week... He has ordered the SAME EXACT pizza every single time. Margherita pizza, double pepperoni, no basil (he has a strong aversion to basil). Several times the order has been messed up (including the basil) but we have continued to go because we love the food. Tonight, when we opened the pizza after we got home, it was covered in basil. We called hoping to get a new pizza since this one would not get eaten. Emily took our order. She repeated it back to us. She said "no basil" so it MUST have been written on the ticket. We were given to someone I assume must be a manager (Diana?) who said that WE were wrong about our order and proceeded to say that SHE KNOWS WHAT WE ORDER and we always order basil? Now, MY pizza may change, but his is the same every single time. So rather than just looking at the ticket, she gave us a hard time about it. He is now on the way to bringing the pizza back, but we are done... and maybe our small order will make no difference to the big business (who apparently doesn't care about customer satisfaction) but I will be sure to mention what happened to friends and family. VERY SAD that a restaurant with loyal customers does not have the same loyalty or care in return. I have even used Mimosa's for large meetings at my job with parties of ~20. No more.
By: Mark B.
Pizzeria Mimosa
If you are looking for authentic style Italian this is the place. We have not been disappointed with any dish. Service has been excellent.

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