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By: renee.wood.1428
The Goddard School
We were one of the first families to join Goddard and have been with them for almost two years. We left only because of Kindergarten. With any new school especially in a transient community like ours, we experienced some bumps along the road; however, we worked through them with the owner, administrators and teachers. They listened to our concerns. Sometimes they created new procedures or policies to address them and sometimes they politely provided another viewpoint (which we needed – I’m a picky accountant/auditor)! They encourage parental involvement and welcome phone calls and scheduled meetings. Yes, we did experience a high turnover of staff between January and June 2012 (the reason for 4 stars) but have seen lower turnover since then and have had high quality teachers. Ms. Rose and Ms. Trisha have been with the school for over a year and are incredible. At one time, they co-taught. They now have their own classroom spreading the quality of education to more children. One used to rub both of my boys’ backs at nap time which they still require at bedtime! The other surprised them at their last soccer game! That’s the love, encouragement and dedication we saw.When the school understood our family’s food issues, they quickly responded by providing alternatives and calling us for clarifications. When they couldn’t offer Kindergarten, they still provided a Kindergarten prep program over the summer at no additional cost. Ms. Sharmetta created a fun time in learning to write. She “lit the fire” in our boys’ interests in coloring more and doing mazes.As far as cleanliness – superior! And, if you don’t want the teachers to go through your child’s lunch to record what he/she will be eating, then give them a note of what is in the lunchbox. They appreciate it - it saves them time. For those parents wanting a Harvard graduate below the age of 6, you will be disappointed. This is about learning through play. Your child will bring home lots of arts and crafts for you to hang on the refrigerator. They will play in a garden, sing silly songs and create amazing structures with wooden blocks. They learn their letters and numbers early; however, you won’t see handwriting until the last two years of the program. The curriculum is specifically designed that way but don’t worry you’ll be impressed when they do. And, to take full advantage of the program you should be enrolled in 5 half days or 5 full days. It’s unfair to expect the same education for a child going less than that. Any reputable school will tell you this.
By: geoffreyl.
The Goddard School
LOL. Wow. Not sure what this other parent is talking about, but The Goddard is the pinnacle of early child development/Pre-K, and Kindergarten. My wife and I were TERRIFIED about putting our daughter in school, but we both work (my wife is a Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse) and needed a place when our little girl was 6 weeks old that we could trust to care for her.My wife chose the school after we looked at some of the most highly recommended places in town (not just on our side of town either) and when we walked in the Goddard we were BOTH SOLD. The teachers are incredible, the owner is amazing, and I think they go WAY above what I would typically expect from a school when it comes to cleanliness and accommodating neurotic parents (like us). The school always looks and smells clean, but not like "bleach" which I don't like. Our daughter has attended Goddard since she was 6 weeks old and our son will be attending when he's old enough to join his big sister.I "get" that different people have different experiences, but this other review sounds like they're trying to settle a "Score" not give an accurate and honest review of this great place. If your kid was being treated so badly for so long, why did it take you this long to take your kid out? Have their class changed? When my daughter soils her clothing (which toddlers have a tendency of doing) the dirty clothes get wrapped in a trash bag and sealed shut. Its been this way for the entire time the school has been open.I'm very friendly with the staff there and I usually stop to chat with them when picking-up and dropping-off and I've NEVER heard them say a cross word or gossip about anyone. Anyway, you can tell that I think the world of this school and its staff. In fact, I had one of my daughter's teachers babysit my daughter last night while my wife and I went to a movie and we do this regularly with this teacher. You'll love this school and so will your kiddos.
By: deemangino
Lake Mead Christian Academy
LMCA is a hidden gem in the Henderson Valley. There are so many wonderful things about the school that make it unique. I read a few of the negative posts on this site and the facts are not correct. One of the things our family loves most about LMCA is that it accepts kids that are not Christians. They are there to minister to ALL kids and of ALL ages. Is it a perfect school? No, but it is an amazing school!!! The Alumni go off to college and after graduation they return to teach and serve in the ministry they love. I suggest you go to LMCA for a tour and make your own opinion about the school. See it in action, meet the wonderful staff, teachers and even observe the students. This school is not about the money, yes there are cost and expenses that every private school has but the staff is there to serve God. My kids never stepped foot in public school, I have seen parents who made the decision to let there kids go to public school but I have also seen them come back per their child's request. It is far from a "typical school", both of my kids are in college and doing extremely well and were very prepared for college. They also prepared them to defend their faith in the world.
By: bizzymama
The Magic of Learning
I enrolled my son at the Art of Learning at the beginning of this past summer and wanted to wait and see how we would like it after the initial excitement of attending a new "big boy" place wore off. He started off having a fantastic time, and is STILL so excited about going every day and seeing his teachers and friends. He'll wake up before I do in the mornings to get ready to go, and at the end of the day, he loves showing me the crafts and projects he's worked on.As for me, I really appreciate that everybody there is always so friendly and helpful. I love the colorful, fun atmosphere of the classrooms. And the fingerprint security system gives me peace of mind that my son is going to be safe when I'm not able to be with him. All in all, I highly recommend the Art of Learning as a place where kids can look forward to learning and having fun. My son sure does!
By: kari.thompson.1656
The Art of Learning
The Art of Learning deserves better than 5 stars! From day one they have been so accommodating and professional all while providing loving and genuine care for my daughter. I was so nervous about dropping her off because she can be a bit high maintenance - but my worries were for no reason - she has absolutely been in the best care and is so excited when I tell her it's time to go to school! Her teachers have been working with her IEP specialists and we have seen such improvement - I couldn't ask for a better place for my daughter to be when she is not home with me! Thank you Art of Learning staff!!!
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By: Chris M.
The Goddard School
Goddard has excellent classroom settings. There is a strong focus on each child in the class with a curriculum that not only teaches social skills, but also focuses on education and preparation for Kindergarten and beyond. Everyone involved with the school has been a pleasure to work with and I know our oldest will hate leaving there, but we know our youngest is in for a treat. Highly recommended!

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