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By: No N.
Little Caesars Pizza
Ok so I work here & just until recently I was going to quit due to the fact that it was just to stressful. There’s to many people calling out & not showing up for their shift which in turn FUCKS the ones who did show. We get short staffed & expectually during dinner time / rush hour when we have a full lobby , people calling in big orders back to back & only 3 people working with 2 ovens that take 15 minutes to cook a freakin pizza lol so yeah it’s gunna be a mess sometimes so just know we’re just as frustrated as you trust me ha.. BUT we have gotten it together ALOT more though, we’ve hired new people who hopefully have better integrity then the last & our goal is to get the store back running as smooth as possible & get our customers back not just back but back & happy with the service ! So people please next time you go in & things are running a little slow just try to see from our p.o.v , give the crew a lil break & just remember that you have that DELICIOUS pizza 🍕 & Italian cheesy bread 🥖 to look forward to haha ! 💯 😉
By: Scott F.
Sunset Downtown
We went here after a friend recommended when asked about pizza in Henderson. When we arrived, you are greeted and the restaurant had more of a bar feel than a pizza joint. An upside was the 21+ atmosphere with sports playing on the big screens. You have a choice of different seating from the booths at the entrance to the high tops across from the bar, and of course the bar itself. Our waitress Alexis was not only friendly but extremely helpful in choosing the right drink and entree. She was very informative and was very quick to respond about beers on tap. Overall, she made us feel welcome in a new environment.FOOD: The food was piping hot and delicious! The chicken wings were still hot even after eating our pizza. Recommend you getting the Ala Roma if you enjoy garlic, which we do!Overall, Sunset Downtown has gained two new fans and we can't wait for football season and to try the entire menu! ����
By: mtorjman
Napoli Pizza
Great pizza and delivery. We love the giant 30" pizza. I use them every time I have a pizza party at the house.
By: Jacque H.
Chuck E. Cheese's
I want to thank management and staff & especially Chuck E Cheese for making my Fur Baby Prince Ross Riley 1st Birthday special .
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By: Alan R.
Papa John's Pizza
I ordered an Ultimate Pizza and 16 wings for the first time from this location. The phone order taker was excellent, my order was repeated to me. The pizza was good but not my favorite. The wings were very small for the value. Pizza, 16 wings and a 2lt of Diet Pepsi - $30
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By: larking47
Domino's Pizza
On Dec 31, 2016, I decided to order Pizza from Dominos (Store #7454, 971 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV). As it was the only option open that offered delivery and I had a coupon, seemed like the wise choice.Not wanting to charge it and short on cash, I decided to take an uncut sheet of $2 bills I had and cut them up. While it's not the norm and I could have gotten more for them elsewhere, figured wouldn't hurt and the $2 bills would be a nice novelty.I ordered the items, they were delivered, paid for them with he $2 bills and gave a hearty tip. I never received any calls or emails on the subject. All my calls are monitored, recorded and logged by a third party and will prove this.Today (Jan 20, 2017), two uniformed officers, doing their job respectfully came to my door. It seems that I was the suspect in a fraudulent case. I asked in regards to what and they informed me that I had paid for pizza with fraudulent two dollar bills.I then proceeded to show the officers the box they came in from the U.S. Treasury, the original packaging from them as well as other examples of uncut sheets of money as well as proof of purchase from the US Treasury directly, fortunately I saved the original box. They informed me that they had never seen uncut sheets of money.I asked why the bills were not tested before hand as a test would have shown they were authenticate. I also explained that most banks would freely test the bills without question and confirm their legitimacy. As these bills were from the U.S. Treasury directly, I have little doubt that they are authenticate. In either case, certainly if I had the means to manufacture fraudulent notes, it would be more than $2 bills and the use of pizza at my home address.In either case, how Dominos handled this was totally out of line. They could have verified the notes with their bank or frankly a $5 bank note pen. They could have also contacted me directly which documents would prove never did. The police did their job and I respect that but Dominos was out of line. Anyone who can't tell the difference between real notes and fake ones deserves no place in a retail environment.While I respect that this may have been prompted by a low level employee who simply didn't take the time to educate themselves and not Dominos as a whole, I will not be using Dominos anymore. The waste of tax payer dollars, the waste of my time and the waste of officers times best used on real crimes is absurd. I think Dominos owes an apology to law enforcement, an apology to me and needs to educate its people and proper detection of notes, either that or invest in a $5 note checker, something most establishments do.
By: Cheryl E.
Metro Pizza Green Valley
We have been dinning at Metro Pizza for 20+ years, tonight we went to the Green Valley location.. The worst experience ever!I ordered a glass of wine it was given to me in a dirty glass that I had to clean myself because I could not get anyone's attention..We ordered appetizers, when I pour the dip onto my plate it had spaghetti in it, water glasses were dirty,, gross!! For dinner we had chicken Parmesan, eggplant Parmesan and a large pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni pizza was undercooked and soggy!!The waiter came over to check on us and to see if we needed a to go box, I explained to him our experience about the dirty wineglasses, the dirty water glasses ,something being in the calamari dip, and the under cook pizza I also showed him the undercooked pizza which he took away from the table .. He said he would send the manager over.What an attitude this manager had.I explained everything to the manager and showed him my slice of pizza on my plate he confirmed it was under cooked but then said to me what do you want me to do about it!!The managers attitude was so horrible, I asked him to leave the table and give me my bill I just wanted to leave at this point. I was grossed out disgusted and so upset from the experience, I'm not surprised with a manager like that The Green Valley location is going downhill..
By: Carlos M.
Sunset Downtown
The server never came around to get our order, never greeted us, never even looked our way!! Only reason we ate was we went up to the bartender and put our order in to Gus? After 20 minutes the waitress came by and went directly to the couple that she knew and still didn't even ask if we needed anything or if we were going to order! So if you know the waitress come on down and have a good meal, but if you don't, expect to wait or order on your own!Ill let you know how the food turned out!!
By: Melanie G.
Rosati's of Greenvalley
My favorite pizza place ever! Best in the state of Nevada - hands down - especially if you order the meat lovers! I'll be back again soon - per usual.
By: Angry W.
I tried to call and order dinner and was put on hold for five minutes. I went online and placed an order at 6:23 PM. It is now 9:17. No food. I called back at 8:00 and was told my food would be here any minute. They were "swamped," but my order had gone out. I called back at 8:23 and was put on hold and then disconnected. I called back at 8:37 and was put on hold while someone went to get the manager. The phone came back on and I could hear the kitchen staff; someone was talking about a $700+ car payment and someone else was in the background saying not to tell any more customers how long their meals would be. After ten minutes of that, I called from a different phone. No one answered.Never again. I teach at two local colleges, and I will tell everyone I meet not to EVER order food from Sauce. EVERYONE. I am livid. If my credit card has been charged, I will file fraud charges.The only reason there's even one star is that I cannot submit the review without giving at least one.About twenty minutes after posting this review, I miraculously got through to the manager. I am ashamed to admit that I yelled at her. But I was in the hospitality business for over thirty years--I grew up in it, in fact. And I must say that her attempts to excuse the repeated brush-offs by saying that they were "swamped" (whatever happened to "in the weeds"?) just made me angrier.The manager did offer to "make it up to me," but I cannot see how that could be done. A free meal does not make up for treating customers like they're stupid. When you repeatedly misrepresent the situation, you're lying. And when you're lying, you're telling the other person that you believe they're stupid enough to fall for whatever bull you feel like feeding them.Instead of dinner, I mean.

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