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By: Kristy M.
South Hills Gastroenterology
Don't go here if you value your privacy & want timely care. My care was delayed 6 weeks over incorrectly ordered lab work I was given the wrong persons lab order, I ended up knowing someone else name, diagnosis, SS number & date of birth, knowing that they ended up with the same info. on me. The MA tried to use a pediatric blood pressure cuff on me & when I told her it wouldn't work I got and eye roll.Then was put in a room with the table paper having a head print on the pillow. I reported all of this to the office manager & thought everything was worked out. I go to the office missing work for results I should have had 6 weeks ago, I spend time with Jackie NP, who answered all my questions then tells me after discussing my diagnosis and treatment plan that they are not going to see me any more because of my complaints to the office manager. So I am in the wrong for complaining that they broke the federal HIPAA law. So now my care is being delayed again until I find a new doctor.
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By: Ryan M.
Sood Rajat
As a new patient, I arrived at 2:50, for my 3:15. I was not seen until 5:05.Angry, but not confrontational, I remained soft spoken and with my eyes to the floor.In walks 'Doctor' Rajat Sood. I ask why he overbooked his patients (there were 15 names called before mine -- yes, I counted). He said people needed to get seen before me.Well, yeah...obviously. That still doesn't excuse the obvious cash-grab and overbooking that was taking place.With my eyes to the floor, I explained to Rajat my bleeding stomach issue. I explained to him that after waiting two hours, I would not be back, but I still wanted to speak with him because he's an expert -- I booked the appointment a month in advance, and I wanted to at least get his opinion.He demanded I look him in the eye and show him 'respect.'I ask, "Respect? Who's the one who overbooks their patients, forcing them to wait two hours?"With that, he kicked me out.This man is a terrible person. Do NOT encourage his practice.
By: sincityscorpion
South Hills Gastroenterology
I will state I was not the patient , but the patients fiancee. I will not go into the medical reasons my fiancee was seeing Dr. Herrero. The glaring issue with this Dr. was his attitude to my being there with my fiancee in the exam room. To be very clear she had asked me to join her in case I had questions concerning her condition and the results to her procedure. I had done some research pertaining to her symptoms online and had some questions and concerns. Right from the beginning he was extremely defensive and confrontational to myself and the questions. In my opinion any Dr. who takes offense to questions concerning yourself or a loved one should be avoided at all costs. There should be an option for negative stars because this Dr. Herrero does not deserve even one star.
By: buttercup702
Sood Rajat
I have never been so insulted as I was while I waited in the waiting room for my first appt. with Dr. Sood, as a new patient I signed at 2:00 pm. 15 min. early ( originally my appointment was at 3:45 and I needed to change it to 2:15 because i was real busy that day, which was not a problem for them! ) I did not get my name called until 3:35pm, all the while I am getting very angry at the fact that several people that came in after me, had already been seen and left. The girl at the counter pushed a clip board to me and said well, you need to do paperwork before you can be seen, I asked her why it took her over an hour to call my name, knowing that i was a new patient and needed to fill out paperwork, she replied ; well I was real busy ; I asked her if this is the way she always treats new patients and with an attitude she said ; I told you I was busy ; all this time i watched as she was talking and laughing with the other staff members, clearly she was not too busy. After I grabbed the paperwork from her, she proceeded to tell the other girls that I was mad at the fact that she was too busy to get to me in a timely manner, and giggling about the whole situation! If I were not in so much pain, I would have left and went to another doctor. I was pleased with the rest of my visit, Dr. Sood scheduled and endoscopy for the following Monday, that concluded my first visit with him. A few days later I went to the surgery canter and was very pleased with the staff of ; Henderson Surgery Center t;at the time of sedation I was told by Dr. Sood that he would speak with me in the presence of my husband when i awaken to go over the results, weather they found anything or not, he would wait for my husband to speak to me because of the effects of anesthesia i may not remember the conversation., So I was really relaxed about the whole procedure. Much to my surprise when i woke, while my husband was standing there the nurse ( Beverly ) asked if we understood everything the doctor told us. I told her that the Doctor had not yet come to speak to us, so I was anxiously awaiting for my results, Beverly comes back and hands me and unsigned report of the findings, there was an esigniture, but that was it. The other papers were left blank, nothing filled out or signed. She begins to tell me that she is so sorry, but he left already. he was gone. Without even speaking a word to me. By this time i have lost all patience! The next morning I called Dr. Sood's office to inquire why he did not speak with me, i am very scared and very ill and i still don't have any answers, I was then told by the same lady that was rude to me on my first visit ; If the doctor didn't talk to you it was because he didn't have time to, he was busy wrapping up other reports, if he thought it was important he would have spoke to you ; OMFG! by now the constant insults is making me so angry that I am losing my mind. At the end of this conversation i didn't have a choice but to schedule a follow up with Dr. Sood to go over my biopsy results, so that's what I did...if i had any other option, I would have taken another Doctor, but I didn't. I will end this by saying that I have found and scheduled an appt with another Doctor, and as soon as I have my results I will never step foot into his office again. I do intend on filing a complaint with the medical board, and anyone else that will listen to me! Good reddens!
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By: rebeccalara
Dr. Robert M Yeh, MD
I am going to him for the third colonoscopy. He is a very good, thorough, and caring doctor. I was sooo nervous, and I was so comfortable with him.
Tips & Advices
A gastroenterology clinic is a facility that provides a wide range of gastroenterological services. These services are typically geared toward the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect the liver, digestive tract, stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, biliary tract, pancreas, colon, and small intestine. Gastroenterology clinics also offer nutritional support for many issues that impact the digestive tract.
The national average for a new-patient office visit to a gastroenterologist is $428. However, the cost for a gastroenterologist visit can vary quite significantly, and it is dependent on the services that will be performed during the consultation. Many gastroenterologists accept insurance and Medicaid, and payments can be made using cash, credit cards, or debit cards.
The length of time required for a gastroenterologist appointment depends on the condition that is being treated. If this is your first visit, you can expect the appointment to last 30 to 60 minutes, and the gastroenterologist will use this time to gather detailed medical information about your current problems and past medical history. For returning clients, appointments typically run a bit shorter.
A colonoscopy may be performed to help your gastroenterologist diagnose causes of intestinal problems such as rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, chronic constipation, and chronic diarrhea. A colonoscopy is also used to screen patients from colon cancer, and it's often recommended that patients who are 50 and older have one done every 10 years. Your gastroenterologist might also use a colonoscopy to identify the presence of polyps.
A colonoscopy is a test that enables gastroenterologists to take a close look at the inner lining of your rectum and colon. With this test, a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope is inserted into the anus. This tube has a light and a camera attached, and it gives doctors the chance to capture photos or video of your colon.

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