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By: nancy.e.barnes.1
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
OMG! You have to go! I was the winner of the Spokesperson Contest in Apri 2013. I was so excited to hear that I was getting free liposuction and that I would be going to Las Vegas to get this done. I had checked out several options in my own home town, but nothing could touch MyShape Lipos prices. I had a few consults around town and from what I experienced from each of these offices, it was a total let down. They were so pushy and cold, it was a major turn off for me. But I found MyShape Lipo on the internet and called them personally for my over the phone consult. The lady who answered my questions was so considerate and so friendly I felt like I was speaking to my best friend. I entered their contest and worked hard to win. When I got the phone call I was so excited! As soon as I walked through the front door I felt like I was returning from a Trip and seeing an old friend again. The place was beautiful and welcoming. I was nervous but they helped me to get past that. The procedure went fast and easily. I did feel a little pain and got some zings but Trevor was quick to add more of the numbing fluid. Trevor talked to me, keeping me as comfortable as he could and doing a great job. I tried listening more to the radio in the background instead of the sucking sound. When it was all over, I was holding a vile and a half of my fat! I couldn't believe that came out of me. I will definately return to do my arms and back bra rolls. Any one wanting liposuction, do yourself a favor and call MyShape Lipo. You will be so happy you did. Thank You MyShape Lipo for giving me my self esteem back and my waist.
By: Jim C.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
About 4 weeks ago and after exhaustive research in the Boston area, I chose MyShapeLipo in Henderson, NV. The tota cost was a factor for me initially but what really sold me was the incredibly professional staff employed there. Spoke several times before traveling there from Boston. Received corporate rates from Homewood Suites ( 2/10 of a mile from the facility ). Hotel picked me up at McCarron Airport ( free) then drove to hotel ( this was Thur ) Hotel was awesome. Clean, free breakfast, perfect room with kitchenettes etc ..... really was perfect!Procedure ( male chest reduction) was at 9am. Walked to the facility, met the " best looking staff in Nevada" who were incredibly helpful and made me feel at home. Trevor came in the room after vitals were taken, photos and the procedure began. Trevor is NO nonsense and " lets get this going" kind of guy. No, it is NOT 100% painless but it is surgery after all. The pain was minimum. After, I got the pad for drainage, the vest to wear for swelling. Went back to hotel after CVS which is next door to hotel and left the next morning....Bottom line? everything I expected and more. The results are great. No more bulky chest, min discomfort at night. The follow up emails from Brandy are very appreciated as well.Fact is they absolutely care about their patients.... Would I do it again? Absolutely but for now, I'm enjoying the results and know with time, it's going to get even better, flatter ! .....Get it done ! Well worth it ! Sorry for the misspelled words if there are any!
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By: Michaela H.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
I am now a little over two weeks into my post op (inner, outer thighs and knees).Before I went to Myshape Lipo I was so self conscious about my legs. I would never wear a bikini without wearing shorts on top of the bottoms. Now I can be excited for this summer to wear the bikini bottoms and not have to feel what I felt in the past. I am still a little swollen, which for me to be able to see dramatic results and still be swollen is a tell tell sign that Trevor is no less than amazing. The recovery for the first I would say, 3 days to 4 was a little rough. Just because of the soreness. However right after my procedure, me and my family went straight to the Grand Canyon and had a wonderful time so it really wasn't so bad. Like many has said about myshape; the staff is absolutely great. I was so nervous before my procedure but once I got there and was in my room, they were so comforting. The assistant never left my side and talked to me the whole time, as did Trevor. So to conclude this review, if you are having second thoughts about Myshape, DON'T. I literally researched and researched for 3.5 years on where to go, and you seriously cannot beat their prices for what you get. Where I am from Kentucky, I thought maybe flying to Vegas was a bit too much to get this done, but for the prices, the great staff and the best environment to go have fun afterwards, you just simply cannot beat. GO FOR IT ! =]
By: Sally S.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
I had my abdominal lipo procedure at MyShape Lipo about 2 months ago. I flew in from LA a few days before the procedure so I could hang out in Vegas for a few days. The staff at MyShape are incredibly nice and very helpful. It was nice to finally meet the girls that were helping me. They made me feel like family. The procedure went very well, and I had very little discomfort throughout the procedure. They made the whole process so easy. I stayed at Homewood Suites and they picked me up from the airport and transported me to their office. It was like they thought of everything so all I had to do was show up. I was a bit nervous, but Trevor has such a calming bedside manner. He's very professional and obviously knows exactly what he is doing. He clearly has a lot of experience doing liposuction. I'm ecstatic about my results. I finally have the waist line that I had when I was in college, it's amazing. I've already sent 3 of my friend and family there for their procedures. I would happily refer anyone to them that is looking to get lipo. Thanks team MyShape Lipo
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By: ameliaagarcia
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
I was the winner in April 2012 of the Most Deserving contest. I had 3 free ares done in which I had my upper mid and panus done. I also added my hips and smartlipo on the panus. I have nothing but great things to say about my procedure, Trevor and the staff. My recovery was great only off work for 2 days. I am so in love with the results of the lipo and smartlipo that I am savinf and planning for a return visit to have more work done. They really love their jobs and the each and every person they make contact with. I wouldn't reccommend any where else. MyShape Lipo makes liposuction affordable so call them now for your free consult. You can see my before and after pics on their site or my viedo on youtube. and Hurry and call them now!
By: cherylanndun
Hankins & Sohn Plastic Surgery Associates
I went to Hankins and Sohn for Ultherapy on my face and it was fantastic! Jayme the nurse, who did the treatment was very professional and explained the entire process. I also had the fractional CO2 Laser with Jayme and that again was a great experience and a great result. Karen from the front office checked on me and made sure I was doing good!!! This office is awesome, everyone that works for Dr. Hankins and Sohn, are very professional and very nice, they understand your questions and concerns, they make you feel comfortable and condfident in your decision.If you are thinking about any kind of cosmetic surgery; fillers or implants, you have to consult with Hankins and Sohn first! They are the best !!!
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By: Sunshine G.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
Stephen Covey make me want to jump on a plane & get my procedure done ASAP with him. Let me explain why; first of all I am impressed with him consistently going on his social media page & updating consumers on the procedures he provides. Also a huge plus for me is that he actually is interviewing the client prior to taking them on. This is impressive because most plastic surgeons just look at you as just dollar bills. Also I like that during the procedure and after the procedure Mr. Covey interacts with his clients. That's a huge plus for me it's extremely important that I have interaction with my surgeon. Can't wait to get my fat sucked out with almost no down time.
By: rialasvegas
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
I got my lipo done august 2011. I love my results and im happy. I was not fat, i just had a little extra belly fat i could not get rid of by exercising. I got my upper and lower abs done. Now my belly is flat. I didnt believe it but you really dont gain wieght where u get the fat sucked out of you. Now i have a tiny bit of fat going else where to my sides and back. No big deal though.I had no idea how much uncomfortable it would be getting it done awake -con i knew what i was getting into but wow! No joke... outch I want to get my back and sides done next but i will wait if Trevor has a better special price.
By: Dashawn C.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the MyShape Liposculpture program! I was highly impressed at how they responded back to me via Facebook messenger on any questions and concerns that I had about the Facebook page! They provide you with so much informative info about the whole process from start to finish. MyShape hives you the chance to have the body of your dreams with minium scars and that's what's most important to many! They also provide you with healthy eating tips to help maintain! I'm no longer nervous about the procedure thanks to the information provided and the helpful staff! I love love love MyShape Lipo! ����
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By: Tonya R.
MyShape Liposculpture Specialist
MyShape Lipo has been amazing! I had so many questions and concerns. They answered all of my questions and put my mind to rest at the consultation. Within a week I had 4 areas of Lipo done. I had some drainage over the next couple days but Trevor recommended compression garments and gave me some pads. They worked great! I was able to go about my normal day and chasing after my kids. Trevor really improved my problem areas. My stomach is now flat, my thighs slimmer and I even went down 2 pant sizes! Everyone at Myshape Lipo was great and really went above and beyond for me.
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgeons can be affiliated with hospitals, but it is not a rule. There are hospitals that have comprehensive plastic surgery wings that some surgeons are affiliated with, but affiliation tends to align more with private plastic surgery clinics than with hospitals.
There are variables on an initial consultation, but expect the doctor to review your medical history and discuss the procedure, , its pros and cons of the procedure, surgical and non-surgical options, risks, cost, insurance coverage, and recovery time. Some provide computer imaging of what you will look like pre and post-surgery.
Many doctors provide free consultations for clients, but it is not required.
A plastic surgeon does not have to be board certified. Board certification sets the minimum competency requirements to treat and diagnose patients.
To become a plastic surgeon, one must earn a medical degree, gain a medical license and enroll in a residency and fellowship programs. A plastic surgeon is highly skilled and trained in surgical procedures, but their training has an emphasis on tissue transfer, body contouring and laser surgery, skills associated with plastic surgery.

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