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By: henderson11000
Summit At Sunridge
Moved in about 2 1/2 months ago. All I can say about management is they don't want to deal with their tenets. Around the time I moved in, TWO of my neighbors were moving out. They both had terrible things to say about management. I thought they were just disgruntled soon-to-be-former tenets who were moving on to a seemingly "better situation". However, I think I'm beginning to understand why they held such harsh criticism.About two months ago, we had a double homicide at our complex. After finding out about the incident, I went to the office and spoke to two reps inside. One a young girl, the other an african american male. They BOTH said that I should not be worried or concerned for my family, because they have worked in worse places, like Compton, CA, and I shouldn't "over-react". That might be easy for them to say, but they completely rejected any safety concerns I had about the apartment complex and my family. Also keep in mind, nobody knew what had happened, at the time. Oh, by the way... WE ARE NOT IN COMPTON, CA! Or else my rent would be significantly cheaper...Remember the two neighbors from above? They both found out where I was parking, and that it was a bit of a hike to get from my unit to my car. They both suggested I contact the office once they leave, and have them change parking assignments. The second family even mentioned they had our parking until they requested a closer one. This family also had a special-needs, mentally-underdeveloped child that required several hospital visits per week. They said it took a while, but they were approved for the parking assignment change. They recommended we ask management for a change of assigned parking once they left, especially since the spot they were in was originally assigned to our unit.Today I went into the office to make the request. I spoke with the black guy who was they only front office person available. He said he couldn't do the change because it would violate the Fair Housing Act and, if the company were sued, he would lose his job.... what?! This guy either doesn't know what the Fair Housing Act is, or he tried to pull a fast one to get out of making the change of assigned parking. His demeanor and cantankerous attitude leads be to believe the latter.I now understand why my former neighbors held less-than favorable views regarding this management team. Below is a list of things to watch out for, if you choose to ignore this and others' reviews of the property.1. Do not get a floor unit - after you move in, within a month, your unit will be infested with cockroaches. Management has a contract with an exterminator, but they are terrible. You will have to hire your own if you live downstairs.2. Do not be fooled by the model units - After we moved in, none of the "nice" amenities were there. No new stove, no new carpet, no new washer/dryer, no ceiling fans, no paint job, the blinds were terrible (and still have not been fixed, after numerous requests). And don't expect them to reveal this "small" discrepancies, either.3. Previous reviews were correct; outside looks nice, but the inside is reminiscent of a "projects" unit. Poor quality, overall. Small sinks and small water heaters make daily activities, like washing dishes, taking showers and doing laundry, irritating.4. My wife and I have been inundated with telemarketers ever since we moved in - I believe a previous reviewer had it right, management takes and sells your information to outside companies for profit. Your rent just isn't enough, anymore.Actually, the units are not THAT bad. Its just that poor management always ends up bringing out and exaggerating issues current tenets might have with the units they occupy. Good management always results in tenets overlooking and forgiving the same problems. You now how it goes. Anyway, avoid if you can and rent a house instead...

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