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By: jimmy.b
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
Can’t say enough good things about Tommy and Kristie at Off the Rails. Tommy’s approach to teaching is just what I was looking for. I’m a novice player and never had taken lessons before hooking up with Tommy. He sat down with me and basically interviewed me during the first lesson to see what my skills where and discuss where I wanted to go as a player. From there, we jumped right into it. Even though Tommy is an amazing musician himself, he never comes across as pompous or condescending in his instruction. He is very patient and encouraging as a teacher. So far, every single lesson has had some type of “oh wow” moment of clarity that instantly improved either my playing technique or understanding of theory. One of the things I really appreciate is his ability to relate everything in the lessons back to solid music theory. He does it in such a way that you don’t even realize he’s doing it. Tommy has worked with me on several occasions to make up classes that I’ve missed due to obligations of a demanding job and family. On top of it all, he’s actually a really nice guy and great to talk to. The kind of guy you could sit and talk blues and metal all night.
By: vik1234567
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
Tommy is Awesome! Tommy is an amazing teacher, and a very talented musician. He makes learning fun. He explains difficult music theory very well making it possible to understand ,unlike the books and self learning programs wihich are so complicated. He is very nice and easy to talk to. Very professional ,knowledgable , friendly ,polite very helpful. Has a lot of patience. Will explain over and over again the subject untill you understand. I have the most wonderful experience taking guitar lessons from Tommy at "Off The Rails Guitar and Bass".Tommy and Kristie are very nice people and i am very very happy that i found this great school with a totally awesome and talented teacher like Tommy. I love my lessons! Learning something new and useful every time. Get my quastions answered. Looking forward to my lesson every week for mamy many more years to come. Thanks Tommy and Kristie at "Off The Rails Guitar and Bass"! P.s. lessons are Very Affordable! I was pleasantly surprised!
By: wade.rogers.16
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
Tommy and Kristie have an excellent business and are great teachers! I have a son who has been playing guitar for over a year, and he loves going to class every week. He says that Tommy makes it fun to learn guitar. I have another son who recently started taking drum lessons. Tommy has taught the boys some of the same songs and now they are playing together. The boys are having so much fun and the results we see are incredible! My wife jumped on board and is now taking piano lessons from Kristie. Off the Rails is a great music business, because of the knowledge of music, professionalism, and rescheduling when needed.
By: jmbass
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
The Bass Guitar Rocks! I have always like the sound of the bass and after many years, I decided it was time to learn how to play. The greatest thing about Tommy is that he treats everyone as an individual. I have some say in how my lesson goes and I get to choose what songs I want to learn. I was amazed that I was playing a song within my first week. Tommy is a trained musician and continues to study and learn. I think that is what makes him better than other instructors. Better get back to practicing.
By: boiblu
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
after years of searching for a guitar teacher i have finally found one that is amazingTommie at off the rails music school is awesome. theres NO twinkle twinkle little star tabs here i came in with a song i just had to know and after 1 lesson i left with the motivation to finally stick with it!!! FORGET ABOUT INACCURATE ONLINE TABS becuz for a small fee Tommie also transcribes any song for ur instrumentHANDS DOWN THE BEST MUSIC SCHOOL HERE IN VEGAS
By: vegascam22
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
Tommy is great. I've learned so much from him and he keeps me challenged with using songs that I enjoy. I've only been taking lessons for a couple months and I already feel like my ability is tenfold what it once was. He is very patient and lets me learn at my own pace, always taking the time to answer questions. There is no question he knows his stuff and knows it well. Anything you want to learn, he is always willing to share his knowledge.
By: morris.is.jake
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
He teaches what you want and how you want. He adapts his ways according to the student. The guy went to Berkley! He also transcribes songs, and teaches drums, along with his wife teaching piano. He keeps music as simple as can be without being over simplifying anything. As long as you communicate with him and put in the work, you will get exactly what you want.
By: danielle.jackson.3363
Off The Rails Guitar and Bass
I started lessons with Tommy when I was 11 years old. I'm 13 now and I can see how much he's helped me progress. It seems like every lesson I take makes the guitar easier to play and understand. I would definitely recommend -- and in fact have recommended -- Tommy's lessons. 5 out of 5 stars!

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