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By: stephaniegranger
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
After having my son I was left with horrible stretch marks on my stomach and thighs, I tried every cream I could find and nothing would work on them. I was looking into laser treatment but was told it would take several treatments which were very expensive and it was not a guarantee. I had almost given up when I heard about a procedure at Circuit Spa that could remove all the strech marks in one treatment and there was no down time. I was a little nervous but as soon as I walked in the doors the staff greeted me and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was fast and didnt hurt at all, afterwards they sat with me and explained how to use the home derma roller kit. That night and the next day I was a little pink and tender but had no pain and was able to go back to work. Its been a week and I look and feel great I have used the vit C syrum with the home derma roller 3 times and I cant even see the strech marks! It is Amazing! I am so thankful for Circuit Spa having this produre and giving me my body back just in time for summer. Thank You.
By: angie.boeshart
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
I found circuit spa by great reviews on other sites. My first time in there I met with Amy who gave me great tour and explained all if their services. I have been to other places and Invested money on infrared light treatments and my friend who is in the skin business gave me insight of the cost of treatments. Therefore, hearing the great deals and awesome pricing I signed up. I have numerous back and joint injuries and since I have joined I have been sleeping regularly my skin looks great, but most of all I have kept a steady weight loss. I have enjoyed numerous services from HCG, DERMAROLL, flawless facial, and energy shots. Along with my routine treatments from wraps, jade bed, and detox foot bath I have had a complete healthy lifestyle makeover. Best of all at 38 years old years of skin damage and aging have been reduced making my look 30 again. Thank you - love my CIRCUIT SPA .. A.
By: angelaw333
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
One of my favourite hidden gems in Las Vegas! It's a truly unique spa - they offer services you can't find anywhere else in the Valley, with the philosophy that wellness should be available to everybody (not just the super rich and pampered!) The staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and to create a program using their unique services that really addresses your specific needs - weightloss, skin care, detox, relaxation, etc. Much of the equipment is sort of do-it-yourself (which I love!) but the staff really take the time to make sure you know what each piece does as well as how best to use it.Stop in for a single service and you'll wind up a lifetime member like I did!
By: s.h.e.
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
On my 1st Circuit Spa less than half way through my circuit I was already calculating how I would be able to come back. I am a type 1 diabetic now for 33+ years. Attempting to control and regulate myself is difficult. I experience hi(400+) and then low(20-40+) Blood Sugar (B.S.) which creates stress for my body & mind. At Circuit Spa I get steady, moderate exercise during my 3 hour appointment. My B.S. comes down from 60-100 points naturally on every visit to Circuit Spa. The best part of my Circuit Spa experience, is the 48 hours after I leave. My B.S. results maintain steadily for two days after my time at Circuit Spa. This is a first for me!
By: perrylduff
Ardyss International
Ardyss is an excellent multi level marketing business started by the De Leon family from Mexico at around 1989 - 1991. Its been in business, and growing for 20 years, and in 2011 gave out over $150 million in compensation and bonuses to its distributors. Its not registered with the BBB, but the BBB reviews are very favorable, especially in customer resolution. The company markets highly effective health care, body shaping, skin care, and coffee products.
By: coltonw
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
I'm a teenager who had acne and the scars to prove it. The facialist at Circuit Spa did a wonderful job removing my scars and clearer skin since. Jessica perfromed the acne facial on my skin using the Dermaroller procedure and it was awesome. The facial didnt hurt at all and i walked out scar free and i love the take home kit! all in all it was a great experience and i love my new skin!
By: lizcar
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
Circuit spa is the perfect place for a personal and caring experience. The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive, they consistently make you feel welcome. The services are beneficial for your body and very affordable. The only way to see how truly fantastic this place is to try it. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
By: innovate702
Absolute Nutrition
I absolutely found everything that I need. The staff is very knowledgeable and helped me come up with a way for my wife and I to achieve our weight loss goals. You can tell that these guys really live the life that they promote.
By: Sylvia K.
Complete Home Care
I have referred many many people to this Home Healthcare Company, it is owned and operated by the most professional and courteous people I have ever met.Thank you for all that you do!The Leys Family
By: caya.ramirez.1
Circuit Spa Medical Weight Loss & Skin Repair
The staff is so nice and makes me feel welcome! I had lots of fun there! Meet a lot of new people! It a great place to go if you need to relax!

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