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By: Tap B.
Solevita Apartment Homes
They dont' deserve even 1 star !This is going to be extremely honest...but not too pleasant. I would never, ever begin to recommend anyone to reside here - or to even consider it. The apartments are generally clean and there is Security at night (those are the plusses allowing for the 1-star). The Security team is excellent - especially the one individual I would encounter from time to time. The neighbors are generally "obnoxious" (and the front office is simply not responsive). There is also a constant smell of marijuana all over the place which is undesirable. The office is also not responsive to phone calls, concerns, safety issues or handyman requests. How sad - how discourteous and unprofessional.On a final note, this must be mentioned. The property manager at Solevita (name will not be used) is not only about as curt and rude as can be, but is also unresponsive and could care less about her residents. That is a promise - take it to the bank.Charges are made upon moving out that were mistakes and legal action had to take place to ensure that the property manager was under the clear impression that no games were being played. People do not have the patience for this, and simply do not tolerate it. I had lived there for a year and made every rent payment on-time and was an extremely courteous and quiet renter. As of this afternoon, I was verbally abused by the office and was virtually "tossed" out by the Property Manager who has some hard lessons to learn. This was not tolerated and she was put in me place last week. Any more games from this property, and they will find themselves in court - and quickly. I would rank this property among the worst in the Henderson / Green Valley area. Period....For future residents: NEVER EVER rent here. I had so many problems. The property manager is one of the main problems with this place. She is unfriendly, rude and abrasive. Simply put, she is the definition of "nasty". The only friendliness is used as a "lure" to get you to lease there. Stay away! For current residents: If & when you decide to move out of this place (which you will.....), be sure that you look at the FINAL AND COMPLETED charges and be very wary of the tricks that the office will try to play on you to get your money unfairly. Be ready/ prepare the agreement state that after this final , you don't have responsibly for any extra cost. If you walk through with them, be sure to give notes and sign every details on the list then need to have signature for both sides. Protect yourself !NEVER EVER CONSIDER FOR STAYING HERE. Solevita is low-end and basically a TRAP....borderline EVIL.
By: V J.
Hi I just wanted to say what a great complex and what a great company westcorp to rent from Dream Apartments is the best , I always appreciate great people who love there job especially Sandy the manager she's the best and is one of a kind, the ladies in the office are great too , Brittany Kara and the new guy. Your office is proper godbless , Vanessa Jensen
By: Thomas S.
Crystal Creek Apartments
Never any dog bags to pick up crap, so crap is everywhere, cops are always here, landscaping is horrible, they nickel and dime you on your water sewer and trash, gates are always broken, kids are always trashing the courtyards breaking the water sprinklers and throwing rocks all around, tons of dogs( pitbulls, German shepherds etc.) running around well over the 35 pound limit. They gave out one of my packages from USPS to another person once, the staff doesnt even verify if that's that correct person they are giving it too. They replace appliances with used parts or give you a used refrigerator or washing machine, don't bother going to the front staff to complain, they seem to rotate every month. Also the cockroaches and ants are ridicules. Apparently they can't find a pest control company who knows what they are doing. Can't wait until I put my 60 days notice in which they require! Yes 60 days NOTICE. Who does that?
By: Connie R.
Coronado Drive Senior Apt
A guest and I are seeking housing, we rolled our wheelchairs into the entrance area, a electronic scroll screen to find tenants for entry, but there wasn't a leasing office, or manager listed. I clicked several buttons several times. Finally my friend noticed a man, and waived, the man hollered at us, through double glass doors, "ARE YOU TENANTS?" We replied, no, but want to find out about leasing. He let us in and pointed to a door. I rolled into the office, A loud, rude black woman tells me, she was just putting up easter decorations on that door and never saw us. I mentioned we were interested in leasing not fighting, she said there was a wait list, and I replied, yes, I know, can you look up my name and tell me where I am on that list. She spit back at me that she had no control over the list, the parent company in Minnesota has the list. We left, must be some "different" kind of operation, one that a clean, eviction, drug, drink, smoke free, never arrested senior woman such as I would never want to deal with.
By: Grant A.
Green Valley Country Club Apartments
I have had an extremely poor experience at Green Valley Country Club Apartments. I was originally attracted to the complex because of the low pricing and beautiful views offered by the golf course, but nearly every other aspect has been disappointing. We moved into an apartment with two doors that didn’t shut properly, both bathroom fans malfunctioning, multiple broken electrical outlets and showers that didn’t heat properly. On top of that, one of our windows ‘blew in’ and shattered all over our couch. 

When involving the maintenance team, we found that they showed up at hours other than promised and left before the job was done without any communication (in one instance our maintenance man said he would “be right back”, and not only did he not come back that day, he didn’t show up the rest of the week). We then went to management and asked if we could get some sort of restitution, discount or compensation for such a poorly prepared apartment…only to receive shoulder shrugs from a management team that clearly holds no authority. The management team would not give us access or some sort of contact number for ‘corporate’, and displayed zero problem solving skills in trying to find a solution (the level of customer service is what you would expect from a teenager who gets their first minimum wage position).Finally, what you see online simply isn’t true - the property is old and run down, most of the apartments have unsightly views, the work-out facilities are of little value (no free weights!), one of the pools is poor, one of the hot tubs always seems to not be working, and the movie theater is only available during work hours. Additionally, we were told at move in that our deposit would be one full month of rent (rather than the $250-500 we were told to expect).Don’t rent from this apartment complex - if it’s a matter of money, there are better options (either cheaper or better bang for buck), and if you’re looking for something nice, look elsewhere.
By: chrissypatterson51013
Promontory Point
We had so many issues with leaks and old appliances. Our washer broke and flooded twice. Instead of replacing our washer with new equipment they cut use old equipment out of different apartments and where they store their old refurbished equipment. Our dryer broke and they did the samething. Our air-condioner leaked all over the carpet 3 times. Our unit outside ran out of free-on multiple times through the summer. Our NV energy bill was $280 for an apartment. We came home to a roach problem and they blamed us for it.They replaced our fridge (that's where the roaches were nesting) with an old dirty fridge.Before our lease was up, we had our last leak and the office manager told us that we weren't going to pay for the carpet since we had so many problems.Many more in that area and you won't be stuck with huge energy bills because they are too cheap to replace their appliances with new ones. The carpet hadn't been replaced since 2011 and they made us pay for it. Sneaky, lying office girls
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By: Ruthann S.
Coronado Drive Senior Apt
It's an awesome site i love looking at it i will continue to use it daily.i am a senior handicapped person and you dont kmow how much i love it.
By: Gloria M.
Horizon Senior Apartments
the worse place you could possibly live! they will find something wrong with your apt when you move. i cleaned it, shampooed carpets once a month, my dog wore diapers because of a kidney condition and still they refuse my deposit back and want even more money and will turn you into a collection agency, NOT FRIENDLY
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By: Sara W.
Solevita Apartment Homes
This place was the worst experience in my life I moved in to an apartment that had a hole in the closet and a leaking air conditioner I'm not joking it took 7 visits a 2 months later to get the leaking cooler fixed the handy man has no idea what they are doing I came across this problem every time something broke the dryer the since the summer they were infested with cockroaches I would walk to my car at night dodging them took 2 weeks showing up at the office every morning to get bug guy out I finally get to move out and they never send me my deposit I call over and over for 4 months they tell me there working on it and be paint 4 months is nothing some people have been waiting a year! I finally get a hold of the manager 5 months later and she tells me that I do not get a deposit back something with the carpet that happen to cost exactly what my deposit was ! W.o.w I can't belive these people are still on business
By: Sandra C.
Solevita Apartment Homes
I have been trying for 3 months to get my refundable deposit back. I spent $100- on cleaning services to make my old unit better then when I moved in. I moved in 2 years ago and gave them a walk through sheet. Now that sheet has disappeared form my file suddenly. They did not want to replace or clean my carpet when I moved in. Repairs took weeks & months before they got fixed. Lots of times they didn't even fix it. The repair men there put a band aid over it until it broke again and put another band aid over it. My upstairs neighbor had a flood on her balcony and no hot water for days when her water heater broke. She called the emergency repair line and still had to wait several days! The staff is so unprofessional, beyond rude, & coniving. It is a property run by theives!! Claiming all these non existent violations towards myself & several other residents inside the community! They will not reopen my case because it's closed, & refuses to look at my proof. I have pictures of before and after. The after looks better then before. The staff calls me foul names over the phone and expects me to remain calm. Solevita is run down community. We see all these beautiful pictures onln and yet the pools remain filthy. The grounds are barely maintained for a fake look. The bbq pits are removed from the ground and they have left the holes. The hot tubs are non working, the playgrounds are a danger zone, & the horseshoe/ volleyball court is a joke. I have never been so appalled at the lack of concern and welfare for people. To the point where they open the pool after repairs, & finding pieces of wire flooting inside the pool. They keep raising the rent each year and nothing improves.

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